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Started by virgil5 on Apr 20, 2021 3:02:28 AM
Buy The Poor

Will that shut them up?

Or will they never get enough "Bread and Circus"?

virgil5 - 20 Apr 2021 03:03:29 (#1 of 67)

Mayor Garcetti proposes $1000/month no strings attached

virgil5 - 20 Apr 2021 03:23:10 (#2 of 67)

What about "the value of work"?

Will it further discourage being a productive member of society or will it help single moms get through another day?

RosyLovelady - 20 Apr 2021 08:03:30 (#3 of 67)

The supposed value of "work" as a character-builder is often overstated.

Agaliarept - 20 Apr 2021 10:31:17 (#4 of 67)

Will it further discourage being a productive member of society or will it help single moms get through another day?

Maybe it will do both.

Can't have single parents being helped though if there's a chance someone might not become a productive member of society, only the rich are allowed to do that.

TommyDGNR8 - 20 Apr 2021 11:39:27 (#5 of 67)

It's biggest effect in the short term would be to fuel rent inflation, I suspect.

virgil5 - 22 Apr 2021 01:38:03 (#6 of 67)

I’m all for this btw

I think the assumption that lazy people are going to piss away “free money” on drugs and gangnam is racist.

Another proposal in the works is to provide for the homeless in LA before the end of the year.

This is taxpayer money put to good use imo

LaLady - 22 Apr 2021 01:52:34 (#7 of 67)

Me, too.

moto748 - 22 Apr 2021 02:05:34 (#8 of 67)

Well I think we've seen how that whole trickle-down thing is working...

virgil5 - 22 Apr 2021 02:14:36 (#9 of 67)

“Poverty robs us of the richness of a society where everybody is given the opportunity to realize their full potential” - Martin Luther King

moto748 - 22 Apr 2021 02:23:51 (#10 of 67)

It sounds great, but I don't think that adds up to a hill of beans, virg.

LaLady - 22 Apr 2021 02:24:35 (#11 of 67)

Trickle down has had 40 years. If the T***p tax cuts didnt finally put that theory in its grave, I abandon all hope for humanity.

virgil5 - 22 Apr 2021 02:37:06 (#12 of 67)

We piss away money on so many useless things. This is a chance to see actually where the money goes, and add up where it comes back, and if it actually is helping society and the economy.

It’s about time we started going for seeing if we can actually make a difference in the quality of our lives in society as a whole, and not just bits and pieces.

Geri, Dan or Adrian will now start their cheapskate screaming :-)

LaLady - 22 Apr 2021 03:52:02 (#13 of 67)

I'm sick of that tired turd triad. Ignore them.

Geribaldi - 22 Apr 2021 03:54:47 (#14 of 67)

LALADINGDONG - "Trickle down has had 40 years."

So all presidents in the last 40 years pursued supply side economics? In any event:

GDP 1980: 2.87 trillion

GDP 2020: 21 trillion

Someone seems to be doing something right. Paraphrasing, Warren Buffet says: "don't bet against the USA, despite all odds and predictions, it seems to do very well."

Post deleted by user
brooklyn - 22 Apr 2021 05:02:06 (#16 of 67)

geri, trickle down has to do with who gets the money. 40 years of growth? great -- caused by whatever. income/wealth disparity? bigger by far, and getting bigger every year.

Garden - 22 Apr 2021 05:20:38 (#17 of 67)

Jerry doesn't still believe in trickle down, does he?

How does he explain the stagnation in the growth of wages and shit like that?

Does he honestly believe god is making sure the poor stay poor and the less deserving become poor?


virgil5 - 22 Apr 2021 07:17:02 (#18 of 67)

No need to attack other posters for the perceived shortcomings of their views.

The fact is there's a lot of money going around and some of it's now being directed to certain select areas of need in the community.

LaLady's post about how it went in Stockton is informative. This money can go back into the economy and raise all boats.

GyratingTrampoline - 22 Apr 2021 07:28:44 (#19 of 67)

It's biggest effect in the short term would be to fuel rent inflation

Trickle - up

Geribaldi - 23 Apr 2021 03:11:07 (#20 of 67)

Garden - "Jerry doesn't still believe in trickle down, does he?"

There is no standard definition of what "trickle down" economics is.

In any event, LALA says we have had 40 years of "trickle down" economics, so apparently she believes in it. I doubt Obama thought his economic policies were "trickle down". But if LALA is correct, 700% GDP growth in 40 years isn't bad.

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