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Started by LemonGrass on May 16, 2020 11:14:00 PM
Alarm as Brits ordered to strip NAKED in their GARDENS this Saturday.

For many, working from home means working naked, and nude sunbathing seems to be the new national pastime.

Dubris - 17 May 2020 12:17:06 (#1 of 36)

Phew what a scorcher!

TheVoiceOfReason - 17 May 2020 12:19:10 (#2 of 36)

You love it Dubbers.

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wickeltisch - 17 May 2020 12:50:17 (#4 of 36)

People who find the idea of nudism attractive should read Sedaris' Naked. Reading about his visit to a nudist colony might change their opinions.

Delighted_User - 17 May 2020 12:51:58 (#5 of 36)

But Germans go naked all the time.

wickeltisch - 17 May 2020 12:55:39 (#6 of 36)

Well, I'm always dressed.

Nearly always, not under the shower or in the bath tub.

tasselhoff - 17 May 2020 12:59:35 (#7 of 36)

I'm mainly in undies and t-shirt at the moment.

BBBilly - 17 May 2020 13:01:52 (#8 of 36)


wickeltisch - 17 May 2020 13:03:34 (#9 of 36)

I'm mainly in undies and t-shirt at the moment.

Is there a heat wave in France?

tasselhoff - 17 May 2020 13:04:38 (#10 of 36)

I'm from hardy northern stock.

wickeltisch - 17 May 2020 13:06:37 (#11 of 36)

<looks at thick socks and cardigan and wonders if that is enough or if central heating should be put back on>

Dubris - 17 May 2020 13:07:34 (#12 of 36)

TVoR has been spending the last however many weeks posing with a strategically placed beach ball. His neighbours are wondering whether to tell him that it needs re-inflating now.

surferboogiewhatever - 17 May 2020 13:25:49 (#13 of 36)

a nudist colony

Are you George Formby? Actual naturists call it a naturist club. They don't live there all the time, they just spend the afternoon there sometimes or go on a week's camping holiday.

wickeltisch - 17 May 2020 13:30:51 (#14 of 36)

Who is George Formby?

I could google, of course.

levelgaze - 17 May 2020 13:41:43 (#15 of 36)

Oh please do!

wickeltisch - 17 May 2020 13:49:08 (#16 of 36)

I did. There's Formby junior and senior, but I guess the junior was meant.

German wiki has the remarkable sentence Formby-Lustspiele waren nicht gerade originell oder sonderlich geistreich, erfreuten sich aber beim heimischen Publikum großer Beliebtheit, (Formby comedies were not exactly original or particularly witty, but enjoyed great popularity with the home audience) which I see is missing in wiki English.

wickeltisch - 17 May 2020 13:50:13 (#17 of 36)

But what has he got to do with nudism/naturalism?

surferboogiewhatever - 17 May 2020 13:53:32 (#18 of 36)

One of his songs has the lines:

The other day I got an invitation

To go and join a nudist colony,

and as the life is healthy, and in the open air,

I trotted off as happy as can be,

thereby probably being the source of the misconception that naturist clubs are called nudist colonies. It makes me picture lots of naked people perched on the cliffs like puffins.

wickeltisch - 17 May 2020 13:55:47 (#19 of 36)

Perhaps I remember wrongly but I think Sedaris calls it a nudist colony too.

Anyhow, if you haven't read the book do it, it's really funny.

I may not be objective as I'm a big Sedaris fan.

lapsedcat - 17 May 2020 13:56:25 (#20 of 36)

Yeah, but everyone knows what a nudist colony is.

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