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Started by SliceysLittleHelper on Dec 16, 2021 6:03:30 PM
Lost Christmas, I gave you my Sprout.

Whimsy R number suggests < 2000 posts before Xmas.

Dubris - 17 Dec 2021 10:12:46 (#61 of 2020)

I am not on Twitter, but this morning my Flickr feed (if that's the right word) had a picture of Costa in Pwllheli.

Ricolas - 17 Dec 2021 10:16:46 (#62 of 2020)

I confess to being on Pinterest and not really understanding it, other than a source of good old London photos.

Instagram also defies understanding for me, I sort of want to be able to use it, but I am jiggered if I know how.

SliceysLittleHelper - 17 Dec 2021 10:49:09 (#63 of 2020)

I have phoned the authorities and reported Helen for a Dad Joke Crime in #41.

JennyRad - 17 Dec 2021 10:51:47 (#64 of 2020)

#62 You are me, Ric, except that I find Pinterest vaguely useful for photos of food rather than old London. But it bewilders me entirely.

limegreen - 17 Dec 2021 10:52:23 (#65 of 2020)

I use it to save stuff, but it's a horrible interface. Not easy to organise.

binturong - 17 Dec 2021 11:05:26 (#66 of 2020)

I couldn't even work out how to sign up for Pinterest.

SliceysLittleHelper - 17 Dec 2021 11:09:22 (#67 of 2020)

I had a closed beta invite back in the day. "I think it's for girls" said my unreconstructed colleague at the time.

limegreen - 17 Dec 2021 11:10:06 (#68 of 2020)

I remember someone allegedly thinking the name came from Harold Pinter.

MysteryDate - 17 Dec 2021 11:14:18 (#69 of 2020)

#68 - that's excellent

I like Pinterest and use it to gather pics of random interests. My twitter feed is about irreverent comments on life, feminism, pictures of cats, literature, old London and old TV stuff. I'm not on fb.

SliceysLittleHelper - 17 Dec 2021 11:37:03 (#70 of 2020)

My mother's plan for not being able to host her entire extended family on Christmas Day seems to be to invite them all separately on consecutive days.

DejaLu - 17 Dec 2021 12:41:33 (#71 of 2020)

I love Pinterest. It’s a great place to plonk pictures of wallpaper and stuff. Instagram, on the other hand, is a hellscape.

Sabacious - 17 Dec 2021 12:59:54 (#72 of 2020)

Ooh I just got pinged by the app, I was sure I’d deleted it. Apparently on our stroll along the south bank and through the Tate last Sunday I came into contact with someone who has Covid. No kidding!!

limegreen - 17 Dec 2021 13:00:38 (#73 of 2020)

Best get the LFTs out then.


Dubris - 17 Dec 2021 13:56:44 (#74 of 2020)

Meanwhile, in "people can be rather foolish" news:

SliceysLittleHelper - 17 Dec 2021 14:38:08 (#75 of 2020)

Some Christmas piano for those who like that sort of thing.

Antimatter - 17 Dec 2021 15:11:25 (#76 of 2020)

I have broken out the biscuits for our coffee break, I think this marks the unofficial start of Christmas.

Reindeerlia - 17 Dec 2021 15:17:52 (#77 of 2020)

We went on holiday to Mundesley once.

LippyPongstocking - 17 Dec 2021 15:29:57 (#78 of 2020)

I've had three (3!) glasses of Prosecco with my boss and one of my lovely young cow orkers as it's my last day in the office for this year. Now all I need to do is switch my room off at the mains and head for the hills.

Antimatter - 17 Dec 2021 16:02:11 (#79 of 2020)

Teriyaki glazed pork chops with gingered cauliflower rice and baby bok choi.

Off now until the new year. In theory.

Charisse - 17 Dec 2021 16:42:28 (#80 of 2020)

I've cancelled my participation in the Christmas trip North as more vet trips for the cat are required. Hopefully the rest of the family can still go and I'll have a few days to make the house a bit nicer and wrap presents.

I was in a bad mood about everything but then my lovely hairdresser made my hair nice and I feel a bit better now.

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