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Started by popstar7 on Jun 30, 2019 11:08:35 PM
Es Wird Wieder Passieren - Dark

Netflix's flawless German time travel drama/mindfuck. Discuss and praise here.

Stellata - 01 Jul 2019 20:26:39 (#1 of 216)

I can’t put into words how much I love Dark. I watched it when it came out and then again just before the second series was released. Where are you up to, Popstar?

MaconLeary - 01 Jul 2019 20:28:51 (#2 of 216)

I've watched the first three episodes of Season 1.

It's heartbreaking. Poor Mikkel.

popstar7 - 01 Jul 2019 20:31:52 (#3 of 216)

Just finished the second series. Now working my way through the first again.

I can’t put into words how much I love Dark.

Try harder!

popstar7 - 01 Jul 2019 20:52:42 (#4 of 216)

One thing that stands out for me is that subtly but insistently it forces you to question your own life and relationships. In a way I can't remember ever quite feeling a tv show doing before for me.

Winden feels like a specific place (although we see very little of it), but it also feels very, very familiar. The actors seem to give it that specificity and the bleak exteriors of the school, the police station, the bus shelter and country road a feeling of anywhereville.

Stephen King in Germany is the best/briefest description I can come up with.

InternationalVicar - 01 Jul 2019 20:57:52 (#5 of 216)

It brings back the reality of 1986 as a happy ordinary orderly time.

Stellata - 01 Jul 2019 21:08:10 (#6 of 216)

Try harder!

I'll try but I'm not feeling very articulate today. A few things off the top of my head... I love the complexities of each character, and how each character is not who they appear to be on the outside (like in real life). The atmospheres they create are out of this world. I got shivers when they played Agnes Obel's 'Familiar' as a backdrop to each character, split into then and now. And when the birds fell out of the sky. The episode with Young Holger and Niels (I think?) was very upsetting, brilliantly performed.

I love that it's like a puzzle. I felt the need to keep a notebook next to me to map out the characters. I also love that, while it's science fiction, it's not so far out of the realms of possibility. IMO anyway. The first time I watched it, the scene through the bars of the weird room (trying not to do spoilers) blew me away as I hadn't seen it coming at all.

I think it's a masterpiece.

Stellata - 01 Jul 2019 21:10:03 (#7 of 216)

It's made me think about things in a way that no other series or film ever have. It's so intriguing, I get completely lost in it.

moto748 - 18 Jul 2019 00:07:36 (#8 of 216)

I'm well into S1 now, and yes, it is really good stuff.

moto748 - 18 Jul 2019 18:36:46 (#9 of 216)

Also, the casting is terrific, young and old Regina especially.

popstar7 - 18 Jul 2019 21:28:11 (#10 of 216)

Adult and Old Ulrich are uncanny. Teenage and Adult Katerina too.

Stellata - 19 Jul 2019 00:45:24 (#11 of 216)

Is Old Ulrich not Adult Ulrich with prosthetics?

Stellata - 19 Jul 2019 00:45:47 (#12 of 216)

The casting is a masterpiece in itself.

popstar7 - 19 Jul 2019 00:55:43 (#13 of 216)

I thought they were the same actor made up too, but apparently not.

Stellata - 19 Jul 2019 21:24:44 (#14 of 216)

I watched the S2 finale the other night without realising it was the finale. I thought there were still quite a few episodes to go. Is there another half coming soon, or is that it for another two years?

Stellata - 19 Jul 2019 21:29:37 (#15 of 216)

Final chapter coming next summer apparently. Arghhh, I was just in the mood for another episode.

Stellata - 19 Jul 2019 21:35:39 (#16 of 216)

I’ve just read that Elisabeth is Charlotte’s mother (as well as her daughter). Is this right or merely a theory?

moto748 - 21 Jul 2019 17:22:11 (#17 of 216)

If that's for S2 I'm not opening it!

Handy Dark family tree here:

(note: may include mild spoilers)

staticgirl - 21 Jul 2019 17:46:49 (#18 of 216)

Oh god I really need that. I am quite confused.

Stellata - 21 Jul 2019 19:06:27 (#19 of 216)

Yes, it was S2 related moto.

JessicaEccles6 - 22 Jul 2019 16:35:17 (#20 of 216)

I totally agree with Stellata. I cannot remember many series- apart from The Wire- so absorbing. And so confident in its world building.

And the casting! How the fuck did they do it? Jonas in particular gives me shivers.

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