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Started by thismorning on Feb 6, 2019 6:58:43 PM
I Love Ocasio Cortez

She is the embodiment the American woman of today. Go to any coffee house. Go to any PTA meeting. There she is. She iz doing herself so well. She iz God's gift to the Right. Hilary, amazingly, has been topped by an ex-bartender from Queens. Thankz muchly O Lord of Fools.

AdrianNTierney - 07 Feb 2019 21:15:37 (#81 of 840)

But, MM, you know in your heart that hypocrisy is the life blood of ALL politicians.

MestangloMan - 07 Feb 2019 21:20:09 (#82 of 840)

3rd in line to be President. I expect Trump and Pence to be knocked off any time. But I yhink even the Dumb State is afraid of the consequences of that.

Look, All three of those folks have intense security, especially Trump, this morning. I was shocked when the MP in the UK was killed in 2016, prior to my real understanding of Brexit, at least the forest beyond the trees, if you will. I do think someone in the upper ranks of political society will be murdered in the USA given this toxic climate. No idea or predictions on who it may be, however.

ANT, #81, yep. It's very close to a clerical position, although more this worldly even when some start their preaching. Plus you are closer to the real living ANIMAL than anyone else on the board, arguably. Stay safe.

MestangloMan - 07 Feb 2019 21:26:01 (#83 of 840)

Good lord, I "Lurve" how any discussions of why AOC is a current political phenomenon in this era now makes any non-D or non-Laborite a "dirty old man" or "Nazi" or "RACSICT" or their typical line of attack.

Then Va took place and sanity prevailed over Zee KING-Dome, doncha know. Truly, Constitutionally at least, there are no sacred cows in the USA. It didn't happen to Lincoln and King till after they were gunned down; but even they have faced criticism on a lot of fronts. JFK once was privileged like that; but that has changed a lot in the last several years. There should be no place for it in the USA, imho.

This is still AMERICA, praise Allah and that wascally Son of his. Great EVE, all ye.

AdrianNTierney - 07 Feb 2019 21:26:22 (#84 of 840)

Plus you are closer to the real living ANIMAL than anyone else on the board ...

Fortunately for me and mine, the Congresscritters are too cheap to pay for ground transportation away from DC.

AOC constantly manages to amaze me. A graduate of a supposedly elite Eastern college could manage to be both so naive and so startlingly dumb. Like the women-in-white stupidity.

MestangloMan - 07 Feb 2019 21:27:52 (#85 of 840)

The SOTU was some of the most amazing and wild-eyed political theater of at least the last 40 years or so. Add LBJ if ye must.

And that is saying something.

Go ahead, make my day!

My fellow Americans, I come to you today with a heavy heart.

My real true introduction to US politics beyond JFK's and Oswald's final days as living humans.

MestangloMan - 07 Feb 2019 21:45:11 (#86 of 840)

Plus, ANT, I realize Poppie won't understand this in his home across the waters, but I think sane people do here in the States. AOC threw a bomb at Dr. Northam of Va. Anyone who supports keeping him in place must be "scrutinized" right out of Stalin's show trials, FFS. Very loose with her tongue as a young pol, which is fine to a point.

Then she showed on Tuesday eve after Trump threw Northam into the sewer that she had to show "solidarity" with the old and funky Ds in her party, including Nancy. So she is sending mixed messages, that Never Trumperism must prevail, although the women's right to vote seemed to really get some cheers. Plus I think he praised women in armed forces. Plus that little girl who defeated cancer was a good one for the whole D and R team. Damn, who woulda thunk it? No, we MUST be angry at the Orange Bastard 24/7 or William Kristol will write ugly things about us. Wild Times, old ANT.

And, yes, the current news cycle can change dramatically in several minutes. There is some wild electricity in the D.C. area at present.

AdrianNTierney - 07 Feb 2019 22:04:50 (#87 of 840)

There is some wild electricity in the D.C. area at present.

"Electricity"? Say rather, "Boundless Stupidity". Such as this bullshit Green New Deal business. All theater and absolutely NO substance whatsoever.

If they were at all serious about climate change, they'd b calling for The Guv to build about 60 or so nuclear generating stations to replace every single fossil fuel burning electric plant.

And that will NOT happen because the whole bunch of 'em are too f'ing dumb!

MestangloMan - 07 Feb 2019 22:10:48 (#88 of 840)

What needs to be kept 'in line' is your creepy leering over a woman who could be your granddaughter, you dirty old man.

Poppy, I realize that you think across zee Big, Bad Pond that your sources must be the truest things of all time, but you wouldn't know American nuance and the dirty fingernails of our politics if they shit right in your face, my man. Plus she is young enough to be my daughter, correct.

My granddaughter: in bloody, stinking Hell. If that fell in my lap, with all due respect as you just wrote in that pos, I would have her whole family investigated. She is not young enough to make me her Grandpa, Oh British Irish Loony Tune Budster of mine. And those spring Chicken days, especially in politics, will be short lived. Not my problem. Only Zee Troot, for it has a way of freeing one, even in these often whacky times.

MestangloMan - 07 Feb 2019 22:18:43 (#89 of 840)

If they were at all serious about climate change, they'd b calling for The Guv to build about 60 or so nuclear generating stations to replace every single fossil fuel burning electric plant.

I would hope that someone really serious about our planet as it pertains to the real functions of government would not go about preaching the end of the world in 12 years as if she were appealing to a combo of the Black Hebrew Israelites, National Geographic, and maybe Pastor Hagee and Pat Robertson. That truly makes me wonder what's coming next, ANT. I realize it's an eye roller on this British board, but when she gets serious about that WH, those words may haunt her. I may not live to see it all, however...

Not that the 29 year old political novice is young enough to be my granddaughter. Oh, Winston, what has come on the wake of thy passing( oh crazed and often, yes, RACIST fighter against Wickedness on that bloody Continent. And Pass the ammo, oh great Jay-zus).

Bribaba - 07 Feb 2019 22:24:47 (#90 of 840)

Thread of the Living Dead.

lammaMia - 07 Feb 2019 22:26:55 (#91 of 840)

Tales from meth alleys.

MestangloMan - 07 Feb 2019 22:43:02 (#92 of 840)

And that will NOT happen because the whole bunch of 'em are too f'ing dumb!

And even more hypocritical than the Ds looking at the dilemma of Mother Virginia as if the entire party had one massive butt crack exposed, FFS.


Look, say what you will about Mr. Albert Gore, but if one is going to preach that message and live that excessive life style, get your effing booty out of government. You look ridiculous. The Ds have so sold their effing soul to the Whackos in Hollyweird, they don't care that they look insane most of the time to Middle America.

What do you do? Then there is Donny, the actual sitting number 45. Yes, the real guy, not the wannabee either in NY State or Texas or California or Delaware, etc. The MSMs hate his guts, which they have every right to do, imo. Still, they just don't seem to want to get what most of America now sees:

Compared to the shit coming out of the D party, Donny looks like Abe fucking Lincoln at present.

And he is nowhere close.

I have begged that D party to quit the bullshit and reform. But, no, Putin all day every day for two years and now the Racism that cannot be denied all over their party. Add the sexism if the guy is not the right sort of chap to have kicked out, doncha know. Not that the other side is anywhere clean.

Let us move forward if we USAers dare. My very tepid hope for our times. Living in the past, as my R sister has done almost since her M.D. ex-husband and father of her only child and son divorced her and married another M.D. and had three more sons, or as the entire D party does most of the time, as if it's the "Right" thing to do.

It's not. It's Crazy, you loons. It's stupid and it looks like the tricks are backfiring, as they bloody should.

Geribaldi - 07 Feb 2019 22:48:18 (#93 of 840)

LVP - "Well absolutely nothing about your assessment of me is correct. I dont live alone in the desert and I am surrounded by evergreen trees currently in a very snowy landscape with no cactus within hundreds of miles. But you would know about cacti where you are geri in your concrete jungle I suppose."

Except you being a man-hater.

I don't live in a concrete jungle, far from it. And I also don't live out in the boonies either.

LucyVanPelt - 07 Feb 2019 23:16:35 (#94 of 840)

<<Except you being a man-hater. >>>

Correction: I hate(actually strongly dislike) old, white, misogynist, entitled, REPUBLICAN men. Look at a picture of the Congressional republicans , that is what you will see. You have zero diversity in your lawmakers who are out of touch, especially the person you call president.

MestangloMan - 07 Feb 2019 23:22:24 (#95 of 840)

Plus the other thing about AOC is I used to see Hispanics as something of a bridge culture in my very naïve, younger era. The issue of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman revealed the competitive nature of race and ethnicity in "People of Color" America. We all know it exists and has resonance in both parties. Add the issue reader 100 discussed a hundred years ago about Arab American identity.

Are they Caucasian? Are they people of Color? What about Jews? What about Asians? Native Americans? Shouldn't they all unite and come together and take on the Evil Donny?

Plus the issue of slavery and the Civil War is far more complex than what is usually discussed on a British talk board. Several Union states had slavery and struggled with the aftermath of the Civil War, add the former Indian Territory. The issue of the descendants of the Freedmen and the Five Civilized Tribes is always an explosive issue potentially, with Congress Critters often forced to take sides.

I have had more discussions with virgil on this than I care to admit. I often agree with him. Let's get beyond the obsessions of race, as if I am the only American with that problem. It's laughable, especially in light of Va.

We will always live with it. I just heard Chris Matthews say that the WaPo still wants the Bastard Doctor to resign, even in the wake of the recent problems with his successors(Oh, yeah, resign and look like an evil, RACIST Doctor or in that very long trad, whether in Europe or Va. See Walter Plecker for details). Plus, yes, once again, a Black woman said it is not limited to the South, ye elitist panelists. It's all over the USA.

I do think young Ocasio-Cortez' message will resonate with many over time, especially with younger Americans or those Americans of her generation. But she will face that r word: resistance. Welcome to America, and for that matter, the EU, struggling with the ugly realities of the so-called "Post-Colonial World", maaaaaaan. Don't think we Merkies are blind to that shit, my friends across the waves. Oh, we see the realities and take note.

Monglers, it's all good in the hood! Nitey.

Tadagee - 07 Feb 2019 23:32:41 (#96 of 840)

Always about the race with ol' mongles. Always about the race.

MestangloMan - 07 Feb 2019 23:36:21 (#97 of 840)

You obviously have paid zero or limited attention to some huge stories popping out of the USA since roughly three weeks ago, on the pre-Martin Luther King day Friday at the mall.

Plus Kavanaugh before that.

And now Dr. Northam and co and AOC's reaction till her Mama Nancy said, You better behave if Donny calls that quasi-Mengele critter out, you hear, woman?

Your cluelessness is not my problem. I am free. I pay my taxes. I am at peace with mankind, basically. Use your tricks on someone else, buddie. This is the West, bro.

Deal with it. I realize you are an attorney, but you may be a little too green for Uncle Scam, old son.


Tadagee - 07 Feb 2019 23:40:06 (#98 of 840)

Nope. Not a clue.

MestangloMan - 07 Feb 2019 23:43:44 (#99 of 840)

I realize that. Not really my problem, for I have seen zee Truth. It has set me free. Now it's time for a quick meal at Red Lobster.

May your Fried-day be good to thee and thine, old son across the waves.

MestangloMan - 07 Feb 2019 23:50:08 (#100 of 840)

Always about the race.

Not sure what that means. However, once in my punk rock days I wanted my band to put on KKK outfits as a joke onstage. One of my bassists was Black and one guy had a granddaddy from England who was in the real, old KKK, Anglo-Saxon, Nativist American, and God fearing Protestant.

They told me to ESAD, basically. Unlike D party Doctor Northam of Va, I didn't do that thing. Praises, old band mates. Blessings, always. Even as a joke, see Mel Brooks for details, dangerous as hell then or now. Plus the time frame is roughly 4 years prior to Northam's escapade with either Black face, Klan regalia, or both, since he has been caught lying like a rug. Luckily for the Doc, he has two compromised as sin successors, one with a Black woman, allegedly, and the other with Cracker doing Blackface. Plus the next in line behind the AG is a Conservative R guy. So the D party all of a sudden is flipping and flopping from that "moral high ground" Buddy. I'm sure AOC, even against her best instincts, must now toe the real Granny's line:

Pelosi. Call me what names you wish. I stand always with the T woid: Truth. Oh, Northam's wife is Good, Damn Good, in the way Al Pacino was in his role as Michael Corleone. I bet even she and Putin email the other for ideas. Wouldn't be shocked at all.

Great eve, Johnny's great play station.

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