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Started by popperhead on Jan 29, 2021 11:49:00 PM
MCU - Wandavision etc. (with spoilers)

This shit just got real ...

popperhead - 29 Jan 2021 23:50:14 (#1 of 152)

Just watched episode 4 and am loving this. Any other fans?

Definitely benefits from having a good working knowledge of the MCU.

kvelertak - 30 Jan 2021 00:43:42 (#2 of 152)

I didn't like a lot of what DC and HBO recently did with DC's Doom Patrol, so I'm not in a tearing hurry to see this.

MorrisMitchener - 30 Jan 2021 02:19:28 (#3 of 152)

Watched the first 3, not terribly impressed. More a sketch than series. Things heating up a bit in ep 4? I'll stick around then. Just for 1 more.

Wandavision, you got some splainin to do...

ChankNolen - 02 Feb 2021 16:58:32 (#4 of 152)

I found the first couple a bit tiresome, things started looking up when Elizabeth Olsen donned the magician's assistant outfit.

Overall, while I get the concept, there's a bit of a 'don't bore us, get to the chorus' vibe about it.

MorrisMitchener - 03 Feb 2021 11:15:23 (#5 of 152)

I'm halfway through the 4th one. I'm glad that daft sitcom stuff seems to be over. There's only so many times you can ironically laugh at shit, corny old gags til it dawns on you you're being asked to laugh at shit, corny old gags. Those first 2 eps should have been compressed into one.

whitbreadtrophy - 04 Feb 2021 10:18:16 (#6 of 152)

I've watched all four so far. Agreed, the 'Hi Honey, I'm home!' aspect was stretched to snapping point but I'm sticking with it.

ChankNolen - 05 Feb 2021 11:01:16 (#7 of 152)

Yep, its definitely picking up.

I've seen (or half-watched, at any rate) all the Avengers-arc Marvels, but I'm having to do quite a bit of homework to understand the various cross-references and character overlaps.

popperhead - 09 Feb 2021 11:18:14 (#8 of 152)

I'm having to do quite a bit of homework to understand the various cross-references and character overlaps

Did you get the "they recast Pietro" bombshell then?? That's stepping outside the MCU.

Also, the twins may be a indicator of future direction as along with Antman's daughter (Casandra Lang) who becomes Stature in the comics, Billy and Tommy become Wiccan and Speed (members of The Young Avengers).

I had wondered, apropos to nothing, when the kid from Iron Man III appeared at Tony Stark's funeral whether he could be a future Iron Lad.

Natascha - 09 Feb 2021 11:40:58 (#9 of 152)

Apparently the casting of someone from the Fox Universe was no accident - on the audience description it was stated that 'Pietro from the X-men universe appears' (or similar). So the reference is intentional: and instead of recasting everything and restarting the X-men within the MCU, Fiege is creating a bridge to join the two story lines.

Which means that the 'huge' cameo we can expect at the end might even be Magneto in the form of McKellen.

ChankNolen - 09 Feb 2021 11:42:29 (#10 of 152)

'Did you get the "they recast Pietro" bombshell then?? That's stepping outside the MCU'

My daughter had to explain it to me. It took a couple of goes to sink in.

Dayraven - 09 Feb 2021 11:47:43 (#11 of 152)

So the reference is intentional

Well, I presume they weren't asking "So, have you ever played a similar role before?" when casting, but whether to take it as a literal same-character appearance rather than a meta joke doesn't seem *completely* settled yet.

Natascha - 09 Feb 2021 12:18:07 (#12 of 152)

Well, we'll see.

NoobRomeo - 12 Feb 2021 08:22:01 (#13 of 152)

It's Marvel; I'd take the meta over the literal every time.

NoobRomeo - 12 Feb 2021 08:34:22 (#14 of 152)

I'm impressed with the experimentation, even if it didn't quite come off. Episode 1 was fine, if puzzling ("What is this? Is this what it looks like? Am I supposed to laugh? Is this what the rest of the season will be like?!"), but subsequent episodes should have been the standard length (42 mins, or thereabouts, I think) rather than the short form sitcom length of 25 mins. Especially as the show has the longest credit roll in entertainment history which eats into about a fifth of the available time.

Other than that, by episode 4 everything has turned on its head and attention has most definitely been grabbed. I hope now that it doesn't just become a fairly standard Marvel storytelling exercise and retains some of the experimentalism.

crabbyoldbat - 12 Feb 2021 09:45:50 (#15 of 152)

Did you get the "they recast Pietro" bombshell then?

Yes, I did, and enjoyed it. I'm a woman of simple pleasures, and am enjoying it all, in a lighthearted way.

Natascha - 13 Feb 2021 13:45:35 (#16 of 152)

Anyone else seen episode 6 yet?

popperhead - 14 Feb 2021 00:07:23 (#17 of 152)

Yep! It's Friday night occasion TV with us!

NotACloggie - 14 Feb 2021 08:03:05 (#18 of 152)

Here also a big yes!

Without giving away too many spoikers, Darcy is a great character, and the village 'bubble' expanding was nicely done.

popperhead - 15 Feb 2021 00:52:37 (#19 of 152)

the village 'bubble' expanding was nicely done

Agreed. Lots of great references from the costumes, to "What happened to your accent? What happened to yours?" (as lots of people had previously commented on the fact that Wanda's eastern European accent had disappeared between movies).

Which means that the 'huge' cameo we can expect at the end might even be Magneto in the form of McKellen.

Very interesting idea, though in neither version is Quicksilver (Fox) or Quicksilver/Wanda's (MCU) parentage acknowledged as being the same as in the comics. Still definitely a possible swerve.

Tylenol - 15 Feb 2021 07:55:00 (#20 of 152)

Quicksilver(Fox) names Magneto as his father in DoFP I think but it's not confirmed.

Might the huge cameo be Benedict Cumberbatch?

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