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Started by nubuck on Feb 10, 2014 11:47:18 AM
Ghosts And Ghostly Goings On

We've done this loads already, but kindly share your experiences of the supernatural here, or those you have heard of, or you know, just make shit up.

nubuck - 10 Feb 2014 11:47:31 (#1 of 484)


lapsedcat - 10 Feb 2014 11:49:31 (#2 of 484)

This is true. Soon after my mother died I would hear what sounded like soft knocking on the wall near my bed. I learned to say 'shhhhh' and it would immediately stop.

Unless it was dad in the next room pissing about then I can't account for it.

Brunothecat - 10 Feb 2014 11:51:01 (#3 of 484)

If your dad pissing makes a knocking sound he should call in a plumber. He's got an airlock.

nubuck - 10 Feb 2014 11:51:23 (#4 of 484)

There is no such thing as a ghost.

There, that'll scare 'em.

lapsedcat - 10 Feb 2014 11:51:39 (#5 of 484)

How dare you talk about my dad pissing.

Anchorman - 10 Feb 2014 13:53:28 (#6 of 484)

I've posted it before but it is an entirely true description of an experience I had about 20 years ago

A friend of a friend is a spiritualist. I was visiting my friend one day when the spiritualist happened to be there.

It was a warm summer’s day and about 6 of us were chatting in the kitchen. The subject of religion and spiritualism came up and I offered my usual criticisms of both.

The spiritualist kept saying things like " I understand what you are saying but I can prove to you that there are spirits"

I kept ignoring this but after a few times I said in exasperation and with total disbelief in my voice " Go on then show me! “

He said that he would and he said to look carefully at his face.

Immediately, his face ( he was a man of about 30) aged about 50 years in front of my eyes, seconds later another completely different face appeared, then another until in the space of about 30 seconds I saw about 10 totally different faces. I'd never seen any of these faces before and they were as real to me as looking at any normal person from 6 feet away.

The faces came and went in a way not dissimilar to this pop video made by Godley and Creme

I was to say the least a bit gob smacked!

All the time I could hear his voice but see these other faces completely superimposed over his face.

I asked him afterwards what I had seen and he said they were spirits.

I still don't know what to make of the experience. I have been hypnotised and it didn't feel like that. I was wide awake and the others in the room said they saw similar things.

It was weird but it just doesn't fit with my normal rational out look so I have put the experience into a box marked "odd" “

We talked about the experience as a group for a few minutes and he he invited me to attend his spiritualist church.

Being at the time a hard line atheist and describing myself as a scientific rationalist it would normally have been the last place I’d go but I was staggered by the experience I’d just had so agreed to go.

It was not at all what I expected. There were about 10 people there and he chatted a bit. I remember I was very bored and can't remember what he talked about. There was no talking to the dead or anything like that.

However at the end he got out his guitar( he is an accomplished session musician) and sang a few songs he'd written. Very pleasant but nothing odd occurred until the last song he sang.

At the end of the song he started to hum the tune . He repeated this over and over and the tone of the hum became more and more odd.

Something maybe like a very deep sonorous aborigine chant crossed with the wailing of the banshees!.

Thinking about it now has sent shivers up my spine.

The humming slowly got louder and to be absolutely honest stopped sounding as though it was made by a human being at all. Then suddenly whilst this unbelievable wailing continued there was , exactly at the same time and apparently from his mouth ,the sound of perfect bird song.

At that instant I felt myself go into an incredibly deep odd state, something akin to deep meditation/hypnosis but deeper than the deepest hypnotic state I’ve been in before or since.

This lasted a short time, he stopped singing and things were normal again. I have stated this exactly as it happened and exaggerated nothing. I still have no idea what to make of it.

I’m not sure why, probably because the experience was so odd and doesn’t fit with my rational view of reality I never visited the spiritualist church again and in fact never saw the spiritualist leader again either

MonsoonBloom - 10 Feb 2014 13:56:58 (#7 of 484)

No such thing as ghosts. End of thread.


Anchorman - 10 Feb 2014 14:04:22 (#8 of 484)

No such thing as ghosts.

Indeed that is my intellectual and gut reaction to ghost too but various members of my family have told me very odd tales. Obviously delusion/imagination etc are probably the likely explanations but my family are very down to earth types ,not prone to flights of fantasy.

Pinkgum - 10 Feb 2014 14:06:05 (#9 of 484)

Despite not believing in such nonsense, I appear to be slightly psychic.

Anchorman - 10 Feb 2014 14:06:16 (#10 of 484)

Here's one my mum told me many years ago. I confirmed the details with her in a conversation with her a few weeks ago.

My mum swears she has seen a number of "ghosts" She is normally a very grounded sort of person and not likely to go off on flights of fancy but she insists the following is true

Over 50 years ago when I was about 6 years old we lived at the last house at the end of cul de sac row of terraced houses.

It was a summers day and my mum was in the kitchen washing with the kitchen door open. She heard a knock on the door and saw what she described as a very old lady who she assumed to be a gypsy /traveller standing at the door. The lady asked if my mum wanted to buy any pegs.

My mum said no and the lady disappeared in front of her!

My mum was a bit taken aback by this and went outside to see where she'd gone! There was nobody there but in the gardens of the other terraced houses people were sitting out enjoying the sun.

Mum asked them all if they'd seen an old lady pass them but nobody had.

A few days later mum was telling the next door neighbour about this odd experience and the neighbour went very pale. Apparently an old lady fitting the description of the lady my mum had seen had died in the cottage next to mum's a few years earlier.

My mum had not heard about this until that point and she swears that was she's told me is true

nubuck - 10 Feb 2014 16:46:17 (#11 of 484)

I think ghosts could be the product of the individual consciousness. So it's an entirely subjective thing.

MonsoonBloom - 10 Feb 2014 16:48:18 (#12 of 484)

Yes. Clearly the product of individual consciousness. I.e. made-up.

solomongursky - 10 Feb 2014 16:51:17 (#13 of 484)

Despite not believing in such nonsense, I appear to be slightly psychic.

I knew you'd say that.

Anchorman - 10 Feb 2014 17:03:54 (#14 of 484)

I.e. made-up

Depends what you mean by made up. If you're suggesting it is some form of fantasy or dream or brain aberration which the person experiencing it believes is real, but it isn't then I'd agree that in many ,perhaps all cases that may be the explanation.

If however you're suggesting people are lying then in some cases that may be the case .

It certainly isn't the case with the 3 or 4 very odd experiences I've had.

MonsoonBloom - 10 Feb 2014 17:04:46 (#15 of 484)

All of those.

surferboogiewhatever - 10 Feb 2014 17:14:57 (#16 of 484)

I think ghosts could be the product of the individual consciousness. So it's an entirely subjective thing.

If they are anything at all, I think this is probably right.

Anchorman - 10 Feb 2014 17:46:56 (#17 of 484)

All of those.

Not sure what to make of that response. Are you calling me a liar ?

Ravings_of_Gut - 10 Feb 2014 17:55:24 (#18 of 484)

Anchor - Spiritualism works by the power of suggestion. Some practitioners are highly skilled at spotting those susceptible to suggestion and using a combination of suggestion hypnosis and cold questioning. I suggest this is what happened to you.

The fact that you were previously hypnotised means you are one of a small minority of people who is susceptible to hypnosis. Hypnosis experience does not feel like a dream or "you are sleeping" unless the person hypnotising you tells you that is how you feel.

My advice is run away as quick as you can. Spiritualists are a dangerous bunch of cultists and I know relatives whose lives and families have been destroyed by them.

They are the UK equivalent of Scientologists.

Brunothecat - 10 Feb 2014 17:56:21 (#19 of 484)

That's fighting talk.

guigal - 10 Feb 2014 17:58:10 (#20 of 484)

Allegedly 5% of Americans (15 million) have been abducted by aliens and 8 million have had Near Death Experiences. Even if the numbers are exaggerated, that makes these events not uncommon. They don't seem to be of any importance, except to the people concerned.

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