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Started by davedanon on Jan 18, 2018 11:22:55 AM
6 Nations 2018

It's that time of year again. Once again 6 proud rugby nations and their followers are suffused with hope and optimism, dreaming of a Grand Slam, a Championship win, or just a bloody win, if you're of the Italy. Can England continue their recent domination? Can Scotland make the step up to the Big Boys' Table, and eat someone's lunch. Maybe Ireland, who will be quietly confident on the back of Leinster's swaggering Pro 14 brio. (Just the 18 blue players on the national squad, please, Brian)

And what about Wales? They are probably just about due one of their special one-off years where they come from 'nowhere' to blow everyone away before lapsing back into their usual frustrating inconsistency. Can France be, well, more like old France, and fewer like new France? And then there's Italy. Erm, yeah, right. anyway. HUZZAH!

Tagyourit - 18 Jan 2018 11:38:25 (#1 of 661)

Huzzah indeed!

My forecast

No Grand Slam. Ireland and England with 4 wins each Ireland win on bonus Pts or pts difference.

England will lose to Scotland and Ireland will lose to England. Italy will threaten a surprise win over either France or Wales but will fail by the end of the match and end up with a 0-5 wooden spoon. Some one here will whinge about Swing Low during every England match, everyone will agree it's time Gatland left, there will be bants....

1. Ireland

2. England

3. Scotland

4. Wales/France

5. Wales/France

6. Italy

davedanon - 18 Jan 2018 12:58:40 (#2 of 661)

Certainly, IF Ireland arrive in Twickenham with 4 wins under the belt, I'd expect England to do to us what we did to them last time out. We had to beat them, and they'd have to beat us.

FrankieTeardrop - 18 Jan 2018 12:59:07 (#3 of 661)

Yay - the harbinger of spring is back...

Tagyourit - 18 Jan 2018 13:00:00 (#4 of 661)

It would be great if it's a Grand Slam decider for both teams (especially as I have tickets!)

davedanon - 18 Jan 2018 13:16:38 (#5 of 661)

It's impossible to get hold of tickets for Ireland games in the 6N.

Tagyourit - 18 Jan 2018 13:23:16 (#6 of 661)

It's not easy for England supporters either, I get mine through our Rugby Club or the England First XV* lottery, I can always get tickets for the Nov internationals and I usually get tickets for at least one of the home games in the 6N but not always.

2 years time it's LadyTag and mine 25th wedding anniversary around 6N time so we're going to go to Rome for the weekend part of which will be catching the England Italy game.

  • AKA the England Supporters Club

Tadagee - 18 Jan 2018 13:55:39 (#7 of 661)

I'm not optimistic. Wales are not exactly flush with world class players.

With Fox, Warburton and TF all broked that's not looking great.

Lose to Scotland first match and its us and Italy for the wooden spoon.

Still, mustn't grumble

davedanon - 18 Jan 2018 14:10:25 (#8 of 661)

I'm looking forward to seeing Scotland play. Be nice if Ireland could play like Leinster, but that's not the Joe Way.

Tadagee - 18 Jan 2018 14:12:42 (#9 of 661)

Be nice if Wales could play like the Scarlets but that's not the Warren way.

davedanon - 18 Jan 2018 14:29:19 (#10 of 661)

Zeebs is out in the cold now. Pity.

Snarlygog - 30 Jan 2018 07:21:41 (#11 of 661)

Will Don Armond get picked for England if there are more Bizarre training injuries?

Tadagee - 30 Jan 2018 12:51:09 (#12 of 661)

Sorry for my upstart thread Dave.

So anyway, 10 Scarlets in the Welsh XV. Makes sense.

MadamGeorge - 30 Jan 2018 14:07:09 (#13 of 661)

Shouldn't that be: X Scarlets in the Welsh XV ?

davedanon - 30 Jan 2018 19:36:17 (#14 of 661)

Sorry for my upstart thread Dave.

Now I feel petty and vain, like a little demi-Trump.

Let's just pick one and stick with it, ffs. There's few of us as it is.

HUZZAH and a Hey-Nonny-Nonny!

BadgerDancing - 01 Feb 2018 17:16:27 (#15 of 661)

Memories of the England / Italy game last year:

rgtstoppedcounting - 03 Feb 2018 13:25:33 (#16 of 661)

Well then, off I go to my Scottish pub serving Scottish beer to a full house of rugby-mad Scottish Borderers, with only a Sais or two for unreliable moral support. I'm leaving the dog at home, he's Scottish too and hence not to be trusted if things go pear-shaped.

C'mon Scarlets! - I mean Wales!

My hen laid a haddock, one hand oiled a flea....

Also, this may be an Ominous Sign:

Tadagee - 03 Feb 2018 13:51:44 (#17 of 661)

Thanks for showing 1000 Scottish tries in the autumn.

I rarely want to see Wales keep it tight.

Please Wales, keep it tight.

Tadagee - 03 Feb 2018 13:52:09 (#18 of 661)

Or rather. Keep it tight until it makes sense not to.

davedanon - 03 Feb 2018 14:17:31 (#19 of 661)

God, if there's an anthem that could propel a team to glory, its LOOF.

MaybeLeon - 03 Feb 2018 14:20:52 (#20 of 661)

The start of a home game at Wales is always stirring. They're not bashful with their singing.

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