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Started by HouseOfLametta on Oct 3, 2021 8:40:32 PM
What's the biggest thing you've ever misplaced?

Apart from twenty years on here.

Mine is a 1968 Ford Escort. What else have you lost track of? Apart from twenty years on here.

Dubris - 03 Oct 2021 21:15:20 (#1 of 58)

Apart from twenty years on here, you say? Hmm.

FGBFGB - 03 Oct 2021 22:18:42 (#2 of 58)

Has anyone seen my spectacles?

melpomene - 03 Oct 2021 22:21:23 (#3 of 58)

3 crappy bicycles left chained to railings and I couldn't remember where they were, so bought another from the market each time. I blame student grants, not that mine was huge and the bikes were only 20 quid each or so.

NoobRomeo - 03 Oct 2021 22:38:55 (#4 of 58)

I was accused of misplacing a thirty metre long marquee at some festival in Hackney a few years back but it turned out to be my useless boss who had miscalculated and we had to drive back to Kent to pick up another one.

melpomene - 03 Oct 2021 22:40:43 (#5 of 58)

Biggest so far, if not you.

Does misplacing yourself in relation to big stuff count?

NoobRomeo - 03 Oct 2021 22:53:39 (#6 of 58)

I also lost a Ford Escort but I don't know what year of model it was. I remember lending it to a drug dealer. And I remember the gearstick used to come away in my hand. Never saw it again and the drug dealer never spoke of it. It was brown. Maybe you've seen it.

widenation - 03 Oct 2021 23:02:56 (#7 of 58)

Lost but recovered: cars bikes etc

Lost but not recovered: A pair of jeans (with car keys in pocket).

JennyRad - 03 Oct 2021 22:04:23 (#8 of 58)

Oh, if it's lost but recovered: on multiple occasions, silver hire cars (probably the biggest was an Insignia) - by virtue of getting, very tired, to a service station, parking, going in, having a wee and a sandwich, and then leaving by a different door into a different car park and being completely unable to find the car or to remember what I was driving.

tasselhoff - 03 Oct 2021 23:07:12 (#9 of 58)

My ego.

Verdigris - 03 Oct 2021 22:10:36 (#10 of 58)

My balls


melpomene - 03 Oct 2021 23:11:53 (#11 of 58)

Lost but recovered, my dad's catamaran (home built) several times around the south coast of England, he could never remember which mooring he'd left it in, to be fair, he was always in the right town, but still. So more misplaced than lost.

My mum was so glad when he sold it.

Eligelis - 03 Oct 2021 22:16:11 (#12 of 58)

My childhood. Then I found it, between Fugazi and Clutching At Straws

melpomene - 03 Oct 2021 23:16:15 (#13 of 58)

Also, he built it in a front garden in Birmingham. It was like the prizes on Bullseye round our gaff. Speedboat to a couple in Wolverhampton?

widenation - 03 Oct 2021 23:21:06 (#14 of 58)

Most recently - a monitor which I had placed behind my corner-placed TV. Took me ages to find it.

Check it out - there's a void there with loads of room.

FGBFGB - 04 Oct 2021 00:02:41 (#15 of 58)

Generally full of cats.

Antimatter - 04 Oct 2021 00:09:24 (#16 of 58)

Definitely car, Birmingham. I like Birmingham as a city but all the bloody car parks look the same. Suggestion, try painting them different colours. Took me bloody hours to get it sorted out.

AdonisBlue - 04 Oct 2021 00:12:00 (#17 of 58)

Not physically big but hopefully you will allow exceptions.

My wedding ring... on my honeymoon. Oops.

MaryMC - 04 Oct 2021 00:18:01 (#18 of 58)

MrMC has form for misplacing things that are not big, but important.

He went to pay the initial cash deposit on a house we were buying, and put the cash on the roof of the car while he locked up. Forgot all about it till the time came to pay, but luckily it had only fallen onto the pavement.

He also left his passport and our plane tickets somewhere on Annapurna. Luckily we'd only walked half a mile or so before he realised, and even more luckily he managed to find them in the snow.

Tenesmus - 04 Oct 2021 07:05:12 (#19 of 58)

One of our directors has put his phone on the roof of his car and driven off. More than once.

I find it baffling that you could do this once, let alone more than that.

NoobRomeo - 04 Oct 2021 11:16:53 (#20 of 58)

It's so common that there must be some kind of psychological factor involved. What that would be I'm not sure. I remember hitch hiking with two girlfriends back in the eighties from London to Oxford. We got to just before the beginning of the M40 (Uxbridge or Hanger Lane or somewhere) just in time to see another hitchhiker being picked up and driving off. Only he'd left something on the roof of the car. It turned out to be a very nice solid silver box with a big lump of hash inside. Happy days.

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