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Started by emorobot on Mar 8, 2015 3:20:36 PM
IDS compassionately helps another poorscum escape a lifetime on benefits by ending their life

Northampton woman, 39, took her own life after ‘constant battle’ to receive disability benefit

But rememebr kids, ending a life on benefits is "compassionate", because a life on benefits is a life unworthy of life, or something.

localhost - 08 Mar 2015 15:45:59 (#1 of 7040)

You just want to keep people trapped in poverty, emorobot.

RunnyBabbit - 08 Mar 2015 15:59:03 (#2 of 7040)

These stories need to be told. Thanks, Emo.

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Gotout - 08 Mar 2015 16:48:19 (#4 of 7040)

Thanks for starting this thread emo, we need constant reminders of the caring Tories. Here's another victim of IDS's juggernaut:

Macpaddy - 08 Mar 2015 17:02:19 (#5 of 7040)

The problem is the Tories are too compassionate.

Tenesmus - 08 Mar 2015 17:19:39 (#6 of 7040)

As the Tories don't even bother canvassing around here I will have to wait for the Lib Dem to knock on the door and ask them how ashamed they are to be in cahoots with this shower.

emorobot - 08 Mar 2015 17:53:48 (#7 of 7040)

Might be an idea to print out some of these stories and have them handy to shove in the faces of the bastards when they come round canvassing.

Macpaddy - 08 Mar 2015 18:13:15 (#8 of 7040)

If the Tories stopped being so compassionate people might live a little longer.

Macpaddy - 08 Mar 2015 18:21:57 (#9 of 7040)

I am very tempted to print off one of these

and get one of my daughters to print 'Tory or UKIP canvassers' on it. Then get it laminated and put on gate at the bottom of the drive.

That would make me popular with some of my neigbours.

Gotout - 08 Mar 2015 19:03:17 (#10 of 7040)

Might be an idea to print out some of these stories and have them handy to shove in the faces of the bastards when they come round canvassing.

Preferably with a brick behind it.

GreenFuture - 08 Mar 2015 23:44:08 (#11 of 7040)

- 10 points.

I thought it was me.

To repeat: Suicide - The Final Market Solution.

xbod72 - 09 Mar 2015 22:16:41 (#12 of 7040)

All households are living with no or little safety net... The results from Real Life Reform indicate that these households, despite showing resilience, are increasingly becoming more vulnerable.

GreenFuture - 09 Mar 2015 22:33:10 (#13 of 7040)

^ That would give IBS an enormous stiffy, if he ever got to find out. But he's probably too busy sponging and blaspheming.

bossab2 - 09 Mar 2015 22:34:12 (#14 of 7040)

God knows how people live on just benefits for years. I've been getting by by flogging off my stuff but its not going to last forever.

emorobot - 09 Mar 2015 23:41:55 (#15 of 7040)

Lots of things that seem essential become luxuries - like toilet paper for example. Also you pilfer a lot - bog roll from public loos, sachets of sauce from cafes etc.

Everything is the very cheapest and if anything goes wrong, you're completely fucked. I remember having to walk everywhere for a week once 'cause my bike had a flat tyre.

At the end of the fortnight (they started paying fortnightly back in the 80s to save money), you start seriously running out of stuff. Milk is all gone the first week, unless you buy horrible powdered shit. Sugar you don't buy if you're smart. Tea, use teabag twice.

Food... heh heh, you either eat a lot of bad food, or if you're experienced, a little good food. If you're very experienced of course, a route out of food poverty is scrounging in the bins at supermarkets, but you need to be lucky and skilful, and have a brass neck. Generally food runs out in the last couple of days, it's a bit nerve racking really.

If you smoke, you're completely fucked and have to start picking dogends out of the gutter, which isn't great for your health... Of course our betters have decided that people who smoke are bad and wrong because smoking is bad for you and too expensive anyway, because they've made it expensive, so smart people do give up smoking. But people under stress find it hard, and go back on the tabs - speaking personally, quitting did help get me out of the shit though.

Finally, if you're really unlucky, utilities start getting cut off, usually for me this would happen the morning I got paid, but still... bummer not being able to have that morning cuppa, even if it was black. And in the winter you have a choice between (a) being very cold all the time and (b) using an unsafe paraffin / gas heater.

That's unemployment benefit - sickness benefits are a different kettle of fish. Can be quite generous but there's no help getting a job and you don't want any either because (a) their idea of help is to pressure you and waste your time and (b) who's gonna hire a loser like you anyway? So you end up living a comfortable, but dead-end existance. Still, beats being on workfare, or such low wages as makes no difference.

GreenFuture - 09 Mar 2015 23:52:53 (#16 of 7040)

(they started paying fortnightly back in the 80s to save money)

Not good enough. UC will be paid monthly so that IBS can get a bigger stiffy thinking of more malnutrition and suicide.

It's vital for capitalism.

scrounging in the bins at supermarkets

"skipping" isn't scrounging. It's re appropriation of something that would otherwise go to waste. Some people eat pretty well from it. Quite right too. There should be more training and keys readily available.

GreenFuture - 09 Mar 2015 23:54:03 (#17 of 7040)

Thanks for your honesty though Emo, I've experienced similar.

The people who bring this about are an enemy of humanity.

emorobot - 10 Mar 2015 00:05:37 (#18 of 7040)

#16 - At the end of the day, you're still going through refuse bins for food. Glad I don't have to do that anymore (Though it could be a bit of an adrenaline rush, I have to admit).

My current situation is more characterised by fear. Things are going great, and it's possible they could get even better - but if things go wrong... <shudder>

This fear makes me less likely to take risks and be entrepeneurial - I have all sorts of business ideas and plans, but I'm not trying them unless I absolutely have to. I dunno, maybe UC will be good for me, or maybe it won't because I sure as fuck won't want to have anything to do with the benefits system if they're going to start sending people who are already working on workfare and fucking them about all the time and sanctioning them for no good reason.

Then it'll be more like, "get money, by any means neccesary" survival of the fittest territory.

AuntieMabel - 10 Mar 2015 00:16:22 (#19 of 7040)

In a way, IDS loved her to death.

He reminds me of a sadistic nun, the way he slowly kills people and poisons others against them, while claiming it's for their own good.

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