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Started by Bromio on Jan 10, 2019 1:50:08 AM
Proposals for totally pointless apps

I've been asked to design a hypothetical app and figured this would be the best (or worst; either might work) place for brainstorming ideas.

I'm currently thinking of an app called Crackr aimed at the superstitious, people with OCD, and anyone scared of bears which will help you navigate around your local town or city by avoiding stepping on cracks in the pavements.

Any better ideas?

lammaMia - 10 Jan 2019 02:18:56 (#1 of 105)

An app that turns off the screen when people look at the screen.

YouGotTheMoney - 10 Jan 2019 02:21:05 (#2 of 105)

one of those augmented reality things that puts traffic cones on every statue you view through it.

YouGotTheMoney - 10 Jan 2019 02:23:58 (#3 of 105)

an app that can play the equivalent of midi versions of popular tunes, only the sounds are all drawn from ambient noises (only works in noisy environments).

machiavelli - 10 Jan 2019 02:30:23 (#4 of 105)

An app to list the achievements of Chris Grayling.

6to24characters - 10 Jan 2019 05:53:49 (#5 of 105)

A machine that goes "ping"

Tadagee - 10 Jan 2019 06:40:06 (#6 of 105)

An app that simulates popping bubblewrap.

BenSawbridg - 10 Jan 2019 07:00:22 (#7 of 105)

An app to automate leaving social media sites in a huff. Flouncr, you could call it.

TRaney - 10 Jan 2019 07:06:40 (#8 of 105)

An app that simulates popping bubblewrap.

Isn’t there one of those already? Or was that the joke?

Arjuna - 10 Jan 2019 07:07:08 (#9 of 105)

Shit tracker

Key in the exact details of all food consumed - time and amount plus times when you take a dump, which also needs weighing. This builds up a database and then an algorithm predicts when you will next need to go.

toffle - 10 Jan 2019 07:19:19 (#10 of 105)

An app that randomly plays a realistic farting noise if it detects other people in the vicinity.

Intended use is to turn awkward social situations into even more awkward social situations.

Tenesmus - 10 Jan 2019 07:42:05 (#11 of 105)

One of those augmented reality things that turns all dog shit white and changes the adult scooters ridden on pavements into Space Hoppers.

spartak - 10 Jan 2019 07:46:18 (#12 of 105)

An app that simulates popping bubblewrap.

That would be OSSUM!

Tadagee - 10 Jan 2019 07:51:07 (#13 of 105)

Isn’t there one of those already? Or was that the joke?

Is there? Didn't know that.

nemo75 - 10 Jan 2019 07:56:29 (#14 of 105)

Very early iPhone app.

thatshallot - 10 Jan 2019 08:00:11 (#15 of 105)

An app that simutates an amiable teatime gameshow.

Tadagee - 10 Jan 2019 08:00:25 (#16 of 105)

Ah right. Never had an iphone.

Tadagee - 10 Jan 2019 08:02:37 (#17 of 105)

An app that detects awkward silences in conversations and makes a random observation about the weather.

Actually that could be quite useful.

GyratingTrampoline - 10 Jan 2019 08:10:18 (#18 of 105)

An app that converts text to morse code and sends messages by turning the phone's torch on and off. Allowing you to communicate with any morse code enthusiast who didn't have a phone, so long as you had a line of sight to them.

rearranged - 10 Jan 2019 08:15:17 (#19 of 105)

The torch app on my iPhone can do Morse messages.

GyratingTrampoline - 10 Jan 2019 08:19:25 (#20 of 105)


Ok how about an app that tricks users into handing over all their marketable personal information in return for an addictive reward mechanism based on temporarily stimulating their sense of social esteem?

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