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Started by AlanII on Jul 6, 2021 12:15:16 AM
Johnson: The Fat Fool rides roughshod

Still fat: check. Still a fool: check.

pranzingfrogg - 06 Jul 2021 01:17:07 (#1 of 1191)

So. He told us today that:

We can carry on wearing masks and social distancing if we want to, but we don’t have to.

If we don’t and we consequently catch the virus, or infect others, that’s our problem.

The most important thing is to get back to normal, although we probably won’t.

widenation - 06 Jul 2021 01:20:37 (#2 of 1191)

Yep - I am no clearer on what the 'cautious but irreversible road map" actually means. I was in a pub on Sat for the England game and didn't really feel comfortable.

machiavelli - 06 Jul 2021 01:29:34 (#3 of 1191)

I was in a pub on Sat


widenation - 06 Jul 2021 02:00:45 (#4 of 1191)

It was the first time in months. There are half-measures I reckon - diluting the risk etc.

solomongursky - 06 Jul 2021 07:49:27 (#5 of 1191)

When you throw plastic chairs your filthy virus hands have smeared all over them. Shameful.

saskia - 06 Jul 2021 07:51:24 (#6 of 1191)

Apparently polling shows Brexiteers are more likely to be anti-mask, and Remainers, pro-mask. Another way to keep the culture wars going and divide the nation. We are going to hell in a handcart.

dottie30 - 06 Jul 2021 08:00:39 (#7 of 1191)

Well it was the same in the US. Trump resolutely without a mask; Biden always seen with one.

We can get some comfort from the fact that Biden won.

solomongursky - 06 Jul 2021 08:02:55 (#8 of 1191)

Apparently polling shows Brexiteers are more likely to be anti-mask, and Remainers, pro-mask.

mayor Khan yesterday said he wants people to wear masks on public transport and UNITE said getting rid of masks on buss and tubes as reckless. Like the lines are being drawn up. Fuckwits will go maskless to own Khan.

dottie30 - 06 Jul 2021 08:17:35 (#9 of 1191)

I was at a circuits class yesterday and pretty much everyone there said we'd continue to wear masks on public transport.

There was a lower consensus on shops but people don't seem to be going into shops all that much - certainly not the way we used to.

thisonehasalittlehat - 06 Jul 2021 08:24:34 (#10 of 1191)

I don't think circuits classes are a representative sample. I've noticed mask wearing is noticeably in decline this week.

browserbutton - 06 Jul 2021 08:25:16 (#11 of 1191)

Brexiteers are more likely to be anti-mask

"I'm not a bloody Chinese communist!"

thisonehasalittlehat - 06 Jul 2021 08:25:42 (#12 of 1191)

I'm an individual like all the rest of us! I make my own choices that just happen to coincide with the choices of my fuckwit friends!

dottie30 - 06 Jul 2021 08:28:11 (#13 of 1191)

It was the crowd in some place in Florida last year that had me agog.

"See that flag! I LOVE that flag! I'm not wearing a mask for no-one because I LOVE LIBERTY! I would die for that flag!."

Yes dear. You might just do that.

thisonehasalittlehat - 06 Jul 2021 08:29:43 (#14 of 1191)

If only the flag would die for them.

solomongursky - 06 Jul 2021 08:30:18 (#15 of 1191)

Ending the requirement to wear masks on public transport would be an act of gross negligence by the government. Until Covid rates are fully under control, the rules on mask wearing on public transport should remain in place.

So wearing masks has become a polarizing thing. The anti-vaxxer fuckwits are saying doctors pomote masks cos they make money from them.

thisonehasalittlehat - 06 Jul 2021 08:31:42 (#16 of 1191)

I suspect most shops and public transport services will continue to require them. Business do not want to lose staff days to sickness. But we'll see.

browserbutton - 06 Jul 2021 08:32:17 (#17 of 1191)

"How can I rant with a mask on? Eh, answer me that!"

solomongursky - 06 Jul 2021 08:37:42 (#18 of 1191)

Front page of the Mail today says;

"Freedom at last! Boris defies gloomy experts".

dottie30 - 06 Jul 2021 08:37:57 (#19 of 1191)

This is that mad lot in Florida last year.


AlanII - 06 Jul 2021 08:44:33 (#20 of 1191)

Totally hatstand. I’d forgotten about that.

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