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Started by mikeshadow on Oct 31, 2021 1:24:48 AM
Premium Bonds are 65 years old on Monday 1 Nov 2021

Monday 1 November 2021 marks 65 years since the first Premium Bond was bought

A record 113,081,411,333 Bonds were in the October prize draw

A total of 538 million prizes have now been paid out

mikeshadow - 31 Oct 2021 13:41:03 (#1 of 18)

Obviously with 113 billion bonds now being held it’s still a popular tax free investment. Perhaps that will change if inflation and interest rates increase in the coming year.

Verdigris - 31 Oct 2021 13:44:22 (#2 of 18)

As interest rates rise, so prize payments increase, an as my bonds have been paying quite nicely, even at virtually 0% interest, I am looking forward to Ernie's largesse getting even larger.

RosyLovelady - 31 Oct 2021 14:00:43 (#3 of 18)

I remember when the smallest prize was £50.

Verdigris - 31 Oct 2021 14:03:17 (#4 of 18)

I think I've only had one not-£25 prize. Can't remember whether it was 50 or 100 notes, thoughbut.

peacalmer - 04 Nov 2021 16:09:52 (#5 of 18)

I have never won a penny out of my PBs and don't know anybody else who has.

Lawlsie - 04 Nov 2021 16:16:47 (#6 of 18)

I was bought one when they came out. Which I guess gives my age away...

AdonisBlue - 04 Nov 2021 16:19:30 (#7 of 18)

Me and my cousin were each bought £50s worth aged 10. By 16 I'd won nothing and he'd won £3000 which my parents tried not to tell me. I cashed mine in at 16 and blew it on Black Russians.

tasselhoff - 04 Nov 2021 16:19:50 (#8 of 18)

My Mum used to regularly win up to 100 quid when she had a few thousand in PBs.

Lawlsie - 04 Nov 2021 16:21:35 (#9 of 18)

I've won £50 but not on my original one from 1956. More recent ones I bought when I had a bit of spare cash. I've since cashed them in. It's a gamble where you can get your stake money back though it's an opportunity cost as you lose out on the purchasing power of your stake.

Verdigris - 04 Nov 2021 16:21:57 (#10 of 18)

I was bought one when they came out.

I've still got one of those. I ought to change it for a newer one. But sentiment...

Lawlsie - 04 Nov 2021 16:23:24 (#11 of 18)

Yes mine is sentiment too. Bought for me by my great grandma just months before she died.

KizzyK - 04 Nov 2021 16:30:54 (#12 of 18)

I've had some since I was born and probably won about £100 in total. Mr C has loads and averages about £25 a month. Its annoying but we do get a nice takeaway on Ernie every month as a result.

Dementor - 04 Nov 2021 16:36:56 (#13 of 18)

Anything other than £25 is pretty rare, even £50 is a hundred times less likely than £25.

moto748 - 04 Nov 2021 20:36:56 (#14 of 18)

I'm roughly Lawlsie's age, and I think it was quite the thing then to buy them for new arrivals, or even as christening presents. The handful I have, I've never won a penny with, though.

TommyDGNR8 - 04 Nov 2021 21:35:25 (#15 of 18)

I live in hope of being contacted on the first of the month (when the millionaires are informed) but it's invariably the third or fourth before I get my email.

carterbrandon - 04 Nov 2021 21:50:39 (#16 of 18)

I remember having a couple when I was a kid, then must have cashed them in and forgotten I'd done so. Because when I found out there was a tracing service I used it, and it came back blank. Still, like Lawls I've got a good few grand in them from spare money, and get about £125 a year in 50's and 25's, as I appear to be luckier than average.

tasselhoff - 04 Nov 2021 21:54:10 (#17 of 18)

I got a couple aged about seven. I have no idea what happened to them.

carterbrandon - 04 Nov 2021 21:59:06 (#18 of 18)

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