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Started by breakfast on Jan 20, 2021 9:41:47 PM
TV Thread 2. To talk about all things television.

But faster than before.

The good, the bad, the ugly and the funny. Talk about television here please.

breakfast - 20 Jan 2021 21:44:27 (#1 of 565)

This is the TV thread.

breakfast - 20 Jan 2021 21:46:01 (#2 of 565)


Shadrack22 - 20 Jan 2021 21:48:03 (#3 of 565)

My wife is watching Judge John Deed.

breakfast - 20 Jan 2021 21:50:14 (#4 of 565)

Ah, I remember that. The ultra-realist criminal law series where the judge goes off and solves all the crimes. And is really Martin Shaw.

Doctor5 - 20 Jan 2021 21:51:20 (#5 of 565)

Is this thread another flippin' repeat?

Electro2 - 20 Jan 2021 21:52:35 (#6 of 565)

It's a new series...

breakfast - 20 Jan 2021 21:53:32 (#7 of 565)

We are limited with what kind of new threads we can create due to covid.

Pinkgum - 20 Jan 2021 21:53:33 (#8 of 565)

More of a reboot than repeat.

Shadrack22 - 20 Jan 2021 22:02:36 (#9 of 565)

24 Hours in A&E is up next. What a life.

Doctor5 - 20 Jan 2021 22:26:24 (#10 of 565)

I'm watching 'The Equalizer' on Forces TV. And, starting last night, it's followed by two consecutive 'Sapphire & Steel' episodes. And they're running the whole lot.

Macpaddy - 20 Jan 2021 23:42:03 (#11 of 565)

I will never be able to understand the attraction of masochism.

dicky3 - 21 Jan 2021 09:42:26 (#12 of 565)

I have time today to watch some catchup TV. Yesterday I watched about five minutes of the new US president driving to his inauguration ceremony, no sound available. I found it strangely comforting that a man (and his female sidekick) with some common sense was taking over.

Which UK TV channel provided the best coverage? (I can't get the BBC where I am, except the World Service.)

Electro2 - 21 Jan 2021 09:53:58 (#13 of 565)

ITV, and Sky News coverage was comprehensive...

Post deleted by user
RosyLovelady - 21 Jan 2021 10:05:49 (#15 of 565)

How did that hapen?

airynothing - 21 Jan 2021 10:06:57 (#16 of 565)

You typed "s" instead of "is" when you went to a new line after the italic section.

RosyLovelady - 21 Jan 2021 10:09:30 (#17 of 565)

Thanks, airy.

24 Hours in Police Custody is always interesting. I suppose we get fewer of them than the A&E variant because they're more difficult to arrange and anyway people like hospitals for their feel-good-misery factor.

AdonisBlue - 21 Jan 2021 15:05:27 (#18 of 565)

After ten months in isolation lockdown I've finally run out of stuff to watch. Looking for ideas. My tastes are fairly mainstream and unimaginative.

This last year I've watched all of the Crown, Queen's Gambit, quite a lot of Star Trek new generation, rewatched Breaking Bad up to the end of series 4, after which it turns silly. Couldn't get into Ozark.

All ideas welcome, need something to look forward to at the end of the day, at home.

CarlosFandango - 21 Jan 2021 15:11:02 (#19 of 565)

Better Call Saul?

I found it quite watchable.

Can you find 'Professor T', was on All-4 iirc. Good, but strongly recommend watchng in order.

Have you got Prime? Some good films there. La Dolce Vita and 8½ have seduced me recently. Green Book is good too.

AdonisBlue - 21 Jan 2021 15:14:05 (#20 of 565)

Sorry I really should have stated. I have Prime and Netflix plus usual Freeview.

Does Better Call Saul get better? I loved Breaking Bad, tried BCS shortly after but, I dunnoz just couldn't get into it but I only watched first two episodes. Saul in Breaking Bad was a much needed but of comedy relief bit a whole series? Maybe I should try again.

Oh another I tried and failed with was The Expanse.

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