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Started by RankBajin on Oct 29, 2011 2:57:01 PM
Sir Jimmy Savile dies aged 84


  • Kiddly fiddler?
  • Corpse toucher?
  • Other? (please specify)
  • All of the above?

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Brunothecat - 29 Oct 2011 16:49:56 (#62 of 17322)

Dead person ≠ lawsuit shirley.

urbanspacemonkey - 29 Oct 2011 16:50:00 (#63 of 17322)

Colleen Nolan did actually appear with him when he was a guest on Loose Women a few months back. Not awkward at all.

she probably figured that she's safe now she's no longer 14

FleurDuMal - 29 Oct 2011 16:52:23 (#64 of 17322)


oohbetty - 29 Oct 2011 17:25:25 (#65 of 17322)

I bet these two had loads to talk about:

quartus - 29 Oct 2011 17:32:37 (#66 of 17322)

telling juxtaposition here:

kokolores - 29 Oct 2011 17:34:07 (#67 of 17322)

He was a Mensa member and had an IQ of 149.

That's higher than Shakira!

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SlasherBindman - 29 Oct 2011 18:39:35 (#70 of 17322)


What about that video in which Auberon Waugh denounces Sir Jimmy? (Or am I misremembering)

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Electro - 29 Oct 2011 18:51:14 (#73 of 17322)

Where from? JB Sports.

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FleurDuMal - 29 Oct 2011 18:52:26 (#75 of 17322)

I don't see why he can't still use it.

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Brunothecat - 29 Oct 2011 18:57:10 (#78 of 17322)

I wonder if someone will go as gadaffi with a stick up the jacksy?

DorianJKHawkwack - 29 Oct 2011 18:58:10 (#79 of 17322)

Something very wrong with Jimmy Savile.

My ex was a nurse at Leeds General, and lived in Roundhay not far from him. She said the rumours about him and cadavers were rife, and nobody trusted him. He worked as a porter (voluntary) but he gave everyone the creeps.

I spent one boring day on a train with him up to Glasgow and back filming a BR ad back in the 80s. He was someone who couldn't hold a conversation at all. All he did was talk: either about himself, or make some naff joke. What a tedious, tedious old twat he was.

Narcissist, too close to his mother, worked around dead bodies and children, never married (or had a lover), kept a shrine to his mother (had all her clothes dry cleaned once a year for Chrissakes!)...AND a disc jockey.

One of the weirdest fuckers ever to make it onto the telly.

Everyone has a sexual outlet. I dread to think what his must have been.

Looking forward to the TV film of his life. My bet is it'll outshine Kenneth Williams and Frankie Howard as all the dirt comes out at last...

Electro - 29 Oct 2011 19:00:00 (#80 of 17322)

He claimed to have invented the disco.

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