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Started by DesEsseintes on Jan 7, 2021 12:09:11 AM
Exit, exit, everybody's heading for the exit, exit

moving away from the bombed-out and blitzed city for a life in the leafier home counties or other parts of the country

emorobot - 09 Jan 2021 13:11:09 (#1 of 131)

Good, the appropriation of city life by middle class suburbanites is the worst thing that could have happened.

RosyLovelady - 09 Jan 2021 13:13:55 (#2 of 131)

I miss London. I liked living there.

emorobot - 09 Jan 2021 13:15:22 (#3 of 131)

It's an overpriced, overhyped dump. Really dodged a bullet not moving there back in the 90s.

solomongursky - 09 Jan 2021 13:16:52 (#4 of 131)

London feels much the same way.

RosyLovelady - 09 Jan 2021 13:17:07 (#5 of 131)

You're just envious, emo.

Verdigris - 09 Jan 2021 13:17:15 (#6 of 131)

For once, I was ahead of the curve. I ruralised over 45 years ago.

xDiggy - 09 Jan 2021 13:18:04 (#7 of 131)

More room for the rest of us. I guess for those that have enjoyed lockdown moving to the provinces gives them the opportunity to spend the rest of their lives doing that.

browserbutton - 09 Jan 2021 13:18:42 (#8 of 131)

I ruralised over 45 years ago.

Me too. Well, leafy suburbia at least.

Verdigris - 09 Jan 2021 13:23:09 (#9 of 131)

TBH, I was only leafy suburban in the first place but I could see ThatLondon from my childhood home. (well the chimney of Harefield Hospital, that was described as being in Wast London, when heart transplant surgery was A New Thing)

RosyLovelady - 09 Jan 2021 13:25:28 (#10 of 131)

MrRosy uprooted me from Olympia, and now here we are in the heart of rural England, just off the Oxford Road.

bailliegillies - 09 Jan 2021 13:31:55 (#11 of 131)

I wonder how many will stay and for how long.

xDiggy - 09 Jan 2021 13:34:45 (#12 of 131)

@WiltshireLife WHY are there no Peruvian places listed in your so-called 'restaurant' guide??

xDiggy - 09 Jan 2021 13:37:12 (#13 of 131)

Two kids movies and a superhero flick at @Odeon Lincoln but no plans to screen new Abdellatif Kechiche? #Joke.

Sunfish - 09 Jan 2021 14:01:15 (#14 of 131)

I’m optimistic about the flight from London thing. Loads of good things could ensue, including less cultural polarisation, a regeneration of regional high streets, metro types encountering a bit of reality, anywheres becoming somewheres etc. Bad news if you’ve overpaid to live in one of those not-actually-very-nice parts of London that will now see price slips.

darkhorse - 09 Jan 2021 14:06:35 (#15 of 131)

That makes a change from the usual provincial griping about DFLs.

Sunfish - 09 Jan 2021 14:08:20 (#16 of 131)


darkhorse - 09 Jan 2021 14:09:50 (#17 of 131)

Do they not talk of DFLs your way? Perhaps it's a Kent/Sussex thing

Down from Londons (mildly performative)

darkhorse - 09 Jan 2021 14:10:12 (#18 of 131)


Sunfish - 09 Jan 2021 14:17:53 (#19 of 131)

Ah ok. No, not heard of that. I would agree that second home ownership is generally A Bad Thing but, for me, I think people who opt to leave London or other big cities and want to engage with a new community is A Good Thing. Me and my wife left the SE when we had our second child and I’ve never regretted it since. Took a big risk with the job, and that aspect didn’t initially pay off, so I can understood why others can’t / won’t risk it, but WFH makes that much more feasible.

Sunfish - 09 Jan 2021 14:31:18 (#20 of 131)

Do you ever fancy a bit of red-faced hobbity rural life, Darkers, or are you #Lewisham4Life?

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