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Started by Macpaddy on Feb 1, 2021 3:32:58 PM
Time to ban the public sale of fireworks,

Attacks on police and first responders ambulances set on fire, used as weapons by gangs of morons and scumbags wanting to be to sole provider of drugs etc. It's sadly time their sale was STRICTLY banned.

solomongursky - 01 Feb 2021 15:39:43 (#1 of 72)

used as weapons by gangs of morons and scumbags wanting to be to sole provider of drugs

Drugs dealers are using fireworks?

Macpaddy - 01 Feb 2021 16:48:48 (#2 of 72)

The gangs of young kids and not so using kids are attacking the other groups and their homes. Haven't you seen the news of them firing rockets horizontaly. They've even fired them into moving cars.

Tenesmus - 01 Feb 2021 16:53:04 (#3 of 72)

You'll prise my fireworks from my burning crispy hands.

Moschops - 01 Feb 2021 16:55:20 (#4 of 72)

If they also promise to ban renditions of Katy Perry's 'Firework' from talent shows and karaoke, then I fully support it

AdonisBlue - 01 Feb 2021 17:02:11 (#5 of 72)

Absolutely. Ban all fun! Ban all risk! Let's live in cotton wool balls in hermetically sealed bubbles, it's the key to eternal life.

FleurDuMal - 01 Feb 2021 17:06:25 (#6 of 72)

FFS ...

harryhaller - 01 Feb 2021 17:09:36 (#7 of 72)

It is for less than this that we invaded Iraq!

solomongursky - 01 Feb 2021 17:10:36 (#8 of 72)

Fireworks are great.

Lagopus - 01 Feb 2021 17:11:42 (#9 of 72)

Is it worse that the cars are moving? Surely it's more of a challenge?

upgoerfive - 01 Feb 2021 17:13:26 (#10 of 72)

Keep the fireworks, get rid of the twattish urchins.

elderberry - 01 Feb 2021 17:18:50 (#11 of 72)

Getting one into a moving car does involve more skill than the traditional 'drop one in a letterbox' technique. I used to avoid parts of central Dublin in October as it was prime 'let a rocket off horizontally down the street' season. Fireworks being illegal of course.

AdonisBlue - 01 Feb 2021 17:23:15 (#12 of 72)

The problem is the dicks throwing things at the emergency services. Ban fireworks and they'll chuck rocks instead or whatever.

We aren't banning knives to prevent stabbings.

rejonked - 01 Feb 2021 17:32:47 (#13 of 72)

This is hardly new - I remember being attacked by a firework wielding group of feral yoof in a park in Salford in the early 90s.

But I am all for banning sale of fireworks now that every single weekend seems to be fireworks night. They are a fucking pain in the arse, especially in an area like this where residential estates sit right next to fields - heard so many stories of horses actually having to be put down etc. At the very least sales should be restricted to just the last fortnight in October or something.

GyratingTrampoline - 01 Feb 2021 17:32:59 (#14 of 72)

I had a rocket fired at me when out on my bike once, but it missed. I was also at a garden party where one was stupidly aimed at a washing line which deflected it towards the onlookers but it bounced off several walls and yet missed everyone. I've also seen kids exchange rocket fire numerous times but never seen a direct hit. Therefore empirically I reckon they're not that dangerous because they normally miss

FGBFGB - 01 Feb 2021 17:33:06 (#15 of 72)

Knives are useful; fireworks aren't t.

solomongursky - 01 Feb 2021 17:40:53 (#16 of 72)

You can't attract the coastguard with knives. Checkmate.

AdonisBlue - 01 Feb 2021 18:03:39 (#17 of 72)

My God listen to you all. I hope I die before I get old.

I'm all for strict controls on when they are sold.

But the reason they are sold and let off throughout the year now is multicultural. They are used to celebrate Eid, Divali as well as Bonfire night.

Lagopus - 01 Feb 2021 18:08:14 (#18 of 72)

Are you not old already, Adonis? You often sound it!

AdonisBlue - 01 Feb 2021 18:12:29 (#19 of 72)

I feel ancient at 49, which is young for here. But calling for the ban of fireworks is one of the markers of old age I said to myself when young if I ever heard myself saying, I'd truly know I'd become a miserable old git.

harryhaller - 01 Feb 2021 18:15:58 (#20 of 72)

There's nothing positive about fireworks.

The only decent firework displays are very well planned and expensive ones. Indeed, it is the planning that we admire, not the individual fireworks themselves.

They frighten animals, cause a mess and, of course, are bad for the atmosphere.

This certainly has nothing to do with freedom. On the contrary, we are talking about fireworks as an attack on the freedom of others.

As usual, wait for a tragedy - and then take action right?

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