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Started by tasselhoff on Sep 1, 2019 11:05:50 PM
The bright side of No Deal

It's a thoroughly depressing prospect, but every cloud has a silver lining! List wotyoureckon will be the upsides to this clusterfuck.

I reckon that with the massive ensuing depression, plummeting industrial output and fuel rationing, the UK will hit its CO2 reduction targets far earlier than expected.

SatelliteOne - 01 Sep 2019 23:10:13 (#1 of 122)

with all the olds, plus a fair few of the young 'uns, dieing due a lack of medicine, more housing stock will be available, making buying a home cheaper.

tasselhoff - 01 Sep 2019 23:11:48 (#2 of 122)

On the list of best-paying professions, you'll find new and interesting ones such as "Pirate" or "Goods Smuggler". Get in early and build your brand.

YorenInTheNorth - 01 Sep 2019 23:12:50 (#3 of 122)

The crushing of the Tory party for inflicting it.

A warning to humanity about what insularity does to even a great country.

Verdigris - 01 Sep 2019 23:13:15 (#4 of 122)

Tory and Labour parties split bringing an end to the FPTP cartel.

WibbleAgain - 01 Sep 2019 23:16:01 (#5 of 122)

House and land prices will plummet, and give the young a chance. That's the reason some of the young farmers without their own land have said why they voted Leave: because the EU CAP subsidies land owners it makes land prices high.

WibbleAgain - 01 Sep 2019 23:17:10 (#6 of 122)

Once FoM ends there'll be plenty of British jobs for British people, and no one will be unemployed.

Verdigris - 01 Sep 2019 23:18:05 (#7 of 122)

because the EU CAP subsidies land owners it makes land prices high.

The tax-free handing on of farms to children is probably a bigger factor.

frantastic - 01 Sep 2019 23:21:51 (#8 of 122)

The smug satisfaction of being able to say, "I told you so but you wouldn't listen, I hope you're happy now, you tossers"

WibbleAgain - 01 Sep 2019 23:24:12 (#9 of 122)

Everyone will dig up their gardens to grow food, which is good for mental and physical health, and reduces carbon footprints massively.

It will also massively reduce consumerism, fashion victimhood, make us value inner beauty... and eliminiate this particular condition:

YorenInTheNorth - 01 Sep 2019 23:27:28 (#10 of 122)

The scandefreude of watching people people suddenly denying they ever supported it and blaming the Remainers/EU for everything they voted for.

SinnerBoy - 01 Sep 2019 23:28:03 (#11 of 122)

So, how many gardens are there, on the 14th floor?

tasselhoff - 01 Sep 2019 23:29:30 (#12 of 122)

Come on Sinner, where's your spunk? There'll be people gagging for flat-grown weed.

xDiggy - 01 Sep 2019 23:32:24 (#13 of 122)

I recall that in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Threads dead rats were being used as currency. Which will make the rat hole that keeps appearing outside of my house into a goldmine.

tasselhoff - 01 Sep 2019 23:35:32 (#14 of 122)

You could also cure their pelts and sell them as reusable big rolls. That's what I call a synergistic eco-friendly win-win!

donttellhimpike - 02 Sep 2019 05:22:43 (#15 of 122)

The joy of graffitiing the words "you won, get over it"

Snarlygog - 02 Sep 2019 05:27:27 (#16 of 122)

#7As farm kids will have spent their childhood spare time working on said farms, I think that's fair.

TigerPaws - 02 Sep 2019 06:08:59 (#17 of 122)

Gove said food prices will go up. So poorer diets for those on low incomes.

Frozen working age benefits + stagnant wages + Brexit + inflation means more heading to the food banks.

Moschops - 02 Sep 2019 06:36:21 (#18 of 122)

A united Ireland

Verdigris - 02 Sep 2019 07:24:02 (#19 of 122)

#7As farm kids will have spent their childhood spare time working on said farms, I think that's fair.

But what about the farms that are bought up by Square Mile types as a tax dodge? That is what has really fuelled land price inflation.

Winner - 02 Sep 2019 07:33:42 (#20 of 122)

If there are shortages of luxuries or even essentials there will be opportunities for those with resources and a bit of initiative to cash in.

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