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Started by annetjie on Mar 10, 2021 9:36:23 AM
Almost all young women in the UK have been sexually harassed, survey finds

Virtually all young women in the UK have been subjected to sexual harassment, according to a survey from UN Women UK, which warns that most women have lost faith that the abuse will be dealt with.

Among women aged 18-24, 97% said they had been sexually harassed, while 80% of women of all ages said they had experienced sexual harassment in public spaces.

annetjie - 10 Mar 2021 09:37:31 (#1 of 1575)

And this:

The YouGov survey of more than 1,000 women, seen exclusively by the Guardian, exposes a damning lack of faith in the UK authorities’ desire and ability to deal with sexual harassment – 96% of respondents did not report incidents, with 45% saying it would not change anything. Among those who said the event was not serious enough to report were women who had been groped, followed and coerced into sexual activity, said UN Women UK.

bossab2 - 10 Mar 2021 09:39:08 (#2 of 1575)

Organisation publishes survey supporting its aims...

tasselhoff - 10 Mar 2021 09:39:58 (#3 of 1575)

Fucking hell, boss.

bossab2 - 10 Mar 2021 09:44:30 (#4 of 1575)

My statement is true.

And never take statistics at face value.

We need their definition of 'sexual harassment' for starters.

airynothing - 10 Mar 2021 09:45:33 (#5 of 1575)

How would you interpret the findings then, Bossab?

elderberry - 10 Mar 2021 09:48:21 (#6 of 1575)

Like Bossab I had an instant reaction to the header. Mine was 'They felt they needed to do a survey?' and reading on 'Only 97%?'

bossab2 - 10 Mar 2021 09:51:37 (#7 of 1575)

Organisations don't generally advertise the results of surveys which don't back up their aims.

Follow the money...

Snarlygog - 10 Mar 2021 09:54:36 (#8 of 1575)

its the UN Womens that had the survey commissioned

heres a link to the TUC workspace

pmcblonde - 10 Mar 2021 09:56:48 (#9 of 1575)

In not at all related news a serving police officer has been arrrested in relation to the disappearance of a women in her 30s who walked somewhere on her own after dark.

I imagine it was all her fault though. After all it's totally impossible for men to control their actions in the face of relentless provocation like walking down streets, sitting in public spaces and generally existing. It's definitely not the fault of the harrassers, stalkers, murderers and rapists

bossab2 - 10 Mar 2021 09:56:50 (#10 of 1575)

If HM Gov published a survey saying they were the best thing since sliced bread.

I'd tend not to believe that either...

Catspyjamas17 - 10 Mar 2021 09:57:41 (#11 of 1575)

I don't know any women who haven't been sexually harassed. It starts well before actual womanhood also.

pmcblonde - 10 Mar 2021 09:57:47 (#12 of 1575)

Do you think that they made up the results, Bossab?

helbel - 10 Mar 2021 09:58:01 (#13 of 1575)

I do want to find the 3% and ask them how they’ve got through life without being assaulted or harassed.

Do they never leave the house?

Catspyjamas17 - 10 Mar 2021 09:58:48 (#14 of 1575)

Yes exactly, helbel. Or perhaps what they have experienced they have not classified as harassment in their own minds.

elderberry - 10 Mar 2021 09:58:58 (#15 of 1575)

The financial effects of half the population not being able to leave home after dark, or go almost anywhere alone, are considerable, it must be admitted.

But why, Bossab, do you think starting to quantify that is a bad thing?

pmcblonde - 10 Mar 2021 09:59:13 (#16 of 1575)

Likewise Cats. My nieces started getting the "sexual comments from men in vehicles" harrassment from around the age of 8 and they weren't early developers

FrankieTeardrop - 10 Mar 2021 10:00:14 (#17 of 1575)

My cousin's children have been running this campaign to make street harassment a criminal offence. You can see what they've been doing here:

Kucinghitam - 10 Mar 2021 10:00:40 (#18 of 1575)

I do want to find the 3% and ask them how they’ve got through life without being assaulted or harassed.

Do they never leave the house?

Exactly! It’s basically relentless, from before you’re even a teenager, until the blessed invisibility of middle-age.

pmcblonde - 10 Mar 2021 10:00:56 (#19 of 1575)

Saudi has totally fixed this problem with women not going anywhere without a male relative. Really it's a total win all round. Men can't be tempted by women existing if they are always with their mums

bossab2 - 10 Mar 2021 10:01:37 (#20 of 1575)

I've made my surveys comment.

Clearly nobody is interested in research methods.

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