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Started by 1Nridi on Jun 5, 2020 10:59:23 PM
SAY THEIR NAME. George Floyd is only ONE

List the name of a PERSONAL FRIEND or FAMILY MEMBER killed at the hands of racist police. Let’s make our peaceful protest walks include ALL those you loved & still grieve for. THEIR LIVES MATTERED as well.

Include their city & date of death if you’d like. This thread is ONLY to honor those killed. Do NOT use this thread to say negative things about police. By far the vast majority of them are to be highly respected. Keep it so.

IQ76again - 06 Jun 2020 03:54:06 (#1 of 43)

There seems to be none in this country.

Is it because we are all pretty much white or because of something else?

brooklyn - 06 Jun 2020 05:24:56 (#2 of 43)

here at JtT, it's not just the "white" thing. most folks aren't American.

IQ76again - 06 Jun 2020 05:34:10 (#3 of 43)

So skin color does not matter? Good for you.

IQ76again - 06 Jun 2020 05:53:08 (#4 of 43)

It is still weird that being white is needed even with people with coming in with asylum seekers.

Maybe it is new normal with US.

1Nridi - 06 Jun 2020 18:05:52 (#5 of 43)

IQ76again, this is a United States forum. The entire reason for the protests is not about ONE man. It’s about years of police brutality, both towards blacks & whites, Native Americans & Latinos. Actually Native American have the largest % by ratio to be killed by police. Last night at the peaceful protest one of the Native Americans spoke bright this to our attention. Blacks are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police. Whites have been killed by the hundreds over the years by police. These marches are for equality for ALL— just as our civil war was fought for injustice then. Our protests last night, we did not solely chant “only Black lives matter”. We raised our arms in solidarity also chanting “White lives matter” , “Black women matter “ white men matter” ”Native Americans matter”, “ LGBT lives matter” etc. All our country watching George Floyd have his life snuffed out at the knee of one short policeman & the nonchalantness of the other 3. If bystanders could tell Mr Floyd was being killed, I feel certain all 3 other officers could tell as well. No one would even kill a dog by keeping their one on its neck for over 8 minutes. We ALL know that would kill the dog. Our protests here in New Orleans have been quite peaceful. Organizers & speakers demanded calm. One person threw something last night & the speaker asked he be escorted out, which he was. I’d like to comment on the last thing you said—“Is it all because we’re pretty much whites”? I’m assuming you mean in this forum. That may be true. However MANY WHITES are killed by police in America every year. I felt some people would know people killed by police here. I was wrong. Perhaps I shouldn’t have started this thread. I just wanted people to know this is NOT about just blacks. It’s NOT about George Floyd. It’s about ALL victims of police, black, white, male, female, transgender, gay—- With George Floyd we simply reached a breaking point. I’d never witnessed anyone being killed by anyone in my life. It was horrific. New Orleans is 60% black. In the 2 peaceful protests I’ve attended, (I’m a white lady) the MAJORITY of protesters have been white. That says a LOT about my city! Nothing has been burned. No stores have been looted. If they are ever done do it will not be we who are protesting to change the CIVIL RIGHTS in this country. Politicians have SAID they’d change police brutality all my life. Only NOW, because many of us want our voices to be heard, civil rights for ALL may actually become a reality.

And as you said, maybe no one who reads this will knitted anyone personally brutalized by police. I have, they just didn’t die so I’ve added no one to the list. Obviously you have not either. If I’m offending anyone I’ll take this down. I simply wanted our protests to include Blacks, Whites, Native Americans, Latinos, Asians—- EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. AMERICANS. I’m trying to bring attention that our protests are not about just blacks, but annoy police brutality. I respect our police more than anyone career in my city and I tell them so every time I pass them if I’m able to. These protests are only against bad cops. The vast majority of police are wonderful. Police come in all races as well. Our protest or simply to get rid of police brutality, even if you, a foreigner, visit our country. I’m protesting for you as well.

1Nridi - 06 Jun 2020 18:17:08 (#6 of 43)

I am a white American and have written on this forum years before it even became “Not the talk” (it was simply “The Talk” If you haven’t been here as many years as I have). I had assumed “I” wasn’t the only American who posts under the US thread. Pardon me if I’m not welcome here. I’ve always felt free to voice my opinion here— Perhaps everybody thought of me as white & British. Perhaps you don’t have police brutality in your country, I don’t even know from which country you hail, although I assume most here are British. I still feel you all believe in Civil Rights for all your citizens. “I” still feel this can be a worthy thread, however if you advise me to delete this thread, I shall. I didn’t realize I was trespassing.

moto748 - 06 Jun 2020 18:21:58 (#7 of 43)

If you've been here that many years you should know that that this is not 'a United States forum' as you say. It is a folder dedicated to US issues in a UK forum. And yes, Americans and Brits and others post here. There's no need for all the drama. You can start any thread you want.

Garden - 06 Jun 2020 18:51:38 (#8 of 43)

I'm totally convinced that 1Nridi is AmericanWoman in disguise.

moto748 - 06 Jun 2020 18:52:57 (#9 of 43)


AdonisBlue - 06 Jun 2020 19:16:03 (#10 of 43)

I understand why so many in America are getting angry about US police brutality. But the numbers who will die from COVID as a result of the lack of social distancing at these protests will be enormous.

Why does no one dare point that out?

Why aren't Americans angry about the tens of thousands killed by Trumps mismanagement of Covid?

Why at a time of the greatest threat our species has faced for hundreds of years are we dividing up in warring clans based on skin colour (color)?

brooklyn - 06 Jun 2020 19:24:13 (#11 of 43)

the people marching, and their supporters, are the same people upset over trump's mismanagement of the covid crisis. they just can't keep still, when racial murder happens.

public life is complicated.

<<Why does no one dare point that out?>>

um. it is constantly being pointed out.

AdonisBlue - 06 Jun 2020 19:28:05 (#12 of 43)

But they can keep still when Trump commits mass murder by denying the risk from Covid, advising we inject bleach etc.

Still the protests take the pressure off Trump with regards Covid,almost like they were engineered by people who knew what buttons to press.

AdonisBlue - 06 Jun 2020 19:29:41 (#13 of 43)

Brooklyn - I've honestly not heard anyone point it out. When I pointed it out on another thread someone said 'the right point it out'. Since I'm a lefty that was a great way of censoring me.

jamalade - 06 Jun 2020 20:28:30 (#14 of 43)

Why at a time of the greatest threat our species has faced for hundreds of years are we dividing up in warring clans based on skin colour (color)?

Because there is a video complete with devastating audio. Because this has been fuelling up for decades. If you do not read/hear about American people criticising Clump's response o the virus then you are not looking hard enough.

tasselhoff - 06 Jun 2020 20:29:16 (#15 of 43)

Decades? Centuries of manifest destiny.

redginger - 06 Jun 2020 20:36:53 (#16 of 43)

#10. Well said, and I would add to that Johnsons mismanagement of the entire business of Covid. The instructions change from week to week eg. it is not necessary to wear a face mask, then we will all have to wear one on public transport. In our house we have been saying for the last week, where is the social distancing at the protests? Are they not going to cause even more problems?

jamalade - 06 Jun 2020 20:39:21 (#17 of 43)

tass, I was referring to the changes that should have happened post MLK jnr's assassination.

jamalade - 06 Jun 2020 20:42:03 (#18 of 43)

This is a game changer and I hope that the protesters take the necessary precautions when they get home.

The protest is necessary.

tasselhoff - 06 Jun 2020 20:43:45 (#19 of 43)

#17 fair enough.

tasselhoff - 06 Jun 2020 20:44:29 (#20 of 43)

When you get the NFL endorsing taking a knee you know this has momentum.

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