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Started by xbod72 on Jul 20, 2017 5:11:16 PM
The Mash Report - BBC2's new topical comedy show.

Starting tonight. It has writers from the UK's Onion-like website, The Daily Mash. Please let it be funny.

Ebadlun - 20 Jul 2017 22:32:55 (#40 of 365)

There is the nuggets of some decent stuff, but a lot of work to do.

Put Frankie Boyle in the chair, he sounds like he actually gives a shit.

xbod72 - 20 Jul 2017 22:33:37 (#41 of 365)

Nish Kumar's voice isn't the most appealing.

TommyDGNR8 - 20 Jul 2017 22:34:01 (#42 of 365)

Much like the website; win some, lose some.

Nish is better than that, though.

Irgalmatlan - 20 Jul 2017 22:35:33 (#43 of 365)

I think he was trying a little too hard, as were some of the others, and as time goes on he'll settle into a more comfortable, relaxed manner that won't be so forced.

Arjuna - 20 Jul 2017 22:36:43 (#44 of 365)

I think you can have win some, lose some on a website - if a piece is shit you can move on - but on TV, bad jokes drag the show down.

Ebadlun - 20 Jul 2017 22:37:28 (#45 of 365)

US satire is actually our Channel 4 news with gags - the levity is an 'in' for some really serious reporting.

This was ok in places, but shows no signs of filling that role.

xbod72 - 20 Jul 2017 22:38:51 (#46 of 365)

Here's a whole list of The Day Today headlines, in the second post. Ignore the third post, I think that guy is horribly trying to make up his own to rival them and fails miserably.

Ebadlun - 20 Jul 2017 22:43:34 (#47 of 365)

The apex was Fur Q:

"You have to kill people to have respect for people. .. Obviously you can't kill all the people.. They'red be no one left to respect if you did."

"One of the people Fur Q will be doing the killing to is Radio One DJ Mark Goodier!"

xbod72 - 20 Jul 2017 22:44:45 (#48 of 365)

< camera flies up Cher's vagina >

xbod72 - 20 Jul 2017 22:58:00 (#49 of 365)

Doesn't appear to have gone down too well.

xbod72 - 20 Jul 2017 23:02:20 (#50 of 365)

Oh, using a different option it fares better.

waxwing - 21 Jul 2017 00:48:43 (#51 of 365)

Third post guy is posting actual Sky News headlines. They aren't as good though.

browserbutton - 21 Jul 2017 07:51:16 (#52 of 365)

Unfortunate timing for launch, just when all the pols are on their hols.

WillodeanKnuth - 21 Jul 2017 09:26:40 (#53 of 365)

Sounds like I didn't miss much. Even less so by not reading the Twitter response.

WillodeanKnuth - 21 Jul 2017 09:28:03 (#54 of 365)

Do people still do that thing where they live Tweet while watching TV shows? Or is that hopelessly uncool since Gogglebox?

WillodeanKnuth - 21 Jul 2017 09:30:06 (#55 of 365)

There used to be a thread along the same lines. Chatting Watching, Listening, or somesuch. All gone now, I suppose.

Arjuna - 21 Jul 2017 09:41:50 (#56 of 365)

It's like so 2014

uranrising - 21 Jul 2017 09:59:23 (#57 of 365)

Not too good.

I think a mistake they were making is to go for jokes far too much and satire far too little.

Some twitterer said they're still trying to capture Not the Nine O'clock News. I think they have a long way to go to catch up with TWTWTW.

Vendor - 21 Jul 2017 10:08:54 (#58 of 365)

The 'special correspondent' bits were supposed to be a bit Daily Show, and I thought they were the bits that worked best. I like Nish Kumar, and think there's the germ of a good show in there. I'll definitely give it another couple of weeks to see if it grows.

ChankNolen - 21 Jul 2017 10:22:11 (#59 of 365)


Well if they were aspiring to make the show Total Wank Total Wank Total Wank, then they succeeded.

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