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Started by Ginmonkey on Feb 8, 2020 7:08:36 PM

I am going to Seville at the end of the month. What is good?

TheVoiceOfReason - 08 Feb 2020 19:11:13 (#1 of 22)

It was August when I went so it was as hot as Hades. Hopefully you’ll be spared that.

There’s a wonderful decorative monument, which annoyingly I can’t remember the name of, which has a panel for each province of Spain illustrating an important part of their history. Unfortunately as it dates from the 1930s a lot of these panels depict the Muslims being driven out of Spain in rather gruesome detail. Think the Parks & Recreation mural.

Ginmonkey - 08 Feb 2020 19:14:33 (#2 of 22)

Sounds cool.

It looks to be a balmy 22 degrees. Which is good as Mr Monkey is running the marathon there and he is not a hot weather person.

What on earth possessed you to go to Seville in August?

TableTopJoe - 08 Feb 2020 19:36:49 (#3 of 22)

I've been there in August too. I can't remember being anywhere hotter.

solomongursky - 08 Feb 2020 19:39:46 (#4 of 22)

Filthy nonce.

Towlie - 08 Feb 2020 23:23:22 (#5 of 22)

Oh god, Seville is so ace. Bar hop in Triana eating tapas. Check out Bar Casa Ruperto which just serves quail. And beer. Definitely eat lomo. Bus out to Italica for the Roman ruins. Plaza de Espana. The cathedral and the castle are pretty amazing too.

We were only there four nights but I could live there, I really could. Oh and since we went they've apparently put in a very good cycle network, so hire some bikes.

Towlie - 08 Feb 2020 23:24:18 (#6 of 22)

And obviously you're within day tripping distance of Cordoba.

Ginmonkey - 08 Feb 2020 23:51:55 (#7 of 22)

Ooh bike hire is good.

solomongursky - 09 Feb 2020 18:56:27 (#8 of 22)

I thought it said Savile, sorry.

bevernbridge - 09 Feb 2020 19:46:08 (#9 of 22)

Get a haircut ...

solomongursky - 09 Feb 2020 19:53:43 (#10 of 22)

I've never been but what they've done to cycling's modal share matches Paris:

They've got a metro line that cost $800m, serves 44,000 trips a day, spent $32m on cycle routes, get 72,000 bike trips a day.

quattrobhoy - 10 Feb 2020 12:50:18 (#11 of 22)

Boris spaffed £60m, includes £24m taxpayer money (TfL figures) on The Emirates Air Line, which (according to latest figures) averages 4,000 trips a day.

binturong - 10 Feb 2020 12:57:04 (#12 of 22)

That will look positively good value if he gets his way with the bridge.

popstar7 - 10 Feb 2020 13:48:48 (#13 of 22)

Highly recommended:

Plaza del Salvador Saturday/Sunday lunchtime. Eat montaditos (toasted sandwiches) and drink beer in sunshine like what the locals have done, probably for centuries.

Bar Eslava. City institution. Fab tapas, great atmosphere. Closed Mondays.

Alameda del Hercules. Hipsterish, studenty, international sort of neighbourhood. Loads of bares de copas (drinks bars) and bares de tapas (self-explanatory). If you want to be out after midnight this is the neighbourhood to be in.

Bar Alfalfa. My second home in the city. Good place for tostada/cafe in the morning. The launch pad for many memorable nights for me. Italian run, brilliant atmosphere, cheap, friendly. Just a great place to hang out any time of day/night. Try the bruschettas.

Rooftop bars. These were only just starting to open when I lived there but there seem to be loads of them now. Couldn't say which was best. Maybe better for the afternoon than the evening in February.

La Carboneria. Flamenco bar that everyone who visits Seville ends up in sooner or later. Usually sooner. Open late. Lovely patio/garden at the back. Everything about it (food, drink, flamenco) is kind of individually so-so but somehow the whole thing is lots of fun. I used to live across the square from the front door.

I don't know how often you need/want a proper sit-down meal or if you're happy just going from place to place, grazing. There's obviously plenty of proper restaurants but you gain so much from eating/drinking standing up - meeting people, moving from place to place, trying different tapas - that it's worth the tired legs.

I could go on for hours but that's just a few non-museum/church places to go.

Ginmonkey - 10 Feb 2020 13:50:44 (#14 of 22)

Awesome. Thanks popstar.

popstar7 - 10 Feb 2020 13:52:31 (#15 of 22)

Can you say roughly where you're staying and how long? Presumably the marathon runner won't be wanting too many late nights.

Ginmonkey - 10 Feb 2020 13:54:17 (#16 of 22)

We're in the centre of town (near the cathedral). Get there morning of Saturday and leave late Tuesday evening. Marathon is on Sunday.

Ginmonkey - 24 Feb 2020 19:36:39 (#17 of 22)

We are in Seville and it is indeed all types of awesome.

The weather is brilliant and the food even better.

popstar7 - 27 Feb 2020 23:46:45 (#18 of 22)

Lovely to hear you had a good time.

DonkeyOT - 07 Apr 2020 16:21:48 (#19 of 22)

Don't really think I'd want to go there now though.

¡Español andaluz es muy mal, también!

downbuzz - 29 Dec 2020 15:34:05 (#20 of 22)

Sorry, I was looking for the Jimmy Saville thread. As you were.

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