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Started by Leftie on Oct 6, 2012 10:02:08 AM
What's been your strangest dream lately?

Awful thing about aliens, involving William Shatner.

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Leftie - 06 Oct 2012 10:03:45 (#2 of 1331)

We'd been taken over in a sort of "V" style (no lizards though) and I was hiding with some blonde girl who looked a bit like the first receptionist on "Doc Martin" and basically if I sat quiet and didn't move, these aliens couldn't see me.

And then I was waking up and becoming aware it was just a dream but then I was in a horrible hotel room with other people hiding and then Shatner was there looking for us and laughing about the dream. Which I was still in. And I think some cigarettes were involved at one point.

Leftie - 06 Oct 2012 10:04:29 (#3 of 1331)

I woke up at 3am in the end.

Macpaddy - 06 Oct 2012 10:10:14 (#4 of 1331)

I dreamt that I reached into my wardrobe and my hand was suddenly entangled in dozens of wire coat hangers. The more I struggled the more their grip tightened. Slowly and inexorably I was dragged into the ever deepening wardrobe whilst being smothered by the clothing within.

Tripos - 06 Oct 2012 10:10:17 (#5 of 1331)

I had a dream a while ago about having a dinner date with a Jouranlist. I recall she was very middle class but pleasant.

Leftie - 06 Oct 2012 10:12:50 (#6 of 1331)



clammy - 06 Oct 2012 10:27:18 (#7 of 1331)

I thought I was in a country that was ruled by Public Schoolboys and Bankers, where all public services were been slashed,people could only travel about with expensive things called tickets.

Jobs were allocated by cloned servants whose main use was to starve people of benefits,so soul destroying minimum wage vacancies could be filled.

Treatment for sick people was been outsourced to those that can pay.

People were brainwashed into thinking newspapers printed facts, and stood for the rights of the masses. Sex crimes were vilified in a salacious manner,while the breasts of young girls were on show on inside pages and called art. I tossed and turned and thankfully sleep came and all was peace.

Tripos - 06 Oct 2012 10:35:43 (#8 of 1331)

Not a bad effort at all.

Macpaddy - 06 Oct 2012 10:38:18 (#9 of 1331)

I think that's clammy's best ever post.

which isn't saying a lot, really.

Eligelis - 06 Oct 2012 10:43:13 (#10 of 1331)

listening to someone at work being told their book wasn't going to be published because they were too interested in the mechanics of an incident rather than the incident itself.

chromeburner - 06 Oct 2012 11:49:42 (#11 of 1331)

I dreamt I was asleep but when I woke up I wasn't

Macpaddy - 06 Oct 2012 11:51:10 (#12 of 1331)

I dreamt I was dreaming and when I woke up I was. I may well be now.

Tangent - 07 Oct 2012 00:13:27 (#13 of 1331)

The strangest recent dream I had recently involved many things (mainly of family importance), but also involved me trying to throw out a redhead in her early thirties who had invaded my house with a group of people. We ended up talking, she told me she was pregnant with twins, and we ended up having sex in the front garden, with embarrassing consequences.

carterbrandon - 07 Oct 2012 00:17:43 (#14 of 1331)

Last night I dreamed I was having a conversation about acoustic guitars with Bez out of The Happy Mondays. I don't even like The Happy Mondays, and I doubt Bez likes acoustic guitars.

Seamonster - 07 Oct 2012 02:23:27 (#15 of 1331)

I have a recurring dream of being pursued by the monster from Alien. I've been told that it's some internal struggle in my subconcious and that if I confront it then I can help resolve my problem.

Never had the courage though....

FleurDuMal - 07 Oct 2012 08:29:55 (#16 of 1331)

Last night, I dreamed I went to Manderley again ...

Macpaddy - 07 Oct 2012 12:10:53 (#17 of 1331)

I dreamed I saw St. Augustine alive as you or me...

newtonbase - 07 Oct 2012 12:17:03 (#18 of 1331)

Cucumbers. Massive cucumbers.

chillisauce - 07 Oct 2012 13:06:38 (#19 of 1331)

I was driving a strange futuristic car, although it looked just like a Smart car. Suddenly a tiny computerised policemen in the shape of an Apple earbud popped up and asked me if the car was licensed. I was forced to say it wasn't.

The earbud/policemen growled and the car which turned out to be a hologram, instantly disappeared, leaving me sitting next to a conveyor belt on which pieces of real computers kept appearing. I was supposed to hit them with a mallet as they went past.

Then all of a sudden I was standing inside a kitchen cabinet looking out through the door, which has five small holes drilled in it, just big enough to get my fingers through. A naked woman appeared, pushed her breast against the door, and asked me to fondle it through the finger holes.

Then I woke up.

FleurDuMal - 07 Oct 2012 13:11:18 (#20 of 1331)

Cucumbers. Massive cucumbers.

Really? What could that mean, I wonder?

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