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Started by RankBajin on Oct 29, 2011 2:57:01 PM
Sir Jimmy Savile dies aged 84


  • Kiddly fiddler?
  • Corpse toucher?
  • Other? (please specify)
  • All of the above?

BasilSeal - 05 Nov 2021 12:18:11 (#17161 of 17198)

I doubt it. There's nothing to stop someone carrying out all the funeral arrangements themselves including preparing the body for burial. When my wife's friend was killed in an accident. she and his other friends arranged the funeral themselves, they made the coffin, picked the body up from the hospital in a car and dressed him in his best suit and laid him out in the greenhouse of his market garden where they had a gathering for the mourners, then they took him to the crematorium, then there was a wake at the garden where people spoke about their memories of him.

It was before i knew her but the picking the body up from the hospital in a car all sounded a bit weekend at Bernie's to me. but there was no process of assessment to go through or checks, they just turned up at thee hospital morgue and were given a dead body and left to get on with it.

There's a fair bit of mystery attached to death and people tend to assume that you have to have an undertaker to sort a funeral but you don't, all the undertakers are doing is sorting the logistics of booking the church and arranging for the grave to be dug, and selling you and expensive single use wooden box.

StakludKar - 05 Nov 2021 12:23:55 (#17162 of 17198)

Triggered Retired cop tries to make hot take regarding checks in the police.


Have just read about the awful crimes committed by David Fuller. Where are the calls for the same scrutiny of all electrical engineers that is being demanded of all police officers? Or can we accept that the actions of one sick individual don’t represent the majority?


HouseOfLametta - 05 Nov 2021 12:27:19 (#17163 of 17198)

I hope the car involved was an MG Midget that then had to return via Oxford Street, Basil.

Isn't it a bit weird that we are all obsessed with the corpse nobbing, but not mentioning the two murders?

RosyLovelady - 05 Nov 2021 12:29:30 (#17164 of 17198)

News of murder just doesn't have that scarcity value.

StakludKar - 05 Nov 2021 12:39:36 (#17165 of 17198)

The headlines mention the murders 1st then the necro

Elsie69 - 05 Nov 2021 14:14:53 (#17166 of 17198)

I’m rather a lot more bothered about the murders. I mean, I wouldn’t want a person’s body messed about with once they’re dead, but ultimately it’s just a bit upsetting, abuse of living people upsets me a lot more.

Oldbathrobe1 - 05 Nov 2021 14:35:22 (#17167 of 17198)

He doesn't even qualify as a serial killer, and they're ten a penny. But that fits a known narrative. Mass necrophilia is something of a novelty. The news loves novelty.

HouseOfLametta - 05 Nov 2021 15:08:17 (#17168 of 17198)

The Must Have this Christmas.

kvelertak - 05 Nov 2021 15:12:24 (#17169 of 17198)

What, the M&S necrononce selection?

Tenesmus - 05 Nov 2021 15:39:29 (#17170 of 17198)

The dead knobees in the morgue were described as "victims" which is a bit chinscratchworthy.

kvelertak - 05 Nov 2021 15:55:39 (#17171 of 17198)

'Vitally challenged'.

Gallows humour aside, I'm baffled as to how this frenetically busy wrong'un got away with his ghastliness for so long, he can't have had Savile-level connections.

JohnIlly - 05 Nov 2021 15:58:04 (#17172 of 17198)

Apparently he used to "work" after hours.

I would have thought that mortuaries were manned 24x7, but it seems not.

AdonisBlue - 05 Nov 2021 16:11:15 (#17173 of 17198)

Nor do they seem to even have CCTV or door locks

JohnIlly - 05 Nov 2021 16:19:21 (#17174 of 17198)

Well, people don't steal corpses nowadays no why have the expense of CCTV. Obviously that will be rethought. I'm pretty sure they have locks, though, but this person had a pass key.

HouseOfLametta - 05 Nov 2021 17:20:07 (#17175 of 17198)

I'm not going to be the bloke watching Mortuary Cam on Nightshift.

StakludKar - 05 Nov 2021 17:23:15 (#17176 of 17198)

They've set up a helpline for people who think their relatives might have been abused.

The police are informing next of kin if their relatives were victims

AdonisBlue - 05 Nov 2021 17:25:18 (#17177 of 17198)

It's interesting that someone mentioned upthread how Leeds hospital had put in measures to protect corpses, but the who Saville shagging corpses thing remains an online rumour only. They must know more at Leeds.

JohnIlly - 05 Nov 2021 18:37:17 (#17178 of 17198)

I have been inclined to think that Savile encouraged that rumour to hide his real practices.

AlanII - 05 Nov 2021 19:15:55 (#17179 of 17198)

Saville shagging corpses thing remains an online rumour only. They must know more at Leeds.

I thought that had become far more than a rumour.

AdonisBlue - 05 Nov 2021 21:19:47 (#17180 of 17198)

Has it? I've never read anything official saying he shagged corpses. Just on here. I might have missed it though.

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