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Started by bossab2 on 09-Nov-2016 10:10:28
Tram Overturns In Croydon

No one reported dead - 2 trapped.

Derailed on a set of points by the look of it.

bossab2 - 09 Nov 2016 10:11:52 (#1 of 358)

And must be causing traffic mayhem for South London as the police have closed the adjacent road.

RosyLovelady - 09 Nov 2016 10:16:48 (#2 of 358)

I don't understand the video. Where's the overturned tram?

Ginmonkey - 09 Nov 2016 10:17:39 (#3 of 358)

It over turned in a tunnel.

bossab2 - 09 Nov 2016 10:20:55 (#4 of 358)

The Beeb blog shows it in the cutting.

Traffic England shows traffic backing going north into Croydon.

gordonthemoron - 09 Nov 2016 10:33:31 (#5 of 358)

I thought trams had really low centres of gravity (apart from the ones in Manchester) so how did it overturn?

Agaliarept - 09 Nov 2016 10:35:33 (#6 of 358)

What a horrible way to start the day. Hope those trapped get out ok and aren't too hurt.

JohnIlly - 09 Nov 2016 10:38:18 (#7 of 358)

A single decker tram overturning is quite amazing. How fast was it going?

JohnIlly - 09 Nov 2016 10:43:23 (#8 of 358)

The fact that it is a two-car vehicle makes it even more surprising.

bossab2 - 09 Nov 2016 10:45:26 (#9 of 358)

I know the location:

It's just here:

There is a set of points and then some very sharp bends in a T arrangement.

I wonder whether 'leaves on the line' might be the cause ?

Ginmonkey - 09 Nov 2016 10:46:15 (#10 of 358)

It was also bucketing down with rain in South London at that time this morning.

Post deleted by user
Tangent - 09 Nov 2016 10:49:17 (#12 of 358)

There is a set of points and then some very sharp bends in a T arrangement.

Yes - a very sharp curve, especially for trams heading to or from Beckenham Junction & Elmers End, although trams taking it have never felt unstable to me.

thisonehasalittlehat - 09 Nov 2016 10:50:03 (#13 of 358)

Sandilands sound like a horror film.

bossab2 - 09 Nov 2016 10:53:06 (#14 of 358)

Like every mode of transport in London the thing will have been packed.

I suspect the front half went over the points taking it on the left hand branch of the track, the points failed and the back went to the right - and then the whole lot toppled over.

(What google doesn't show is that the whole junction is on quite an incline as the track drops to go under the road).

sloanepeterson - 09 Nov 2016 10:56:33 (#15 of 358)

I don't know whether it would have been packed at 6am. It's really odd - it is a sharp curve, but it's a sharp curve that those trams have been taking quite happily for 16+ years in all kinds of weather. Until today, I don't think there had ever been a tram incident that wasn't caused by external agency (e.g. a bus running a red light and ploughing into one).

bossab2 - 09 Nov 2016 10:57:30 (#16 of 358)

I expect they'll keep the whole tram network shut down until they've worked out what happened.

Which, combined with the efforts of Southern Rail, will make south London even more of a transport nightmare.

The main road they've shut down is the main East West route between outer East and West London.

I expect its fucked up bus timetables right across SouthEast London.

bossab2 - 09 Nov 2016 11:01:33 (#17 of 358)

I'm surprised the West side of the tram network is still running.

I'd have expected a degree of 'oh shit' to have happened until they work out what's caused this:

JohnIlly - 09 Nov 2016 11:03:44 (#18 of 358)

An obstruction on the line would surely be the first thing they consider.

bossab2 - 09 Nov 2016 11:09:07 (#19 of 358)

Chunk of tree maybe.

My money is on the points failing on a tram going down the hill.

If that's the cause TFL will have go into panic mode and shut the whole thing down till each point has been checked.

thisonehasalittlehat - 09 Nov 2016 11:21:00 (#20 of 358)

These transport disasters always happen under tory governments.

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