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Started by Sunfish on Aug 7, 2017 11:19:45 PM
O tempore! O Morley!

Thread to note the media appearances of ageing juvenile Paul Morley.

Sunfish - 07 Aug 2017 23:23:41 (#1 of 32)

Kraftwerk: We Are The Robots, Radio 4

Morley features heavily as a witness to the dawning of the 'Werk, phoning in third hand accounts of the electro-wizards' robotic exploits. A typical Morley outing, with nothing unusual to report.

WillodeanKnuth - 07 Aug 2017 23:23:43 (#2 of 32)


Sunfish - 07 Aug 2017 23:25:17 (#3 of 32)

First by 0.02 of a second. That's 5p to Morley.

Ebadlun - 07 Aug 2017 23:27:32 (#4 of 32)

Did he repeat his assertion, uttered on the BBC4 doc about Kraftwerk, that 'the Beatles didn't really influence anybody'?

FrankieTeardrop - 07 Aug 2017 23:29:45 (#5 of 32)

Thought this was going to be about the Orbit.

Sunfish - 07 Aug 2017 23:36:03 (#6 of 32)

Didn't hear that Ebadlun but he did make a little fart sound with his mouth when he said the word "problem" near the end, although it may have been a tuning error.

opaz__ - 07 Aug 2017 23:42:58 (#7 of 32)

He gets wheeled out for Glasto doesn't he? What more could he possibly want

HouseOfLammo - 08 Aug 2017 07:10:43 (#8 of 32)

Controversy !

BrouTwo - 08 Aug 2017 07:41:29 (#9 of 32)

I will forever be grateful for Paul M, for the money I got for submitting a piece of his writing (press release for 24 Hour Party People, extolling Manchester in grandiose bullshit) to Pseud's Corner in Private Eye.

Sunfish - 29 May 2019 00:21:47 (#10 of 32)

PM’s latest offering gets a drubbing on what should be home turf:

Famed for his lofty ideas and studiously baroque prose, his distinct style of musical analysis is undoubtedly an acquired taste. This book is an expanded version of an essay that appeared in an arts journal named Loops shortly after Jackson’s death, though the author has had a full decade in which to flesh it out and construct an argument. Alas, the gift of time has brought little in the way of clarity. To put it simply – and simple really isn’t in Morley’s repertoire – there are moments here where, despite repeated readings, I haven’t a clue what he’s on about.

CaptainBlack - 29 May 2019 02:28:45 (#11 of 32)

Being a masochist, I read his book 'The North' and to say it was a disappointment is an understatement. Now I live in the North and I've even lived in exactly the same part of Reddish, Stockport where Morley is from. So I know his reference points intimately.

But reading his rambling prose, you have to lay a trail of breadcrumbs so you can get back to whatever point he might have been bothered to make. It's the literary equivalent of some wanky guitar solo - the antithesis of the punk movement he surfed in on.

Morley got famous through 'discovering' Joy Division, but was responsible for some of the worst, totally unreadable and self-indulgent NME articles I've ever seen. After that, he was a shit copywriter for Frankie Goes To Hollywood. I mean, credit to him that he's still making a living out of it to this day, but a truly appalling writer.

AlanII - 29 May 2019 04:08:37 (#12 of 32)

I don’t know, he can be mildly fun if you don’t take him remotely seriously.

upgoerfive - 29 May 2019 06:53:13 (#13 of 32)

I don't know how much weight I'd place on his music criticism though.

Ten years ago or so he was in a TV programme learning music composition at the RAM. Early on it was discovered that he couldn't 'hear' the difference between a major and a minor chord.

mememe - 29 May 2019 09:27:13 (#14 of 32)

He was once married to the marvellous Claudia Brücken.

carterbrandon - 29 May 2019 10:03:35 (#15 of 32)

Presumably he provided the astonishingly pretentious sleeve notes on my Propaganda 12" single then.

Tadagee - 29 May 2019 10:10:40 (#16 of 32)

I had a bit of a crush on her.

FrankieTeardrop - 29 May 2019 10:14:48 (#17 of 32)

"Early on it was discovered that he couldn't 'hear' the difference between a major and a minor chord."


FrankieTeardrop - 29 May 2019 10:15:08 (#18 of 32)

This supports my hypothesis about music journalists.

upgoerfive - 29 May 2019 10:54:38 (#19 of 32)


FrankieTeardrop - 29 May 2019 10:55:38 (#20 of 32)

My hypothesis is that music journalists don't like writing about music, they'd rather write about sociology, or gossipy drug stories, or some chimerical "scene".

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