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Started by thismorning on Feb 6, 2019 6:58:43 PM
I Love Ocasio Cortez

She is the embodiment the American woman of today. Go to any coffee house. Go to any PTA meeting. There she is. She iz doing herself so well. She iz God's gift to the Right. Hilary, amazingly, has been topped by an ex-bartender from Queens. Thankz muchly O Lord of Fools.

Garden - 10 Mar 2019 02:56:49 (#421 of 840)

I don't think a man could buy a bigger cock for any amount of money. Isn't that why Spanky McDotard is so insecure? Even his money doesn't help him everywhere.

thismorning - 10 Mar 2019 03:01:00 (#422 of 840)

Have the articles documenting AOC's adventures in the tip jar disappeared? In one report a waitress said she refused to speak to AOC after la Cortez's creative division of the money in the tip jar following a especially generous haul from customers. Oh well, thatz socialism for you.

Geribaldi - 10 Mar 2019 03:36:17 (#423 of 840)

Some are more equal than others, when it comes to collectivism.

lammaMia - 10 Mar 2019 04:34:36 (#424 of 840)

Blood curling tip jar brawl erupts between waitresses. Mort from Muskogee tweets communists are scum.

Geribaldi - 10 Mar 2019 04:48:00 (#425 of 840)

If you're going to bash Muskogee, it's: "An Okee from Muskogee." Not "Mort", FFS.

thismorning - 10 Mar 2019 05:26:40 (#426 of 840)

Reference to Mork and Mindy I presume. Curling blood. Difficult for me to imagine. Is it a Canadian thing?I see LaCortez as minor character on Cheers. Argues Marxism with Cliff. Meets her squirrely boyfriend there after a Cork the Cows protest.

lammaMia - 10 Mar 2019 05:34:56 (#427 of 840)

Do you have curling leagues there?

thismorning - 10 Mar 2019 16:55:28 (#428 of 840)

The effect of curling is being studied, I'm confident of that. But so far as I am aware no "report" has been published. I'll ask Cliff when he comes in for a beer after his mail route. We are all waiting for him to leave his first tip. Some healthy bets are being laid when that will happen.

browserbutton - 27 Mar 2019 07:05:35 (#429 of 840)

AOC: 'Climate concerns are not elitist' speech.

Sock it to 'em.

thismorning - 02 Apr 2019 19:50:48 (#430 of 840)

with her mouth open like a croaking bull frog

her photos do suggest a reptilian demagogue.

Tadagee - 02 Apr 2019 19:58:57 (#431 of 840)

incel post of the year!

browserbutton - 02 Apr 2019 20:00:01 (#432 of 840)

Yeah, like she's so fugly compared to sexy pin-up Trump.

thismorning - 02 Apr 2019 20:13:53 (#433 of 840)

like whatever, you know.

brooklyn - 02 Apr 2019 21:57:03 (#434 of 840)

who's the reptilian demagogue?

thismorning - 03 Apr 2019 16:12:15 (#435 of 840)

Mitch is Susan's father on Seinfeld.

thismorning - 17 Apr 2019 17:33:12 (#436 of 840)

Pelosi says some demeaning things about La Cortez... methinks Pelosi doth see AOC as a much younger more sexually attractive version of herself...meow. hee hee.

lammaMia - 17 Apr 2019 17:40:52 (#437 of 840)

Only a man would think that.

Garden - 17 Apr 2019 17:57:44 (#438 of 840)

And even then, not all men, just the ones with little peckers.

thismorning - 17 Apr 2019 18:03:16 (#439 of 840)

Letz ask Grace what she thinks. I mean itz frickin so obvious, innit? I have honed my observation skillz of men and women reading "Shakespeare" in our townz coffee house for centuries, nothing changes.

thismorning - 17 Apr 2019 18:08:33 (#440 of 840)

# 438. Standard feeble female "wit". God bless the little ladies and their high pitched shrieks of laughter from the table by the window.

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