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Started by RankBajin on Oct 29, 2011 2:57:01 PM
Sir Jimmy Savile dies aged 84


  • Kiddly fiddler?
  • Corpse toucher?
  • Other? (please specify)
  • All of the above?

whitbreadtrophy - 28 Oct 2021 11:20:57 (#17101 of 17322)

This tendency amongst the new left to censor is not only deeply disturbing it is a major reason they aren't in power in many countries anymore.

Little Britain was cancelled by its own creators. This is the same kind of nonsense that saw Ben Elton getting blamed for cancelling Benny Hill.

whitbreadtrophy - 28 Oct 2021 11:23:18 (#17102 of 17322)

Paul Whitehouse was the talent in that pairing, Harry Enfield is just a charmless twat.

They are both hugely talented. The only thing I would really take them to task for is having Farage as a guest in one of their sketches.

FrankieTeardrop - 28 Oct 2021 10:24:54 (#17103 of 17322)

Bo Selecta was the first thing I saw where I couldn't work out in what way it was supposed to be funny

popstar7 - 28 Oct 2021 11:43:00 (#17104 of 17322)

Last of the Summer Wine for me.

FrankieTeardrop - 28 Oct 2021 10:56:59 (#17105 of 17322)

Never watched it

pmcblonde - 28 Oct 2021 12:01:58 (#17106 of 17322)

Also never liked Steve Coogan - he’s to up his own area. His working class Manc public persona is total bullshit.

FrankieTeardrop - 28 Oct 2021 11:03:05 (#17107 of 17322)

he’s to up his own area


levelgaze - 28 Oct 2021 11:05:22 (#17108 of 17322)

Too up his own arse, I assumed.

FrankieTeardrop - 28 Oct 2021 11:07:37 (#17109 of 17322)

Ah of course

darkhorse - 28 Oct 2021 12:08:03 (#17110 of 17322)

I feel well disposed to Coogan, and always consider watching something he’s in (frequently failing to get around to it, but that’s just my limited telly time).

FrankieTeardrop - 28 Oct 2021 11:11:24 (#17111 of 17322)

He's made me laugh like a drain so often. Trouble is, when he is doing something serious - like being a talking head on a documentary about Peter Sellars - I still think he's hilarious.

I wonder how he ever gets people to take him seriously.

popstar7 - 28 Oct 2021 12:21:26 (#17112 of 17322)

I've never noticed a working class Manc persona with Coogan. He's mining his Irish roots for humour a lot more than he used to lately though.

FrankieTeardrop - 28 Oct 2021 11:45:23 (#17113 of 17322)

There was a Limmy sketch about what it would be like for Limmy to have to go to work in an office, should his income from being a comedian dry up.

I imagine it's ten times worse for Coogan.

I've never noticed a working class Manc persona with Coogan.

Yes, he likes to portray himself as rather sophisticated

pmcblonde - 28 Oct 2021 12:54:31 (#17114 of 17322)

He puts it on when it suits him. Less so these days. Personal knowledge and none of it good

whitbreadtrophy - 28 Oct 2021 13:01:24 (#17115 of 17322)

Is it wrong to portray a working-class persona in comedy unless you're a horny-handed son/daughter of toil?

Surely it's OK to make it up as long as it's funny.

AdonisBlue - 28 Oct 2021 15:47:15 (#17116 of 17322)

Limmy could start work in practically any English office and no one would notice.

HouseOfLametta - 28 Oct 2021 16:34:33 (#17117 of 17322)

Less so Lemmy.

raymie - 28 Oct 2021 15:46:35 (#17118 of 17322)

And lammy?

pmcblonde - 28 Oct 2021 17:11:07 (#17119 of 17322)

He talked a lot in interviews about being a working class lad at one stage. Not in comedy particularly.

Tenesmus - 28 Oct 2021 16:57:44 (#17120 of 17322)

I saw Coogan in conversation with John Cleese at a theatre, interspersed with video clips of Python and Fawlty Towers.

Coogan was awful. It was embarrassing, especially as we'd persuaded friends to come along as we thought it would be, well, funny.

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