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Started by TrouserFreak on Feb 8, 2019 5:26:47 PM
Assistant head 'threatened' in LGBT teaching row

Demonstrations against the classes have been held outside Parkfield Community School in Alum Rock, Birmingham.

TigerPaws - 08 Feb 2019 18:11:09 (#1 of 294)

They should be teaching science, grammar and Maths and ensuring kids can write coherent sentences and algorthims.

Tadagee - 08 Feb 2019 18:13:52 (#2 of 294)

Thanks for that.

thisonehasalittlehat - 08 Feb 2019 18:14:43 (#3 of 294)

What about reading?

Rendered - 08 Feb 2019 18:15:40 (#4 of 294)


Tadagee - 08 Feb 2019 18:15:50 (#5 of 294)


GreenFuture - 08 Feb 2019 18:24:26 (#6 of 294)

Rendered - story cited a similar rejection of people professing another Middle East religion.

But I’d go with the premise that minorities complaining about inclusive rhetoric could be digging their own graves.

Rendered - 08 Feb 2019 18:51:48 (#7 of 294)


TigerPaws - 08 Feb 2019 18:55:52 (#8 of 294)

The right pedagogical approach is that teaching should focus on ensuring the kids graduate with good powers of expression in writing and speech, with mastery of arithmetic, etc, IT skills.

Moral lectures about society can come later when the kids can challenge various ideas, rather than being talked at about them when they are too young to challenge them.

All education should be secular with no time wasted on religous beliefs.

thisonehasalittlehat - 08 Feb 2019 19:00:11 (#9 of 294)

Ah. 'right'.

GreenFuture - 08 Feb 2019 19:11:42 (#10 of 294)

Remember Greenfutures Law: any thread to do with education, no matter how precise or narrow the instance under discussion, will very quickly become a “wot I reckon about education” free for all.

Arjuna - 08 Feb 2019 19:13:16 (#11 of 294)

The No Outsiders project was first created and piloted by Mr Moffat at the school in 2014

Why does he want to exclude the Outsider community?

GreenFuture - 08 Feb 2019 19:15:21 (#12 of 294)


Arjuna - 08 Feb 2019 19:19:19 (#13 of 294)

I guess they are a lot of trouble

Tadagee - 08 Feb 2019 20:17:44 (#14 of 294)

Always pissing into tents I hear.

levelgaze - 08 Feb 2019 20:52:47 (#15 of 294)

Making weird art.

Dubris - 08 Feb 2019 21:19:19 (#16 of 294)

#8 - Moral lectures about society can come later when the kids can challenge various ideas, rather than being talked at about them when they are too young to challenge them.

Unfortunately the children are surrounded by society all the time, aren't they? Moral issues will constantly be presenting themselves to the young minds. It's really not tenable to tell children not to worry their pretty little heads about it until they're older. They'll want to know NOW why they see people behaving in certain ways.

BenSawbridg - 08 Feb 2019 21:27:53 (#17 of 294)

Excellent pawsage on this thread. Good to see.

It's a shame that big trousers couldn't up his game a bit.

Pixiedust - 08 Feb 2019 21:32:28 (#18 of 294)

Brum education is a bit exciting at the moment. Along with this anti-LGBTQ kerfuffle, there's been concerns raised about practices at a Muslim school that won't let the girls eat before the boys have finished their lunch:

I think some parents would be better off home-schooling, as at least one parent threatened to do when she found out about the LGBTQ-friendly classes.

Arjuna - 08 Feb 2019 21:37:19 (#19 of 294)

A city councillor who said he supported parents' views has been referred to the authority's standards committee, it has emerged.

Councillor Mohammed Idrees has been formally reported for allegedly breaching the code of conduct for endorsing "homophobic views".

Pixiedust - 08 Feb 2019 21:39:37 (#20 of 294)

He apologised.

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