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Started by TheVoiceOfReason on Feb 24, 2019 2:45:13 PM
The Streets of Loston

So why don’t you write me some whimsy

And waste more of your working time

Let me take you by the hand

And lead you through the streets of Loston

I’ll show you whimsy

The best of all time

TheVoiceOfReason - 24 Feb 2019 14:47:09 (#1 of 1633)

You’re welcome to the ear worm.

Cordelia - 24 Feb 2019 14:48:00 (#2 of 1633)

Luckily I am listening to the Rolling Stones. It feels like that sort of a day.

HelenDamnation - 24 Feb 2019 15:45:59 (#3 of 1633)

I read that as the Rollicking Stones. Which sounds jollier.

Bodgit - 24 Feb 2019 15:49:09 (#4 of 1633)

I am listening to Hamilton in preparation for going to see it next month. It’s alright. I’m slightly disappointed to not feel more strongly about it. I was hoping I might loath it.

HollyGolightly - 24 Feb 2019 16:02:43 (#5 of 1633)

I am making a website for the women's professional network I'm launching this week.

When will I learn not to take on extra things?!?!

binturong - 24 Feb 2019 17:44:32 (#6 of 1633)

I'm off to Belfast and BA is ££££s and not at the right time, so my hard-earned £4.99 goes to Mr O'Leary.

For anyone with a similar future dilemma fly to Belfast City, not Belfast International (City is much better placed for actually getting to Belfast), which gives you the more civilised options of FlyBe or Aer Lingus.

Dubris - 24 Feb 2019 18:11:24 (#7 of 1633)

Good evening, dumplings!

I've seen great quantities of snowdrops in the Hampshire countryside. Very cheering. And a foolhardy butterfly of the most beautiful lime green colour. Some butterflies do hibernate, don't they? Presumably they can go back into a state of torpor if a sunny day is followed by a cold one.

LippyPongstocking - 24 Feb 2019 18:17:36 (#8 of 1633)

Poor, foolhardy butterfly.

I'm at the RFH sipping wine in anticipation of tonight's concert. I've come ovet a bit tired, so hopefully it won't make me nod off.

Dubris - 24 Feb 2019 18:19:03 (#9 of 1633)

Is it an exciting programme?

LippyPongstocking - 24 Feb 2019 18:22:49 (#10 of 1633)

Sibelius, Salonen and then Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra after the interval. Interesting, but not too challenging.

Dubris - 24 Feb 2019 18:32:33 (#11 of 1633)

If one wants to avoid dozing off then interesting is better than not interesting, I'd say.

Sabacious - 24 Feb 2019 18:39:22 (#12 of 1633)

Thanks Bint, but both Flybe and AL are close to £200 return, I've just paid £18 return for Eire O'Flot, painful as it is. Also I don;t actually want to go to Belfast but Ballyclare, so probably easier to go to the big airport instead.

LippyPongstocking - 24 Feb 2019 18:40:58 (#13 of 1633)


Yes indeed. I'm usually fine unless the music's severely atonal: the effort required to process austere serial stuff is liable to induce slumber.

Dubris - 24 Feb 2019 19:12:16 (#14 of 1633)

<sad eyes of Karlheinz Stockhausen>

LippyPongstocking - 24 Feb 2019 19:16:04 (#15 of 1633)

Ugh, that's prompted a memory of one long-ago evening stuck in a two and a half hour performance of Stimmung. Had Karlheinz been nearby I'd've bludgeoned him with a cudgel.

LippyPongstocking - 24 Feb 2019 19:18:22 (#16 of 1633)

O.K. that was a bad example as it's not atonal. But 2.5 hours of the same vocal chord made me borderline killy.

Dubris - 24 Feb 2019 19:22:34 (#17 of 1633)

I can see how it might do that.

Ginmonkey - 24 Feb 2019 19:46:52 (#18 of 1633)

I have been redoing some of the cutting in on some woordwork painting I paid someone to do.

Can't get the staff these days.

binturong - 24 Feb 2019 19:51:44 (#19 of 1633)

Ah yes, at that price difference it's possibly worth enduring Ryan. You're not at their mercy for too long.

Sabacious - 24 Feb 2019 19:56:47 (#20 of 1633)

Just as well as I'm not paying for an extra legroom seat.

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