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Started by breakfast on Feb 10, 2019 5:30:24 PM
Have your ever ridden a bicycle made for two?

Or a unicycle?

KizzyK - 10 Feb 2019 17:35:10 (#1 of 37)

My partner and I own a tandem, its great. Unicycles require a skillset I just don't have though.

breakfast - 10 Feb 2019 17:36:55 (#2 of 37)

Do you go at a super fast speed with two of you pedalling?

hailesaladdie - 10 Feb 2019 17:43:35 (#3 of 37)

I've ridden those bicycles made for 4 that they seem to love in French seaside towns.

My Dutchbike currently has a seat on the front for the little one, so that's normally for the two of us...

KizzyK - 10 Feb 2019 17:45:12 (#4 of 37)

No because I'm not very cycle fit. Just normal speeds except for downhill which is a bit scary when you aren't the person in control so MrC put a small brake on that I could apply from the back seat which helps a little.

Delighted_User - 10 Feb 2019 18:01:09 (#5 of 37)

You deserve congratulation, as from what I've heard differences of temperament and coordination on tandems are a severe test of a relationship. Never dared to try it myself. As for unicycles, they might as well be unicorns.

ishyomah - 10 Feb 2019 18:07:52 (#6 of 37)

I have never ridden tandem but I did have a unicycle. A great source of drunken frolicks when the mood took us.

KizzyK - 10 Feb 2019 18:16:45 (#7 of 37)

Ha, yes, you need to work as a team thats for sure but I think everyone should try it, its fun! Plus is much nicer and friendlier when cycling as a couple, you can talk to eachother, pass eachother stuff, be silly, whatever and the weaker one (usually female) isnt puffing away miles behind the stronger one (usually male) who is blithely speeding off without care.

darkhorse - 10 Feb 2019 18:17:13 (#8 of 37)

I recall when as a student courting my girlfriend, I gave her a backie on the way home from the pub once or twice.

Not like that, you pervs.

GrrrIbdis - 10 Feb 2019 18:19:21 (#9 of 37)

I shared a tandem once with a friend who usually shared it with one of his rugby-playing mates. The entire ride (ten miles each way through hilly Oxfordshire countryside) went to the refrain of:

' Pedal, can't you?' 'I am pedalling!'

I have never spoken to him since.

mancurse - 10 Feb 2019 18:40:49 (#10 of 37)

I rode my best friend's grandparents' tandem back in the 1970s when I was a child - loved it, found it easy, but have never had the opportunity to do it again.

A doctor I worked with - a madkeen cyclist already - rode a tandem with his wife at weekends. One day she fell off, didn't have a helmet on, hit her head and died of a cerebral haemorrhage, as she was on warfarin for something-or-other.

Those are my two (2) tandem stories. Like 'em or lump 'em.

tasselhoff - 10 Feb 2019 18:49:10 (#11 of 37)

I've ridden an electric tandem at 40km/h. It was pretty scary.

nolongerstumpy - 11 Feb 2019 00:29:41 (#12 of 37)

No, but this guy is a chum.

Pixiedust - 11 Feb 2019 00:36:13 (#13 of 37)

After a ride to the countryside on separate bikes, MrPixie thought that a tandem might be a good idea (I drunkenly fell into a blackberry bush on the way home).

It would have to be custom-made, thoughbut, as he is much taller than me, and I'd rather not ride with my nose up his arsehole.

Tenesmus - 11 Feb 2019 08:01:26 (#14 of 37)

Who says he should be pilot?

ArriveAlive - 11 Feb 2019 08:10:12 (#15 of 37)

Had a shot on a neighbour's tandem about 10 years ago and managed to ride a few hundred yards along the road and back again. I do remember the frame feeling exceedingly flexy. I don't remember how we turned it around, given that it must have had the turning circle of a supertanker.

Same neighbour also has a unicycle. Even with the walls of his hallway for support I didn't manage to ride it more than a single pedal turn. I guess than counts as a "no"...?

Tomnoddy - 11 Feb 2019 08:48:55 (#16 of 37)

Pa-in-law had two old tandems. Heavy as anything, but you could pick up speed without noticing then shit yourself braking. The steerer always thinks the stoker has his/her feet up on the handlebars.

Arjuna - 11 Feb 2019 08:54:21 (#17 of 37)

, I gave her a backie on the way home from the pub once or twice.

I used to get a backie on my mate's chopper!

mememe - 11 Feb 2019 08:57:10 (#18 of 37)


hailesaladdie - 11 Feb 2019 08:58:53 (#19 of 37)

On a bike?

HouseOfLametta - 11 Feb 2019 09:04:42 (#20 of 37)

Years ago, when decent bikes were hard to come by, I used to borrow a Twin Galaxy a friend had found in a skip. It had baskets front and back, and so I could use it for shopping. I rode it solo, but once or twice offered people a lift, with hilarious results.

In the summer I clamp a tag-a-long onto the back of an old steel mountain bike and go to the seaside with Big Len. We can cover 20 miles, even though he’s not remotely interested in riding his own bike. Much of the route is on cycleways, which amusingly enough, often end abruptly, in the middle of a bend, at 90 degrees to the main road. It’s very helpful to have someone pedalling hard when you are desolately trying to stop a tank.

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