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Started by Ginmonkey on Jun 6, 2021 12:22:42 PM

A friend wants a day by the beach, due to where she lives it will be easier to drive to the South West of London and I am much more famililar with the Sussex and Kent coast.

She has suggested Bournemouth but I wonder if there are any more interesting/ less busy places to the west of London - ideally no more than a 2 hour train journey from London.

Dubris - 06 Jun 2021 12:42:32 (#1 of 39)

Weymouth probably won't be quite so busy as Bournemouth, but it won't be so easy to get to.

HouseOfLametta - 06 Jun 2021 12:49:08 (#2 of 39)

Swanage is an amazing throwback to a tinted photogravure past that never existed.

Dubris - 06 Jun 2021 12:52:36 (#3 of 39)

Portsmouth joins on to Southsea, which is proper British seaside with a pier, boating lake etc. A bit of a slog from the railway station though.

Avoid Bognor Regis. It's not worth the effort.

upgoerfive - 06 Jun 2021 12:54:27 (#4 of 39)

George V there.

Ginmonkey - 06 Jun 2021 12:57:41 (#5 of 39)

I went to Bognor Regis once. It rained the whole time and all the pubs looked terrifiying.

Nice fish and chips though.

Tenesmus - 06 Jun 2021 12:59:23 (#6 of 39)

Bournemouth was like some dystopia where only the 60+ were allowed out during the day, wearing straw hats and drinking tea, then they'd scurry back home like in that alternative universe Buffy The Vampire Slayer and suddenly it would be hordes of teenagers, milling around the beach swigging from tins of Stella, with a vague sense of threat.

FleurDuMal - 06 Jun 2021 13:03:40 (#7 of 39)

What’s Brighton like? I’ve always wanted to visit it.

CarlosFandango - 06 Jun 2021 13:05:00 (#8 of 39)

Full of itself.

FleurDuMal - 06 Jun 2021 13:07:10 (#9 of 39)

Oh, I’m used to that sort of thing!

Tenesmus - 06 Jun 2021 13:14:12 (#10 of 39)

I liked Brighton, but it was once for a work thing 20 years ago. Nice pubs.

CarlosFandango - 06 Jun 2021 13:27:46 (#11 of 39)

I'm sure you are Fleur.

Hazzagazzamassiv meets wokeBrighton is a significant element in my family. It's all good.

tasselhoff - 06 Jun 2021 12:35:46 (#12 of 39)

Is it Bournemouth where your feet and ankles get sandblasted if you venture onto the beach?

browserbutton - 06 Jun 2021 13:41:38 (#13 of 39)

What’s Brighton like?


FleurDuMal - 06 Jun 2021 13:42:17 (#14 of 39)

That’s most U.K. beaches. Other countries use sunshades on the beach; in Britain, it’s windbreaks.

Dubris - 06 Jun 2021 13:48:13 (#15 of 39)

A shingle beach makes much better noises when the tide comes in and swishes over and through the pebbles.

HouseOfLametta - 06 Jun 2021 14:00:23 (#16 of 39)

Take a towel to avoid pebble anus on the nudist bit.

toffle - 06 Jun 2021 14:10:41 (#17 of 39)

Pebbles are probably easier to get out of your anus than sand, grit, or shingle. And cobbles won't bother any but the most accomodating of hindquarters.

The best beaches are between places, rather than at them. Few have their own stations these days though.

bossab2 - 06 Jun 2021 14:14:58 (#18 of 39)

I thought all West London types spead down the A3 and clogged up West Wittering.

FleurDuMal - 06 Jun 2021 14:25:37 (#19 of 39)

A shingle beach makes much better noises when the tide comes in and swishes over and through the pebbles.

They’re a bugger to walk and lie on though.

Antimatter - 06 Jun 2021 14:28:34 (#20 of 39)

I liked Brighton, it is de rigeur however to hire a deck chair and sit on the beach reading the paper in the fog first thing in the morning.

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