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Started by HarveyRabbit on Jul 6, 2014 9:23:38 PM
Public Institutions and Child Abuse Allegations

Asked whether a public enquiry was needed to investigate whether politicians have been covering up allegations of child abuse for years, Education Secretary, Michael Gove said definitively; "No".

A canny ploy by an experienced, media-savvy politician and wannabe PM, who knows there's plenty of long grass to kick the story into, or a fatal misreading of the public's mistrust of their elected elders and betters?

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Pinkgum - 06 Jul 2014 22:14:35 (#1 of 5953)

I think the box is open already tbh. It will take some major shit going down to bury this news/controversy.

54321wibble - 06 Jul 2014 22:31:29 (#2 of 5953)

My personal belief is this is not going to go away, and if politicians don't want it hanging over them next May, they'd do better to get the information out in the open now.

GrrrIbdis - 06 Jul 2014 22:31:32 (#3 of 5953)

I liked Tebbitt's bit about how "people" instinctively protected the system, or Establishment, rather than just crummy children of no particular importance or standing. I wonder what he thinks the rest of us are?

Pentecost - 06 Jul 2014 22:32:28 (#4 of 5953)

Is it actually Gove's decision to make?

54321wibble - 06 Jul 2014 22:32:37 (#5 of 5953)

Yet I get the feeling Tebbitt is the only politician of that era who seems to be telling the whole truth as he knows it

54321wibble - 06 Jul 2014 22:33:31 (#6 of 5953)

I would have thought the only one who could make the decision would be Cameron.

GrrrIbdis - 06 Jul 2014 22:34:44 (#7 of 5953)

Agree with you there, Wibble. I think Tebbitt is outside that particular circle and dislikes it, anyway, so has nothing to lose.

HarveyRabbit - 06 Jul 2014 22:34:59 (#8 of 5953)

Tebbit isn't facing re-election.

My surmise is that it would be for the Home Sec to decide whether to open a public enquiry, as any deficiency suggested occurred in her department. Doing so without the full support of the PM and the backing of the cabinet in this instance would be, errr... brave.

Pentecost - 06 Jul 2014 22:36:23 (#9 of 5953)

Given that media attention is much more persistent than political attention, it could well depend on which organ is willing to take it up.

54321wibble - 06 Jul 2014 22:40:20 (#10 of 5953)

Could be a good strategic move for the media to run with this

It will divert attention from phone hacking and other press misconduct, and show the media in the scrutinising role that they state they need to avoid legislation to manage. It would also help to bring the public back on the media's side. Any media regulation/BBC funding cuts or reforms could be spun as politicians trying to shut down information regarding political abuse

TommyDGNR8 - 06 Jul 2014 22:42:14 (#11 of 5953)

If there's any risk - however incidental - to the memory of the wicked witch of the west, then the media won't touch it with a bargepole.

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HarveyRabbit - 06 Jul 2014 22:45:19 (#13 of 5953)

What the media lack is hard facts to build the story up.

Allegations are ten a penny and as Newsnight, Monbiot and Sally Bercow found, even educated speculation about allegations without the hard facts can lead to problems.

As long as there is no enquiry in public and no victims willing to put their anonymity aside come forward, a lid can be kept on this as no facts will emerge.

HarveyRabbit - 06 Jul 2014 22:47:45 (#14 of 5953)

Any media regulation/BBC funding cuts or reforms could be spun as politicians trying to shut down information regarding political abuse

I'm sure the Mail and Sun will be reminding everybody that if they agree to sign the Royal Charter, they'll be prevented from reporting on this.

Tangent - 06 Jul 2014 22:48:50 (#15 of 5953)

What the media lack is hard facts to build the story up.

Indeed. On another perspective, the media have made their own accommodations with power, along with everyone else.

carterbrandon - 06 Jul 2014 22:54:17 (#16 of 5953)

#11: Savile's perennial Christmas holiday arrangements mean that horse has already bolted.

mikeshadow - 06 Jul 2014 23:28:41 (#17 of 5953)

BBC News reported that Theresa May will be making a statement in the House of Commons tomorrow about this issue.

solomongursky - 06 Jul 2014 23:33:55 (#18 of 5953)

So will Brittan.

JohnIlly - 06 Jul 2014 23:41:16 (#19 of 5953)


Sorry for shouting.

kvelertak - 06 Jul 2014 23:46:35 (#20 of 5953)

I do get the impression Gove wants to be the next Home Secretary in any reshuffle, presumably with a view to becoming PM in the fullness of time.

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