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Started by HerrWalrus on Jun 1, 2016 7:40:30 PM
What happened to Chav Britain?

No doubt you still see 1 or 2 chavs around, but what happened to the rest? Did the asbo system do its job? Perhaps they went abroad in search of work, or even got one here.

TheWarOnTerry - 01 Jun 2016 19:41:59 (#1 of 66)

Asylum seekers stole their thunder.

Gotout - 01 Jun 2016 19:42:19 (#2 of 66)

They became bankers and city spivs.

EchoChamber - 01 Jun 2016 19:42:43 (#3 of 66)

Leeds is remarkably free of gangs of youths in trackie bottoms.

Moominmamma12 - 01 Jun 2016 19:43:14 (#4 of 66)

You moved to a better area, or they moved to a worse one.

EchoChamber - 01 Jun 2016 19:44:13 (#5 of 66)

No, been in Burley/Hyde Park for 20 years.

EchoChamber - 01 Jun 2016 19:44:55 (#6 of 66)

Possibly the latter. Even Bramley and Armley appear free.

Moominmamma12 - 01 Jun 2016 19:47:50 (#7 of 66)

My post was in reply to HerrWalrus. I don't know about Leeds chavs.

FleurDuMal - 01 Jun 2016 20:18:49 (#8 of 66)

Don't see many Leeds chavs anymore.

moonriver - 01 Jun 2016 20:22:08 (#9 of 66)

Jim'll fixed it.

machiavelli - 01 Jun 2016 20:22:58 (#10 of 66)

They're all indoors watching their big fuck off screens, the chav bastards.

kvelertak - 01 Jun 2016 20:31:58 (#11 of 66)

Plus it's far cheaper drinking at home, where you can also smoke indoors.

xDiggy - 01 Jun 2016 20:37:34 (#12 of 66)

Their chavving jobs got taken by Eastern Europeans, but you can't tell because they're so polite and well-dressed.

moonriver - 01 Jun 2016 20:41:55 (#13 of 66)

Drinking, like eating, out is pretty common as muck, though.

Shadrack22 - 02 Jun 2016 07:04:50 (#14 of 66)

Superchav on the Rhodes to Leeds flight yesterday. Totally bald. Vest and shorts. Wedding vow tattooed on left calf. Kept smoking e-cigs despite ineffectual cabin crew requests to stop. Reading a copy of Our Story by Reggie and Ronnie Kray written with Fred 'Gambit' Dinenage. Swearing in front of his kids, suggesting that the older child should "Go down t'front and give Gary a slap on head and call him a prick." Boasting about getting a hotel upgrade due to "kicking off." Discussing with fellow passenger how to get rid of awkward tenants: "I send me mates round. That gets them shitting their pants."

Wife had a weird painted-on face. Owns beauty salon. Getting her tit implants redone. Bought first house at 18. Seemed hard as nails.

Two kids, Superchav father of the younger.

Live in Pudsey and have two bulldogs.

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Shadrack22 - 02 Jun 2016 07:14:14 (#16 of 66)

Very good, TRaners. It was a small and depressing glimpse into another world.

And I think of my Dad as a working class young man subscribing to the Left Book Club and listening to Schubert.

machiavelli - 02 Jun 2016 07:41:27 (#17 of 66)

Shaders, it could easily be the person who called a friend of mine a fucking Irish bastard.

Shabbyman - 02 Jun 2016 07:45:12 (#18 of 66)

I'm with King Chav re e-cigs, but apart from that confiscate his passport.

Shadrack22 - 02 Jun 2016 07:51:50 (#19 of 66)

Also re the superchav - hyperactive, talked all the time so hard to ignore (seemed to crave attention) and no awareness of boundaries and personal space. A surface joviality with the sense that it could all kick off at any time.

Shabbyman - 02 Jun 2016 08:09:18 (#20 of 66)

Sounds like he was inhaling other stuff too.

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