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quartus - 19 Sep 2020 16:03:30 (#1 of 58)

Intowntonight - 19 Sep 2020 16:05:03 (#2 of 58)

She was quite special.

dottie30 - 19 Sep 2020 16:14:04 (#3 of 58)

As Aristotle said, 'dignity does not consist in possessing honours, but in deserving them'.

Well she deserved all the honours she possessed and had dignity in spades. Unlike many these days.

RIP Ruth.

bailliegillies - 19 Sep 2020 16:15:13 (#4 of 58)

Interesting person.

nemo75 - 19 Sep 2020 16:18:06 (#5 of 58)

A brilliant woman. I watched the documentary and it moved me to tears. An inspiration to thousands of young women.

GDan205 - 19 Sep 2020 17:39:29 (#6 of 58)

There's no doubt in my mind she was a special person. May she rest in peace.


Garden - 19 Sep 2020 18:15:22 (#7 of 58)


brooklyn - 19 Sep 2020 18:24:03 (#8 of 58)

let's see if trump goes to the funeral.

(if he's invited).

Gotout - 19 Sep 2020 18:32:05 (#9 of 58)

It would be nicer if Trump went to his own funeral.

saskia - 19 Sep 2020 18:45:50 (#10 of 58)

What a trail blazer, and remarkable fighter. I saw the movie about her a year or more ago, extraordinary mind.

Garden - 19 Sep 2020 19:27:51 (#11 of 58)

Tr*mp doesn't go to funerals. They're a reminder of his mortality, he can't cope with that.

Garden - 19 Sep 2020 19:34:37 (#12 of 58)

Has this been posted yet?

What Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death Means for America

A furious battle over a Supreme Court vacancy is arguably the last thing the United States needs right now.

The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg today represents a devastating loss for feminists who held up the 87-year-old as an icon of women’s rights, and as a bulwark protecting abortion rights and a wide range of other progressive ideals on a conservative Supreme Court. The Brooklyn-born jurist became one of the nation’s foremost advocates against gender discrimination as a lawyer for the ACLU, decades before President Bill Clinton appointed her to be the second woman to sit on the high court.

But her passing less than two months before the presidential election also tosses one more lit match into the tinderbox of national politics in 2020: It will surely inflame a deeply polarized country already riven by a deadly pandemic, a steep economic downturn, and civil unrest in its major cities.

SinnerBoy - 19 Sep 2020 20:09:48 (#13 of 58)

Sadly, Trump will probably replace her with some Hellfire preacher type. She's the end of an era.

I often read pieces by, or about her, in the Guardian Law section.

LucyVanPelt - 19 Sep 2020 20:14:51 (#14 of 58)

This is the front runner who was also considered for Kavanaugh's seat:

Garden - 19 Sep 2020 22:04:06 (#15 of 58)

Never trust a person whose eyes don't match.

AdrianNTierney - 20 Sep 2020 00:22:18 (#16 of 58)

So Garden's revealed herself as an "eye-ist".

For shame.

Hilary - 20 Sep 2020 21:50:47 (#17 of 58)

Sadly, Trump will probably replace her with some Hellfire preacher type

He certainly has to replace her with someone. Given the parlous state of US politics, there cannot be an even number of SC justices who may well be called upon to make the final and binding judgement on who actually won the election, since this risks an even (4-4) split. If there is no such judgement and the legitimacy of the result - as is almost certain - is hotly disputed, then civil war is baked in.

WibbleAgain - 20 Sep 2020 22:00:01 (#18 of 58)

I'm told some Democrat voters are furious, and say that RBG should have retired back in 2012 or thereabouts during the Obama era when the Democrats held the senate, so they could replace her with another liberal jurist.

I dunno. Life is uncertain and weird. No one could have predicted the Trump win and what's happening in 2020.

Unless you're Putin, I suppose. But even Putin couldn't have predicted Covid...

Garden - 20 Sep 2020 22:04:34 (#19 of 58)

I think she should have retired in 2012, but I understand why she didn't.

What I'll never understand is why all those Obama voters sat out the 2016 election rather than vote for a woman.

WibbleAgain - 20 Sep 2020 22:09:44 (#20 of 58)

I wonder how many regret not voting for Hilary.

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