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Started by Anchorman on Mar 23, 2014 8:21:14 PM

Anyone play?

I found this rather nice free chess program recently

It's over 40 years since I played regularly ( wasn't good then) but the program has provided me with hours of entertainment

Anchorman - 29 Mar 2014 22:00:09 (#24 of 105)

Do we need a pricetag on everything?

People claiming chess is a waste of intelligence are due a response

GyratingTrampoline - 29 Mar 2014 22:26:27 (#25 of 105)

Yes, but by claiming a utilitarian value, your response undersells the very essence of humanity. Or something.

I'm now wishing I didn't play chess online using my real name, or else I could challenge the players here to a game. If there's enough interest in a JTT chess meet on or elsewhere, I'd create a 'gyratingtrampoline' chess account.

Anchorman - 29 Mar 2014 22:38:27 (#26 of 105)

Yes, but by claiming a utilitarian value, your response undersells the very essence of humanity. Or something.

Can't it have a utiliterian value and other values? Why does one in any way spoil the other?

bignosebignose - 29 Mar 2014 22:54:52 (#27 of 105)

If there's enough interest in a JTT chess meet on or elsewhere, I'd create a 'gyratingtrampoline' chess account.

I'd join.

GyratingTrampoline - 29 Mar 2014 22:55:58 (#28 of 105)

#26 You are correct of course. But there is something which offends me a bit about jumping straight for the 'good for your brain' aspect. I suppose because it encourages us to think in these moneygrabbing, good-for-your-cv terms, instead of proudly proclaiming the beauty of chess-for-the-sake-of-chess (or anything for the sake of anything - this is a general point).

GyratingTrampoline - 29 Mar 2014 23:15:44 (#29 of 105)

bignose I've just made myself an account called 'gyratingtrampoline' on Send me a challenge if you want to!

bignosebignose - 29 Mar 2014 23:22:35 (#30 of 105)

Nice, will set up an account tomorrow.

Banana - 29 Mar 2014 23:34:25 (#31 of 105)

I found the standard on to be very good, I used to be a good player as a schoolkid, but was getting beaten the last few times I played on that site, which was a bit disheartening! Think there is a world of difference between those who know the rules and the moves and those who know good openings. I won a lot of games as a kid playing the French defence, which looks weak to your opponent until you unleash your attack! Great game chess, last played against a bloke who had learnt in prison, he wasn't bad but one wrong move and I would be in for the kill so it was just a case of waiting for that.

Pentecost - 29 Mar 2014 23:41:16 (#32 of 105)

Chess teaches a wide range of skills

As in "Russians play chess, Americans play poker". That hasn't been decided yet, whatever Americans might think.

also, most computers come ready loaded with a chess game program that is good enough to defeat most people who are not at master level, so there's no real need to go online to do this stuff.

GyratingTrampoline - 29 Mar 2014 23:42:46 (#33 of 105)

I've never studied openings or read any books about it, but I've got to the stage where most players on my level have, and so I know from raw experience what is likely to happen in any given situation during the first few moves. I've found that doing something a bit leftfield near the start throws people off if they're used to typical games. But actually most unusual things are unusual precisely because there's something wrong with them, so a more advanced player will have seen it before and know a way to use it against me.

And on that subject, if you want to play a wider spectrum of games, it's better to be black, because during the first few moves the white player is the initiator, so you will tend to have a more diverse experience if you play as black.

GyratingTrampoline - 29 Mar 2014 23:45:13 (#34 of 105)

pent, it's much more enjoyable to play against a human. I bet I could tell the difference too, if there was some kind of chess turing test - even though I know I wouldn't beat the computer.

clammy - 29 Mar 2014 23:50:47 (#35 of 105)

My son taught me and I do enjoy a game, the problem I have is I can not talk or have to much noise, or I completely lose my train of thought I hate even looking away from the board,so I'm not much fun to play with.

Banana - 29 Mar 2014 23:56:56 (#36 of 105)

One of the key skills in chess is planning 3 to 5 moves ahead, in practice 3 is about the most you can expect to achieve at an 'average' level but being able to mentally compute what range of moves your opponent has for even 2 moves ahead can be quite challenging!

I think on you can set up computer vs computer? Certainly could on other programs/sites. Interesting but ultimately 'by the book' games.

I used to play 'live' at lots of different venues, big conferences in London etc. the 1980's were the heyday for school chess. We even had Karpov visit our comprehensive for a simultaneous match against 12 of the best players in the county, he didn't lose one.

The best and most enjoyable games for me are when I start to play experimentally, a sacrifice, or something to throw an opponent, but a lot of times it doesn't work out! Playing seriously I was a lot tighter.

Banana - 30 Mar 2014 00:32:05 (#37 of 105)

I've just downloaded the android app for my tablet and won the first game I played! I'm on there as Loosebanana if anyone fancies a game sometime...

DonkeyOT - 31 Mar 2014 21:34:18 (#38 of 105)

I'll tell you what was a waste of intellectual energy far, far worse than chess or advertising agencies - bloody J R R Tolkien devising not just one, but four wholly pointless 'new' languages! I ask you - was there ever anyone more short of something to do than that?

CarlosFandango - 31 Mar 2014 21:39:31 (#39 of 105)

I used to play a bit, but haven't for years.

My son is pretty good these days, and he turned me on to this guy and his very satisfying vids:

MontyPeculiar - 31 Mar 2014 22:40:39 (#40 of 105)

Thanks for that link - he's great. I'll definitely check out more of Mato.

Anchorman - 31 Mar 2014 22:56:15 (#41 of 105)

Yes,many thanks for that link Carlos

GyratingTrampoline - 31 Mar 2014 23:14:33 (#42 of 105)

I like this chess video

GyratingTrampoline - 31 Mar 2014 23:25:24 (#43 of 105)

banana I've just sent you a challenge!

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