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Started by foxybrown on Mar 15, 2011 11:19:36 AM
America's/Britain's/Wherever's Next Top Model

New model house

Come and smize here

foxybrown - 15 Apr 2021 12:56:33 (#941 of 967)

Yes I liked the winner and the chubby guy that got knocked out in the semi final. It would have been an adequate replacement for Project Runway, I would have put up with the presenters for that.

I had to wonder who Ding Dong was for a moment, yeah she's annoying but so is Stacey so I won't miss her.

No jewellery show for me. As said I can't bear that Canadian woman.

I really dislike a lot of people!

KittyKarateRedux - 15 Apr 2021 14:30:26 (#942 of 967)

I had to wonder who Ding Dong was for a moment, yeah she's annoying but so is Stacey so I won't miss her.

Sorry, I am terrible for names so for me the Glow Up judges are 'Ding Dong' and 'Handlebars'. Stacey just seemed a wrong choice as she never felt particularly glam.

foxybrown - 16 Apr 2021 22:50:53 (#943 of 967)

I don’t know any of their names either! Ding Dong is all she says

foxybrown - 22 Apr 2021 17:47:10 (#944 of 967)

Beginning S3 ep1 now and they've replaced annoying Stacey with annoying Maya, well she annoys me from what I've seen on Instagram.

The contestants are just looking at her like who tf are you?

KittyKarateRedux - 23 Apr 2021 12:49:15 (#945 of 967)

Yes, I was a bit 'Who the fuck is Maya'.

So, other than Maya, Glow Up is very much like previous series - a mix of counter/wedding make-up people, instagram special people who have not done anyone elses makeup and the guys breaking out of the closet.

Some really brilliant looks though. I LOVED Dolli's art deco/afro future look.

foxybrown - 14 May 2021 20:24:07 (#946 of 967)

Watching Ep4 now, Dolli seems to be going well. The scouse ginger is is not very good and surely must go soon. And is it Samah? Good MUA for ordinary make up - if you like contouring and all that jazz- but not great at the mad shit they are asked to do on this show

KittyKarateRedux - 15 May 2021 15:28:05 (#947 of 967)

I'd certainly prefer Samah putting my makeup on compared to ginger mullet scouser!

foxybrown - 15 May 2021 16:55:03 (#948 of 967)

How on earth did she get on the show! Poor girl, I feel they set her up

foxybrown - 11 Jun 2021 00:06:29 (#949 of 967)

Kitty have you watched the final of Glow yet?. Worthy winner, but could have been any of the last 3 IMO. The result was telegraphed half way through

KittyKarateRedux - 11 Jun 2021 09:10:23 (#950 of 967)

I'm about quarter way through the final of glow up - I just got to the Charlotte Tilbury inspiration video which made me like... WTF what has she done to her cheeks? Her eyes looked like two marbles resting on cushions.

I'll be back when I finish it off this weekend!

KittyKarateRedux - 14 Jun 2021 09:14:35 (#951 of 967)

Glow Up: i'd have been happy with any of them to win to be honest, I thought they each brought some good skills to the table. At the masterclass challenge it felt like Sophie hadn't done enough, they kind of gave her a pass letting her do special effects style makeup. I'm pleased that Dolli and Craig got a lot of love during that masterclass section, hopefully it'll translate to some stepping stones for them.

foxybrown - 16 Jun 2021 10:05:04 (#952 of 967)

Yes when they only gave her the kit advice and the other two got bookings, I knew she'd win. But they were all good as well as the person who was knocked out the previous week

KittyKarateRedux - 20 Aug 2021 20:34:44 (#953 of 967)

New season of Making the Cut (Tim & Heidi) on Prime. Filmed under lockdown so wondering how it's going to work.

foxybrown - 22 Aug 2021 21:34:10 (#954 of 967)

I saw the preview for that today in the middle of watching UnReal!

I’ve been watching Love Island (it’s a car crash I can’t stop watching) and Unreal came to mind for some reason I remembered you said it was on a pay channel and found it on Prime. I’ve been bingeing season 3 & 4. It’s so trashy, I love it.

KittyKarateRedux - 23 Aug 2021 13:36:03 (#955 of 967)

Well as I was under voluntary lockdown due to MrKitty's Covid, I binged all of 'Making the Cut'.

It felt weird that Winnie Harlow replaced Naomi Campbell as a judge, but I guess Winnie is much more likeable. (In my head, she's still ANTM, not a super successful international model, so it feels like when Aleesha joined the Strictly judging panel).

Because of lockdown they didn't get to really go out fabric shopping, it was all in a store-room on site with some online ordering, and the runway shows were just to the judges (which to be fair, I prefer, because some other shows which had live catwalks used to look like they'd swept up the denizens of the local bus station).

They were all pretty decent designers, there were not many WTF moments, but on the other hand, unlike Project Runway there were not stupid challenges (make this out of shit we found in a dumpster).

KittyKarateRedux - 23 Aug 2021 13:37:01 (#956 of 967)

UnReal was such massively underrated, top quality TRASH! I really loved all the series of it, despite it never being sure if it hated or loved reality TV.

foxybrown - 23 Aug 2021 16:27:33 (#957 of 967)

I finished it at 2am this morning. Whew. It was a trip. So underrated.

Quinn getting rid of the baby was cold. And totally batshit Rachel.

I hope MrKitty is ok.

foxybrown - 23 Aug 2021 16:28:49 (#958 of 967)

I’ll bookmark the fashion thing. Winnie Harlow is not my fave. It had a series before? Maybe Naomi couldn’t do the second series because of the baby

KittyKarateRedux - 23 Aug 2021 17:01:07 (#959 of 967)

Making the cut season 1 - mostly filmed pre-pandemic so yeah, it feels really nostalgic. There's like international travel and stuff! Also an assistant judge on the first few episodes who has such a 'smelling my own farts' face when looking at clothes (Carine ?)

foxybrown - 05 Sep 2021 16:21:28 (#960 of 967)

I got through about 3 episodes then forgot about it, it was ok.I will return

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