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Started by staticgirl on Aug 14, 2021 3:37:59 PM
I've 'accidentally' bought a ukulele

Going to use this as a kind of blog for my trials and tribulations. I've been getting a bit bored doing the same old thing so I thought I would buy an instrument and learn to play. I looked a keyboards as I have a 30 year old GCSE grade C in playing a Casio keyboard with one finger (I am not a natural musician) but they were too expensive so I bought an uke instead.

staticgirl - 14 Aug 2021 15:40:59 (#1 of 173)

Lesson one - following the instructions in the booklet that came with it.

I have tuned my uke with the little clip on doohickey. WHERE WERE THESE THINGS WHEN I SPENT 6 WHOLE WEEKS LEARNING THE GUITAR WHEN I WAS ABOUT 8 (I gave up because I hated playing Mull of Kintyre and my fingers hurt)? It's f&&&ing genius!!

Of course afterwards I have discovered that I had tuned the 4th string an octave too low which will explain why things sounded a bit weird. I was expecting the tones to be in order like on a piano because why wouldn't they be but no not on a uke.

carterbrandon - 14 Aug 2021 15:41:03 (#2 of 173)

they were too expensive so I bought an uke instead.

Should have got a tin whistle. Even the homeless can run to those.

Plus it's a better look than ukulele player.

staticgirl - 14 Aug 2021 15:43:58 (#3 of 173)

A tin whistle is not a goer when you live in a block of flats. It is why I don't play my recorder which is the only instrument I ever reached a proper level of proficiency in. But you're completely right.

I doubt anyone shall ever see me playing this thing. It's cute but I accept it's the devil's guitar.

staticgirl - 14 Aug 2021 15:45:50 (#4 of 173)

I also discovered I have bought a concert uke rather than a Soprano so it is not quite as evil.

Today I learned the C major scale in finger picking and played twinkle twinkle little star, ditto. I was too frit to try chords.

nemo75 - 14 Aug 2021 15:47:20 (#5 of 173)

Slippery slope. Tie dye clothes and silver toe rings next.

carterbrandon - 14 Aug 2021 15:48:08 (#6 of 173)

I'm in search of a new non-wind instrument myself, since RSI has pretty much done for the fingers of my left hand. Contemplating the melodeon, because I hate my neighbours on one side.

fogsake - 14 Aug 2021 15:48:35 (#7 of 173)

I'm into all that.

staticgirl - 14 Aug 2021 15:49:55 (#8 of 173)


I was thinking Voodoo Ray might be a good song to play because it's almost all one chord.

nemo75 - 14 Aug 2021 15:50:23 (#9 of 173)

…pachouli oil and cheap incense.

staticgirl - 14 Aug 2021 15:50:43 (#10 of 173)

<hides patchouli oil>

nemo75 - 14 Aug 2021 15:50:49 (#11 of 173)

…Morris dancing.

staticgirl - 14 Aug 2021 15:50:59 (#12 of 173)

I am also banning Somewhere Over the Rainbow

staticgirl - 14 Aug 2021 15:51:26 (#13 of 173)

I like watching Morris Dancing. Shit.

carterbrandon - 14 Aug 2021 16:05:34 (#14 of 173)

cheap incense.

I didn't know there was incense snobbery. Is it a Rees-Mogg sort of shibboleth?

moto748 - 14 Aug 2021 17:17:37 (#15 of 173)

Cheap incense smells of piss.

Lagopus - 14 Aug 2021 17:44:44 (#16 of 173)

I think I have a banjo uke somewhere, but it might be a banjo mandolin come to think of it.

Yersinia - 14 Aug 2021 18:15:50 (#17 of 173)

Don't worry about the naysayers, it can be fun to play, and a very good choice if you don't have the luxury to live in a detached house.

Policywatcher - 14 Aug 2021 19:21:33 (#18 of 173)

Concert ukes can be a little louder...

HouseOfLametta - 14 Aug 2021 21:07:49 (#19 of 173)

Chugga chugga gypsy jazz things are good.

frantastic - 14 Aug 2021 21:48:05 (#20 of 173)

Ukulele is the gateway drug to banjo. BE VERY CAREFUL!

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