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Started by Ginmonkey on Dec 27, 2021 8:09:23 PM
(Not so) Guilty Pleasures

What sightly sneered at things do you unashamedly, unironically love?

For me it is eighties Tina Turner - yes yes I love the genius that is Fool in Love, Proud Mary, River Deep, Mountain High. But my true happy place is dancing and bellowing along to Tina in her full big hair, tiny leather dress, eighties pomp - Simply the Best! Private Dancer! Steamy Windows!

popstar7 - 27 Dec 2021 20:13:55 (#1 of 193)

Mrs Brown's Boys. Only watch it at Christmas. Is it good or clever? No. Does it make me laugh? Yes.

popstar7 - 27 Dec 2021 20:23:44 (#2 of 193)

All those Scandi-pop mega hits for Katy Perry/Justin Timberlake/Britney etc. Most Madonna stuff from the 80s/90s.

Policywatcher - 27 Dec 2021 20:24:24 (#3 of 193)

Flash Gordon

Lousy dialog, improbable pretence of a plot, generally wooden acting, ridiculous characters, really bad special effects, you name it.

I hated it when it first released.

And yet, over time, Brian Blessed and Max Von Sydow hamming it up almost make it work, and it becomes somehow compelling.

Onegin - 27 Dec 2021 20:26:15 (#4 of 193)

Old Spice and Brut deodorant

Policywatcher - 27 Dec 2021 20:26:48 (#5 of 193)

Oh.... Vesta Chow Mein...

TenGorillas - 27 Dec 2021 20:27:56 (#6 of 193)

True crime websites. The shame.

Ginmonkey - 27 Dec 2021 20:33:35 (#7 of 193)

Bisto gravy. I could make gravy with lovingly prepared stock and roast meat juices but I am actually just as happy with proper old school beef bisto.

Cavewoman - 27 Dec 2021 20:37:44 (#8 of 193)

Sainsbury's individual pots of tiramisu. But I've just discovered that my local Spar does them and they're just as good.

popstar7 - 27 Dec 2021 20:38:20 (#9 of 193)

McDonalds. Burger King. The latter, preferably.

PoppySeedBagel - 27 Dec 2021 20:39:12 (#10 of 193)

Tiaras, which led me on to special jewellery, then to websites talking about royal jewellery, and now I know a lot about say the Swedish royal family and their exquisite Napoleonic era cameo tiara, and their cut steel tiara. I know more about Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and her exuberance than I feel I should.

JennyRad - 27 Dec 2021 20:42:36 (#11 of 193)

Oh, PSB, you and me both. I have also developed Opinions about Tiara Hair, which is really not something I ever wanted to have opinions about.

And the Burger King thing, too, but I think I may be less ashamed of that.

Ginmonkey - 27 Dec 2021 20:45:52 (#12 of 193)

I am not even sure if it has a name, but a genre of "historical fiction lite" that usually focusses on the history of a family or grand house through the late ninteenth and early/mid twentieth century. There will be family secrets, faded glamour, abandoned country houses.

They are pretty predictable but engaging.

Onegin - 27 Dec 2021 20:46:20 (#13 of 193)

#8 do people really sneer at individual pots of tiramisu?

popstar7 - 27 Dec 2021 20:50:08 (#14 of 193)

Oh, and my local is a sort of Mecca for real ale lovers. Doesn't matter how hard anyone tries to persuade me, or the sneers/shaking heads; I drink lager and I'm not switching.

AdonisBlue - 27 Dec 2021 20:50:57 (#15 of 193)

Pot Noodles, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Richmond Sausages, Stella, KFC, I Believe in Father Christmas. Preferably all at once.

Ginmonkey - 27 Dec 2021 20:53:10 (#16 of 193)

Richmond sausages remind me of university. They sold them in our local Spar, so were a regular hangover breakfast component

Verdigris - 27 Dec 2021 20:55:19 (#17 of 193)

They are vile. They even manage to make the veggie ones taste as bad as the eyelids and arsehole ones, too.

Tomnoddy - 27 Dec 2021 21:01:59 (#18 of 193)

Richmond? Yorkshire? Say no more.

AdonisBlue - 27 Dec 2021 21:03:10 (#19 of 193)

Is this a thread to post guilty pleasures or to judge others? Of you know me you'll know the more it upsets judgemental twats on here the happier I am.

I like sausages made from the crappest parts of the animal liquidised and dripped onto mainly cheap filler. You can keep your organic gristly chunk filled locally sourced Leicester wild pig with Kale sausages

Verdigris - 27 Dec 2021 21:03:12 (#20 of 193)

They're Irish. I was hoping Brexit would prevent their importation.

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