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Started by HerrWalrus on Jul 7, 2018 10:39:44 PM
Small changes you've made on account of the advancing years

I now get out of the lift a floor or two before my flat, so I get some exercise walking up the stairs.

Shadrack22 - 07 Jul 2018 22:45:00 (#1 of 238)

Minor indulgences like upgrades on flights. Increased feeling that this is the decade to travel, to do it now, to have experiences. The sense of time’s winged chariot hurrying near.

browserbutton - 07 Jul 2018 22:48:21 (#2 of 238)

wingèd, ffs.

Shadrack22 - 07 Jul 2018 22:49:29 (#3 of 238)

Andrew Marvell, there !!

thisonehasalittlehat - 07 Jul 2018 22:50:13 (#4 of 238)


HerrWalrus - 07 Jul 2018 22:54:12 (#5 of 238)

I watch a lot less television, but that may be because the free channels are crap and I don't have Sky or Netflix.

uranrising - 07 Jul 2018 23:02:08 (#6 of 238)

I walk a bit slower.

Readier to get rid of books.

More prepared to interrupt or abandon films.

More ready to speak my mind.

Shadrack22 - 07 Jul 2018 23:07:29 (#7 of 238)

This decade - travel.

Next decade - acquire a Basset Hound.

mingmong - 07 Jul 2018 23:07:44 (#8 of 238)

Continuing the slow but necessary process of moderating the excesses of my 20s and 30s. Appreciating Mrs Ming and the Minglet a little more, and realising that my life without them wouldn't count for much. Focussing more on what has now emerged on my core project workwise.

Shadrack22 - 07 Jul 2018 23:09:10 (#9 of 238)

The Mabinogion?

CaptainBlack - 07 Jul 2018 23:12:47 (#10 of 238)

I play walking football (and recently won a medal).

mingmong - 07 Jul 2018 23:34:00 (#11 of 238)

#9 - partly. Now morphed into a postgrad project that is both wider-ranging and more specific

Vague hopes of an academic career at the end of it.

Pinkgum - 07 Jul 2018 23:59:27 (#12 of 238)

Expect less, am happier with that.

YouGotTheMoney - 08 Jul 2018 00:42:56 (#13 of 238)

I don't leave the house without a pair of cheapo reading glasses. I don't need them much (yet), but that time I was trying to fill in one of those customs stickers at the post office and had to borrow some off the lady behind the counter taught me that lesson.

Antimatter - 08 Jul 2018 01:48:57 (#14 of 238)

I have stopped wearing stilettos, and these days I only wear makeup about once a year.

I prefer bar stools which have a back to them, and a foot rest for short people.

I really cannot do late night concerts anymore.

flossy - 08 Jul 2018 02:55:34 (#15 of 238)

If the invitation means I stay out after 8 then I look for excuses to refuse.

Peacock - 08 Jul 2018 05:51:46 (#16 of 238)

I shower every other day.

rearranged - 08 Jul 2018 07:28:52 (#17 of 238)

Decided what parts of my work I enjoy, what parts I don't, and I am focusing on the bits I enjoy.

Making sure there is more fibre in my diet.

RosyLovelady - 08 Jul 2018 07:55:53 (#18 of 238)

< Decided what parts of my work I enjoy, what parts I don't, and I am focusing on the bits I enjoy. >

They can fire you for that sort of attitude, or at any rate make your annual reviews painful.

bossab2 - 08 Jul 2018 08:13:41 (#19 of 238)

I go to the pub more.

The infinite void of death is rapidly approaching.

rearranged - 08 Jul 2018 08:38:58 (#20 of 238)

I meant get jobs that focus on what I enjoy, not just stop doing half my job.

I used to have a dozen staff in two teams in different parts of the country reporting into me. But I find management a chore. I am not that bad at it, but there are other things I prefer, so now I have 2 staff, and the vast majority of my time is spent on technical issues, not reviewing other people's work.

And the furthest I have to travel to see one of my team is about 5 feet, so no more leaving the house at 5am for a day trip to Scotland.

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