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Started by TheVoiceOfReason on Mar 17, 2022 11:58:51 AM
What’s going on at P&O Ferries?

All ships grounded, “this does not, repeat does NOT, mean we are going bankrupt”…

hailesaladdie - 17 Mar 2022 12:26:59 (#1 of 161)

Firing all employed crew, replacing with agency staff.

Mazzarin - 17 Mar 2022 12:27:48 (#2 of 161)

Which is apparently completely illegal.

dreams99 - 17 Mar 2022 12:31:26 (#3 of 161)

Im sure they wouldn't be trying it unless there were some legal logic, but we can't see it. They can't make roles redundant if they're going to be continuing. They can't just close the company as they need to transfer the operating licence, which would require government approval.

And the goodwill they're going to lose may fuck the company anyway.

Mazzarin - 17 Mar 2022 12:32:18 (#4 of 161)

"EXCL: Times understands P&O intends to fire all their UK staff on the spot and replace them with cheaper overseas labour

  • Understood RMT planning a sit in on ships
  • All services suspended and passengers and warned of mass disruption "

Screwing over all current customers too. Great plan.

hailesaladdie - 17 Mar 2022 12:34:18 (#5 of 161)

The cross-channel ships are Cyprus-registered, though. They've got some registered in the Bahamas and Netherlands, too, for the North Sea and Irish Sea crossings.

Shadrack22 - 17 Mar 2022 12:35:07 (#6 of 161)

Bring back Sealink.

ZimAgain - 17 Mar 2022 12:35:40 (#7 of 161)

It's not been a very good week for owners/crews of large ships.

dreams99 - 17 Mar 2022 12:35:47 (#8 of 161)

According to one reply, employment laws for shipping are according to the port of registration, ie Cyprus. But does that apply to the 800 staff employed through P&O Ferries Ltd, a UK company, most of whom will be based on land in the UK?

fogsake - 17 Mar 2022 12:38:10 (#9 of 161)

It's a foreign owned shipping company and can crew with whoever they like.

dottie30 - 17 Mar 2022 12:38:27 (#10 of 161)

Ah... Sealink.

I recall their huge iron vomit vessels well on the crossings from Fishguard to Rosslare and back as a child.

machiavelli - 17 Mar 2022 12:39:42 (#11 of 161)

"EXCL: Times understands P&O intends to fire all their UK staff on the spot and replace them with cheaper overseas labour

Cue Brexiters scratching their heads

dmlc133 - 17 Mar 2022 12:40:36 (#12 of 161)

The story seems to be that it's the sailing staff who are being replaced. Who would presumably fall under Cypriot law based on that. Office staff in the UK would surely have employment protection.

"The good news is, we aren't going bankrupt. The bad news is you're all fired anyway" isn't much of a rallying cry. If that's the managements approach some might think redundancy isn't the worst option, assuming there's some sort of pay-off.

Winterborne - 17 Mar 2022 12:43:10 (#13 of 161)

What a despicable way to treat staff.

fogsake - 17 Mar 2022 12:43:46 (#14 of 161)

Not entitled to anything but their cards from the sound of it.

Mazzarin - 17 Mar 2022 12:46:10 (#15 of 161)

...and according to this the new staff are already dockside.

So they've hired new staff, let current staff turn up for work and then sacked them while on duty.

"New foreign crew waiting to board the Pride of Hull on King George Dock. ⁦@RMTunion⁩ sitting in onboard the vessel. They will not be boarding her. We understands that both current officers and ratings are to be sacked."

Mazzarin - 17 Mar 2022 12:48:53 (#16 of 161)

Apparently the ships were UK flagged until Brexit.

tasselhoff - 17 Mar 2022 12:51:41 (#17 of 161)

Is that French operator still doing Dover-Calais?

Mazzarin - 17 Mar 2022 12:56:23 (#18 of 161)

"P&O Ferries sacks all 800 crew across entire fleet"

Summary of events so far.

wickeltisch - 17 Mar 2022 13:00:38 (#19 of 161)

Is that French operator still doing Dover-Calais?

SeaFrance went bust several years ago.

tasselhoff - 17 Mar 2022 13:13:48 (#20 of 161)


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