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Started by SliceysLittleHelper on Dec 16, 2021 6:03:30 PM
Lost Christmas, I gave you my Sprout.

Whimsy R number suggests < 2000 posts before Xmas.

Sabacious - 09 Jan 2022 18:14:23 (#1981 of 2020)

Perhaps with a cheeky Pernod thrown in?

FleurDuMal - 09 Jan 2022 18:18:23 (#1982 of 2020)

Jeez! I hope you have a bucket handy!

helenskywalker - 09 Jan 2022 18:19:06 (#1983 of 2020)

Red witch, we used to call that.

Sabacious - 09 Jan 2022 18:25:10 (#1984 of 2020)

Purple paratrooper.

Cordelia - 09 Jan 2022 18:29:51 (#1985 of 2020)

Red witch for us too. I have ordered a classier glass of PdeP.

Dubris - 09 Jan 2022 19:03:48 (#1986 of 2020)

Some of these drinks don't sound very nice.

slicey - 09 Jan 2022 19:11:27 (#1987 of 2020)

It's long been established that Losts will pretty much drink anything.

Dubris - 09 Jan 2022 19:13:01 (#1988 of 2020)

Waste not want not.

ragdoll - 09 Jan 2022 19:32:36 (#1989 of 2020)

Some time ago - maybe 15 years - my Mum went to computer classes, having never used one before. I think basically she set up an email account and learnt to use it, and also to find things she wants to buy online (Dad does the buying), but I think it's contributed to her getting her smart phone at the age of 70something and being very confident in its use. In that it just made her realise it was possible.

I'm incredibly grateful, as having her (and Dad) on Whatsapp is very handy, and it's meant that they can continue to see shows with their covid passports etc. with much less stress and hassle that it would be if they were less IT savvy between them.

Cordelia - 09 Jan 2022 19:57:28 (#1990 of 2020)

My parents don’t do too badly, considering.

slicey - 09 Jan 2022 19:59:32 (#1991 of 2020)

My parents are pretty good with technology. My sister gave my Dad a her old iPhone today and he even set up face id thingy.

Charisse - 09 Jan 2022 20:12:17 (#1992 of 2020)

My parents are fine with technology, or were when alive. My dad was an engineer anyway so was well used to things and spent a happy retirement digitising all his old slides and photos. He bemoaned the fact you couldn’t fix anything yourself though.

My mum had to use a computer for work and did various courses to help her out. She’s not brilliant and it doesn’t come naturally to her, but she copes.

Preachy’s dad is more hip to the tech than we are and always has the latest iPhone/Apple watch/etc.

PreachyPreach - 09 Jan 2022 20:13:34 (#1993 of 2020)

And twenty-odd guitars too.

SorrellA - 09 Jan 2022 20:15:25 (#1994 of 2020)

Mine are fine too, aged 74 and 80, but my mum was a computer programmer since starting age 19 with punch cards, and my dad was a civil engineer.

Ginmonkey - 09 Jan 2022 20:16:04 (#1995 of 2020)

My dad is awful. He left school at 16 in 1962 and had a manual job all his life.

We have managed to get him to master answerphones, basic mobiles and digital TV. That is it. He is not a stupid man at all, he is stubborn and simply won't engage with things he doesn't want to. He still doesn't have a debit card, preferring instead to get the cash he needs for the week out of the bank.

Charisse - 09 Jan 2022 20:16:36 (#1996 of 2020)

Computers did take all the fun out of my dad’s job though. He used to enjoy trying to track down a fault in the telephone system and repair it. Computers meant there was nothing to figure out, the computer told you were the fault was and he just unplugged something and plugged a new one in. Dullsville.

helenskywalker - 09 Jan 2022 20:18:04 (#1997 of 2020)

Was he a lineman for the county, Charisse?

Ginmonkey - 09 Jan 2022 20:18:17 (#1998 of 2020)

TBF I have struggled to get Mr Monkey (48) to understand how to programme the wireless thermostat.

Charisse - 09 Jan 2022 20:21:38 (#1999 of 2020)

Ooh, earworm. He was a telecoms engineer helen. Built satellite dishes and stuff, brought phones to remote places. And did keep the telephone lines going in his later years.

DejaLu - 09 Jan 2022 20:37:57 (#2000 of 2020)

My dad’s not bad with technology. But he will only buy something that’s approved by his friend John and won’t listen to anything my brother or I suggest.

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