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Started by bossab2 on Sep 10, 2021 5:35:34 PM
Capitalism Collapses in 2021

Fast food chains are running out of chicken. Hauliers’ wage bills are going through the roof. Crops are rotting in the fields. The scale of Britain’s supply chain meltdown is the worst since the 1970s, when the three-day week, power cuts and industrial disputes saw rubbish pile up in the streets.

col2001 - 10 Sep 2021 17:39:22 (#1 of 188)

One of the differences between the 1970s and now is that (Tory) governments now try very hard to divorce themselves from responsibility for daily life.

Ted Heath's 'Who Rules Britain' is from another age in many ways.

DesEsseintes - 10 Sep 2021 18:48:23 (#2 of 188)

Can't collapse soon enough as far as I am concerned.

Though it already has really as Rosa said.

Intowntonight - 10 Sep 2021 19:16:00 (#3 of 188)

Capitalism didnt collapse in WW2: and as now just had to operate under a new series of constraints and controls.

It is really quite a flexible system, not always fair, efficient or forward looking, but durable.

Atticus - 10 Sep 2021 19:19:09 (#4 of 188)

Like democracy better than all the alternatives.

Ultimately we need to marshal the economic wealth for more positive/equitable outcomes and not smash the engine that generates that wealth.

DesEsseintes - 10 Sep 2021 19:25:07 (#5 of 188)

It's just mass murder - of the flesh and the spirit.

Them that perpetuate it - well that's what they perpetuate.

Tadagee - 10 Sep 2021 19:25:41 (#6 of 188)

Still, mustn't grumble.

popstar7 - 10 Sep 2021 19:31:00 (#7 of 188)

the three-day week, power cuts and industrial disputes saw rubbish pile up in the streets

bossab's dismal imagination in I Love the 70s mode again.

popstar7 - 10 Sep 2021 19:34:27 (#8 of 188)

bossab imagines the 60s:

a mod checking himself out in the mirror of a Carnaby Street boutique

a Vietnam War protest

Bobby Moore smiling, hoisted high on the shoulders of his teammates holding the Jules Rimet trophy

John and Yoko in a bed

That's it. There's nothing else.

Verdigris - 10 Sep 2021 18:37:02 (#9 of 188)

bossab dismal imagination in I Love the 70s mode again.

He was still shitting his nappies, then.

<prolly still is now>

Intowntonight - 10 Sep 2021 19:47:03 (#10 of 188)

And you could get a house in the Bishops Avenue for under half and million quid - as long as you didnt mind who your neighbours were.

HouseOfLametta - 10 Sep 2021 20:33:57 (#11 of 188)

I did have high hopes that this pandemic would do away some of the more florid fantasies of the money-cultists, but it just seems to make them worse.

It seems to be the modern way.

Verdigris - 10 Sep 2021 19:40:14 (#12 of 188)

I don't think they'll cotton-on until there are actual flames licking round their palatial gaffes (SWIDT?).

AdonisBlue - 10 Sep 2021 20:42:09 (#13 of 188)

Covid's masked all this perfectly. If it weren't for covid there's no way the Brexiteers could deny it was down to Brexit. With Covid they get away with it.

The market will fill the gaps with time, but almost everything will end up a lot more expensive and the poorest in UK society will be a lot poorer.

What I don't understand is how inflation is remaining so low despite all the price rises? Perhaps someone who is more economically literate than I am could explain? To someone who doesn't know how they calculate inflation it seems whatever they are using is wrong.

Intowntonight - 10 Sep 2021 20:44:17 (#14 of 188)

Though there is often a lead time:

wait for Xmas prices

AdonisBlue - 10 Sep 2021 20:47:06 (#15 of 188)

Prices have already risen but inflation hasn't, that's my point. I don't get how? It smells.

barkis - 10 Sep 2021 20:52:13 (#16 of 188)

Capitalism has been on life support since 2008: we're still printing money, we still have near-zero interest rates. What more can be done to deal with the next slump?

AdonisBlue - 10 Sep 2021 20:55:37 (#17 of 188)

Capitalisms not on life support. Anti capitalists have been saying it was about to collapse all my life.

Intowntonight - 10 Sep 2021 21:02:25 (#18 of 188)

2008 was an under-regulated banking system: a part of Capitalism, but not its beating, creative heart

"under the weight of its own contradictions" - neat phrase, historically durable, but never quite sure what it meant.

barkis - 10 Sep 2021 21:03:07 (#19 of 188)

The collapse has been delayed by various factors, mostly ameliorative policies and war, which leads to non-capitalist levels of government intervention.

In all your life, AB, was there a time when such emergency measures as printing money have lasted for 13 years?

barkis - 10 Sep 2021 21:05:05 (#20 of 188)


What is this "under-regulated" of which you speak? Since when did capitalism need regulation?

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