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Started by bossab2 on Aug 11, 2020 8:33:26 AM

Does it deserve a thread ?

Or are the unemployed just inconvenient ??

Agaliarept - 11 Aug 2020 09:20:00 (#1 of 283)

I suspect this thread will get busier as time goes on.

We've been told not to expect any sort of pay rise next year and everyone seems to be resigned to the position that just having a job next year will be a bonus in itself.

Moschops - 11 Aug 2020 09:21:10 (#2 of 283)

I think it will be. I've just gone perm after a decade of contracting. Don't regret it, but does probably mean I'll be the first out if the axe falls

Winner - 11 Aug 2020 09:21:21 (#3 of 283)

750,000 have lost their job since lockdown according to the ONS.

HerrWalrus - 11 Aug 2020 09:26:02 (#4 of 283)

They'll (well the young fit ones anyway) get jobs working for Deliveroo, Amazon and HMS Hermes.

Agaliarept - 11 Aug 2020 09:29:08 (#5 of 283)

Don't regret it, but does probably mean I'll be the first out if the axe falls

We're all hiding behind the contractors at our place hoping they're targeted first.

We've actually had a policy of keeping a certain amount of folk as contractors to avoid redundancies.

I'm just praying my tenure makes me too costly to let go. By my calculations it should cost them around £20K to get rid of me.

Moschops - 11 Aug 2020 09:36:19 (#6 of 283)

Choices were go perm or leave for me. There are only (I think) 4 contractors left here, all are special cases for various reasons

Agaliarept - 11 Aug 2020 09:42:24 (#7 of 283)

Choices were go perm or leave for me.

My mate was given a similar choice when he was contracting. Always struck me as odd as surely it's cheaper in the long run to have contractors vs permanent staff.

Moschops - 11 Aug 2020 09:46:06 (#8 of 283)

There were a load of dreaded IR35 changes supposed to come in in April (they've been postponed for a year) which would put the employing company on the hook as well as the contractor. Much easier for companies to just get rid where possible.

Ginmonkey - 11 Aug 2020 09:46:29 (#9 of 283)

And contractors can be v v expensive.

Agaliarept - 11 Aug 2020 09:46:57 (#10 of 283)


DesEsseintes - 11 Aug 2020 09:57:42 (#11 of 283)

It's the future for the vast majority of people, unemployment.

There may still be the odd freak here and there with a job, but they'll be the exception.

HorstVogel - 11 Aug 2020 10:08:03 (#12 of 283)

And contractors can be v v expensive.

I thought so too, generally would be more expensive as they calculate "non earning time", plus additional "profit" for agencies perhaps?

normally if a contractors is held longer than two years then he/she becomes more expensive than an normally employed.

of course - it depends on so many things.

carterbrandon - 11 Aug 2020 10:41:21 (#13 of 283)

I was ahead of the curve on this; redundant late November. I'm well on course to retire by mistake.

bossab2 - 11 Aug 2020 13:15:30 (#14 of 283)

I was put on the road on Monday: it was clear that most of Britain wasnt working.

Rendered - 11 Aug 2020 13:23:06 (#15 of 283)

I think they'd had prior warning.

machiavelli - 11 Aug 2020 13:31:50 (#16 of 283)

I'm safe for the next two or three months, I reckon. The company has literally no one else to do what I do. It depends on that kind of work still coming in, of course.

TauCeti - 12 Aug 2020 12:56:20 (#17 of 283)

750,000 have lost their job since lockdown according to the ONS.

Yesterday on R4 it had it at 5.5 million over all; I had a decent job last year and lost it due to a fucking bastard racist skin head - proper one - who made a mountain out of a mole hill; and given that the owner/manager couldn't help it faced with workers prejudice and spite... I dont blame him personally.

Anyway tomorrow the dole is giving me an interview - by phone - on my 'genuine prospects of employment' which on the grounds ot Brexit, Covid and Economy crash, and self being an immigrant aged 60 - means I am likely to be seriously fucked up.

Ah well.. I guess I have to get my tent and survival kit ready....

yumyum - 12 Aug 2020 19:21:53 (#18 of 283)

Good luck for the call, Tau.

HouseOfLametta - 12 Aug 2020 19:43:01 (#19 of 283)

Good luck Tau

machiavelli - 12 Aug 2020 19:52:40 (#20 of 283)

In Thatcher's time, the DHSS operated under the mad fantasy that there were plenty of jobs out there if only you just looked hard enough. New Labour didn't really make a dent in an increasingly unhinged outlook from the multiply-renamed department.

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