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JudgeMentalist - 03 Jan 2016 16:08:32 (#1 of 4112)

Ruby Ridge redux, or patriots shuffle off, tails between legs proclaiming "Freedumb!", what do our American posters think?

HorseEasyEast - 03 Jan 2016 16:09:36 (#2 of 4112)

ha judge, I made another thread on this at the same time. will try to delete it.

shit, you were way ahead on this, my bad. looks can't delete now cuz it's posted on. oh well. I'll contribute here, and hopefully the other one will sink into the jtt waste bin.

JudgeMentalist - 03 Jan 2016 16:11:51 (#3 of 4112)

no worries, whichever gets traction is fine. going offline to read, back later

HorseEasyEast - 03 Jan 2016 16:14:13 (#4 of 4112)

So, as far as I understand, armed occupation of a Federal property is grounds for sedition. Have these nutters just declared war on the federal government?

brooklyn - 03 Jan 2016 17:18:07 (#5 of 4112)

now that we have such a large group in one place, it would be a shame to let them leave.

flowbagging - 03 Jan 2016 17:23:26 (#6 of 4112)

Isn't it a bit cold up there just now? Any sighting of a fire in the woods could be water-bombed.

LaLady - 03 Jan 2016 17:26:49 (#7 of 4112)

Wall them in. And don't shoot them - it's what they WANT!

Wall them in - no provisions in or out. Turn off the utilities to the facility and wait for them to freeze and starve. Assholes.

LucyVanPelt - 03 Jan 2016 17:29:36 (#8 of 4112)

Meanwhile while these assholes are doing this they are denying the rights of many others to go to the wildlife refuge and enjoy it. This is one of the biggest wildlife refuges in Oregon and popular with many and I can tell you many are pissed off they are being denied the use of it so these guys can commit their act of treason.

Garden - 03 Jan 2016 18:45:00 (#9 of 4112)

I'm fascinated to see this being referred to as a terrorist incident. All I see is a bunch of ammosexuals with adequate technology to put together a youtube video who need to be starved out.

I'll be interested to see how the authorities handle it.

LucyVanPelt - 03 Jan 2016 18:47:44 (#10 of 4112)

How long do you think a group of Muslims doing something similar would last?

Garden - 03 Jan 2016 18:52:22 (#11 of 4112)

Tell me why they're terrorists.

LucyVanPelt - 03 Jan 2016 19:07:40 (#12 of 4112)

Armed people taking over a federally owned building and intimidating people in the process=domestic terrorism. Not to mention there is history here, not as if this is the first time at the rodeo for some of these people.

HorseEasyEast - 03 Jan 2016 19:11:23 (#13 of 4112)

It harkens back to the miners in Colorado, time to send in the Pinkertons? They're still a thing, you know.

LittleMissMuffet - 03 Jan 2016 19:15:51 (#14 of 4112)

Reposted from the guns thread:

Nice to see that everything's changed in the last two weeks!

This "siege" at Oregon offers another good opportunity for the GOP candidates to stick both feet right in their mouths in the inevitable, frantic rush to appear the most anti-government - fingers crossed they do exactly that, given that Bundy's kids appear so keen to gain their right wing christian version of 72 virgins.

Looks like the original offence of arson was down to idiots trying to cover up illegal poaching on federal land? Duh.

As stated by others, very interesting how the language in the media is slanted towards these morons.

TommyDCMBR8 - 03 Jan 2016 19:22:09 (#15 of 4112)

They on a Yee-had?

LucyVanPelt - 03 Jan 2016 19:23:13 (#16 of 4112)

From the article:

The prospect of hundreds of out-of-towners who openly carry firearms concerns some residents in Burns.

Fliers with the message “Militia go home” hang on signposts downtown.

Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward said he received death threat emails from people in other states after he told militia organizers he would not create a safe haven for the Hammonds to stay in Harney County.

“I haven’t slept a full night in close to two months now. I have a lot of anxiety,” he said. But Sheriff Ward wants to protect his county.

“What we’ve been threatened with here is civil unrest and the insinuations of armed rebellion,” said Sheriff Ward.

Garden - 03 Jan 2016 19:24:53 (#17 of 4112)

Armed people taking over a federally owned building and intimidating people in the process=domestic terrorism.

I'm still not comfortable calling this terrorism, but I do hope that when they're flushed out they spend a very long time in prison.

Garden - 03 Jan 2016 19:28:54 (#18 of 4112)

That's a bit of a scary article, Lucy. I wonder if this is the start of the Civil War that the ammosexuals on facebook have been warning us about.

I liked this:

Ryan Payne, an electrician from Montana, who wears a pistol on his hip said the Hammonds need to be defended from the federal government. “[The Hammonds] are being brutally oppressed,” said Payne.

LittleMissMuffet - 03 Jan 2016 19:34:40 (#19 of 4112)


Morons willing to "kill or be killed".

This is surely terrorism by pretty much any reasonable definition?

HorseEasyEast - 03 Jan 2016 19:39:57 (#20 of 4112)

They haven't hurt anybody (yet), don't see how it can be terrorism.

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