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Started by airynothing on Aug 16, 2021 9:00:42 AM
Lost One of Those Things

Post your whimsy-laden thoughts here.

Dubris - 31 Aug 2021 12:38:09 (#1021 of 2017)

Not for nothing is Bacchus one of East Hertfordshire's leading nightclubs.

Or are they just props, scattered around outside by the management to lend a suitably louche atmosphere to the venue?

HouseOfLametta - 31 Aug 2021 13:42:05 (#1022 of 2017)

Or did Slicey's dad drop them?

Ricolas - 31 Aug 2021 12:42:09 (#1023 of 2017)

How will Stortford's premier hotspot cope without the proximity of Slicey, one can only wonder.

Safe travels!

Dubris - 31 Aug 2021 12:46:09 (#1024 of 2017)

A suspicious person might wonder if Slicey was actually moving north to be within striking distance of Blackpool's vibrant and lively nighttime economy.

Watch out Blackpool when Slicey and his father are out for a night on the tiles!

nemo75 - 31 Aug 2021 13:50:22 (#1025 of 2017)

As I got into the car I noticed a discarded pair of panties and a crushed set of spectacles outside Bacchus. Which is a fitting end to my year in Bishop's Stortford.

Don’t worry, you can order replacements.

limegreen - 31 Aug 2021 14:00:28 (#1026 of 2017)
One for the hydraulic press fans

Antimatter - 31 Aug 2021 14:07:11 (#1027 of 2017)

The sea is ominously and lazily still today, we may get a visit from the remains of Ida on Thursday & Friday.

nemo75 - 31 Aug 2021 14:10:51 (#1028 of 2017)


Lagopus - 31 Aug 2021 14:15:26 (#1029 of 2017)

Blimey, sun's come out. The townsfolk have thrown themselves on the ground, prostrated with terror at this ominous portent of doom.

nemo75 - 31 Aug 2021 14:16:18 (#1030 of 2017)

Imagine what will happen when they see electric lights!

binturong - 31 Aug 2021 14:34:09 (#1031 of 2017)

The hydraulic press channel in interpretive dance! That's splendidly odd.

Happy travels, Slicey - may all your tech arrive intact.

slicey - 31 Aug 2021 14:48:55 (#1032 of 2017)

Thanks, Bint.

I am quite worried about my rug which is a bright, modern "statement" rug bit happens to match the same colours as my mum's living room (green brown and yellow). It will match but suspect it will all merge into hideousness rather than being a bright splash of colour in contrast to the surroundings.

crabbyoldbat - 31 Aug 2021 14:56:58 (#1033 of 2017)

Good moving, slicey. I thought you were going into a annex of some sort? Or has that yet to be sorted?

slicey - 31 Aug 2021 15:03:34 (#1034 of 2017)

The advantage of Lancashire prices means I get the back half of the house for my bedroom, bathroom (with new shower) and my "office". I will habe three rod to myself and loads of space.

Also the office is the nicest room in the house as it has a chapel roof with two of those super expensive windows in so loads of natural light.

crabbyoldbat - 31 Aug 2021 15:12:20 (#1035 of 2017)

Nice! Put your fancy rug in there. And a sofa and TV - all set!

Ginmonkey - 31 Aug 2021 15:17:24 (#1036 of 2017)

Good luck with the move slicey.

slicey - 31 Aug 2021 15:21:56 (#1037 of 2017)


It's dull and grey and raining do officially back in the north now

Antimatter - 31 Aug 2021 15:45:01 (#1038 of 2017)

Italian style pork burgers with Bocconcini, olive miscela and string bean salad.

Sabacious - 31 Aug 2021 17:40:13 (#1039 of 2017)

Best of luck with your new louche life, Slicers.

We have been to the beach at Sizewell. Now that is an odd place.

slicey - 31 Aug 2021 18:19:19 (#1040 of 2017)

I am at my new home with Sam and Elric. Also my mum and dad.

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