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Started by Agaliarept on Jun 29, 2020 4:53:35 PM
How do you use TheTwitters properly?

I've been on TheTwitters for quite a while and have amassed a whopping two (2) followers.

One is my sister.

I've been trying to get this upped mainly by spending time replying to other's posts. The most I've got is a few likes.

Agaliarept - 29 Jun 2020 16:54:13 (#1 of 80)

So what's the secret to getting more followers?

If I post a new Tweet only my two (2) follwers will see it so how does that generate followers?

browserbutton - 29 Jun 2020 16:56:22 (#2 of 80)

Why do you want lots of followers? To generate income?

Agaliarept - 29 Jun 2020 16:58:10 (#3 of 80)

Why do you want lots of followers? To generate income?

No not for income. I'm just trying to spend fewer time on FB.

I've tried Insta. It's ok but it's a bit braggy. I am quite enjoying Twitter and just feel like having a few more than two followers is kind of part of it.

Yersinia - 29 Jun 2020 17:03:14 (#4 of 80)

Follow other people with similar interests, and comment on, "Like" or retweet their posts.

Write interesting stuff, post interesting pics and vids.

surferboogiewhatever - 29 Jun 2020 17:05:52 (#5 of 80)

I don't use Twitter as myself but I have to maintain my workplace's page.

I've been told that some good tips for increasing readership are (1) post no more than 3 or 4 new tweets a day (I rarely even post that number) - use Hootsuite if you don't want to be around all the time to schedule content for different times of day, (2) vary the content - some original content, some retweets, some with pictures, some jokey, some factual, etc, (3) use hashtags - I was told what the optimum number of hashtags was once but I can't quite remember, but I think it might have been 7.

Having said that, my workplace gets a lot less interest (views, likes, shares, any means of measuring it you like) on Twitter than on Facebook - I think maybe a lot of private individuals just don't sign up for Twitter, seeing it as more something for organisations or famous people. Nearly all the likes I get for that page are from other branches of the same organisation, a few are from people I know but who also have a "business" reason to have a page.

GrrrIbdis - 29 Jun 2020 17:17:13 (#6 of 80)

I do quite agree with you. Two is too few. Wanting to add to them is not falling into the relentless trap of crowd-pleasing fan cultivation. If you were to follow a few JTT bods on Twitter, they would probably follow you right back. Follow @JusttheTalk, anyway, and have a look at who else they follow. Follow your own MP. You could temporarily put something on your twitter profile to show that you are real, not a robot or troll account. Once you get more than two followers, others will follow you too. If you wanted to put your twittername on the 'about' page on JTT, people who follow your posts on here might follow you there as well. There are a few Agaliarepts on twitter. Are you one?

FleurDuMal - 29 Jun 2020 17:23:54 (#7 of 80)

I’ve just started following a couple of JtT posters.

Yersinia - 29 Jun 2020 17:24:46 (#8 of 80)

Make sure you have a profile pic.

crabbyoldbat - 29 Jun 2020 17:26:04 (#9 of 80)

I assume you want it for personal use, rather than work.

For me, twitter is mostly about getting the latest from those I follow, including things they retweeted because they're interesting. I rarely tweet, but have some followers. Everyone I follow is either from here, or an interesting source of news, or entertaining. Those who follow me are from here.

If you tweet on, say, something in the news, use the hashtags that others are using about it - people search for all comments using the hashtag, amd can 'follow' a hashtag (although an ordinary search will show up any key words anyway, hashtag or not)

ChankNolen - 29 Jun 2020 17:28:01 (#10 of 80)

'seeing it as more something for organisations or famous people'

- organisations or famous people

+ pricks

Shadrack22 - 29 Jun 2020 17:28:09 (#11 of 80)

What is your Twitter username Agalia?

crabbyoldbat - 29 Jun 2020 17:28:21 (#12 of 80)

If you want a conversation, you will need to comment on something - a news story, perhaps, and see if anyone else joins in (your followers or not)

If you want to talk to someone, you need to use their @username to get their attention.

TheSwearingBear - 29 Jun 2020 17:31:04 (#13 of 80)

Write something smart.

Dayraven - 29 Jun 2020 17:31:35 (#14 of 80)

Make sure you have a profile pic.

On a similar note, if your username is something like @Firstname864435744, change it to something more distinctive — real name or not, just lose the string of numbers.

Rendered - 29 Jun 2020 17:45:38 (#15 of 80)

What is your Twitter username Agalia?

Please be @hornyaga

GrrrIbdis - 29 Jun 2020 17:53:56 (#16 of 80)

For now, put your twittername on your profile on here, just temporarily, and with a bit of luck, you'll get a few. You know, those of us who've seen you around here for years and years......

Verdigris - 29 Jun 2020 18:05:13 (#17 of 80)

So what's the secret to getting more followers?

Nob pics.

surferboogiewhatever - 29 Jun 2020 18:05:40 (#18 of 80)

should try that on the work page...

AdonisBlue - 29 Jun 2020 18:06:35 (#19 of 80)

I don't like the basic model of twitter. This idea that you follow people means mostly famous people are followed. It fuels celeb culture and creates its own blue tick hierarchy. Not to mention turning the internet into a popularity contest.

Early forms of communication on the net, like this place, were great social levellers. What you had to say mattered more than who you were irl. Twitter is the exact opposite.

I'm always surprised more people don't see this.

surferboogiewhatever - 29 Jun 2020 18:16:21 (#20 of 80)

It's not a very good vehicle for "what you have to say" anyway, unless you don't have much to say, because of the length limit. I sometimes find it really hard to condense messages about events etc that work perfectly on FB. Sometimes I just put "check out this event on our FB page" and provide the link!

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