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Started by SliceysLittleHelper on Dec 16, 2021 6:03:30 PM
Lost Christmas, I gave you my Sprout.

Whimsy R number suggests < 2000 posts before Xmas.

helensleighrider - 26 Dec 2021 23:27:24 (#961 of 2020)

A robin landed in my garden and sang at me yesterday. I know they do that quite often, but the timing was spot on.

carterbrandon - 26 Dec 2021 23:44:21 (#962 of 2020)

I get quite sentimental, despite believing in no aspect of the story whatsoever, that the red breast was got in an attempt to pull out one of the crown of thorns. It's up there with Gelert.

limegreen - 27 Dec 2021 00:06:48 (#963 of 2020)

Sad. JLo tweet has been deleted.

Tomnoddy - 27 Dec 2021 06:32:46 (#964 of 2020)

JLO notwithstanding, Vernon woke me up at 5.45 needing a wee I then felt I couldn't face being woken an hour later to give him brekkies, so he got fed. I'll regret it in 12 hours.

However, who cares? I'm now off to sleep again.

Ginmonkey - 27 Dec 2021 07:19:58 (#965 of 2020)

We have a Jay that often sits on our balcony rail. He's a pretty handsome chap.

LippyPongstocking - 27 Dec 2021 08:26:39 (#966 of 2020)

It's like Birdworld down here at Pongstocking Towers, which is lovely. Woodpeckers, nuthatches, jays, wrens, finches, etc are all regular visitors, along with the predictable plethora of tits of all kinds and a great many robins and blackbirds - the males of both the latter species spend more time fighting than they do feeding. Crows, jackdaws and magpies also swing by two or three times a day in large groups: they were particularly pleased with all the leftover beef scraps we threw out into the garden for them after Christmas dinner.

DejaLu - 27 Dec 2021 09:03:41 (#967 of 2020)

Good morning, world! I was catapulted from bed by the smoke alarm, which turned out to have been set off by Bionica’s epic post-dhal dump.

Ginmonkey - 27 Dec 2021 09:13:21 (#968 of 2020)

Poos so powerful they set off smoke alarms! That is quite a skill.

DejaLu - 27 Dec 2021 09:16:15 (#969 of 2020)

That’s what happens when you eat two large servings of dhal and not only your own green beans but everyone else’s.

LippyPongstocking - 27 Dec 2021 10:11:55 (#970 of 2020)

Wow, that's quite the achievement. Maybe there's a Duke of Edinburgh award for most impressive pooing.

PaLippy and I have just returned from the supermarket, which was delightfully quiet and surprisingly well-stocked given that they've been shut for two days.

MysteryDate - 27 Dec 2021 10:24:54 (#971 of 2020)

I'm still in bed reading, having received a disgracefully lazy Waitrose delivery.

Impedimenta - 27 Dec 2021 10:25:10 (#972 of 2020)

There definitely should be a Brownie badge.

binturong - 27 Dec 2021 10:29:48 (#973 of 2020)

I didn't know that was even possible!

A sparrowhawk last month, and a pair (at least) of blackcaps this month have brought our garden bird species count to 22. But no woodpeckers.

HouseOfLametta - 27 Dec 2021 10:50:13 (#974 of 2020)

I am in awe. In a lifetime of hard work I've never so much as spoiled a CO2 detector.

FleurDuMal - 27 Dec 2021 11:07:25 (#975 of 2020)

Birds I have seen in my garden:

  • Woodpecker
  • Jay
  • Wren
  • Red Kite (OK, hovering
over the garden)
  • Magpie
  • Robin
  • Jackdaw
  • Owl
  • Pheasant

Birds I have not seen in my garden:
  • Parakeet


helbel - 27 Dec 2021 11:10:05 (#976 of 2020)

If you remove owl and pheasant, and add mallard I have a very similar list of garden birds.

Dubris - 27 Dec 2021 11:52:33 (#977 of 2020)

#967 - It's a Christmas miracle!

DejaLu - 27 Dec 2021 11:56:58 (#978 of 2020)

There definitely should be a Brownie badge.


Impedimenta - 27 Dec 2021 12:03:38 (#979 of 2020)

I have chucked my lot in with Bionica, by brunching on the reheated cabbage, sprouts, swede and stuffing from yesterday. Delicious and full of healthy fibre and so on.

<pressure rising>

SliceysLittleHelper - 27 Dec 2021 12:13:12 (#980 of 2020)

When I look at my Facebook feed these days I find myself briefly wondering why everyone is suddenly having pregnancy scares.

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