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Started by DogBreath on Apr 19, 2020 6:48:33 AM
Naked @ work


I had to attend a weekend team building exercise and when we arrived at the venue we found that the accommodation consisted of bunk beds in shared rooms. The showers were open spaces with no privacy whatsoever. It was impossible to dress and undress and wash without been seen by co-workers; our "room" consisted of six bunk beds off the main corridor with no door. All the staff could walk past and see us any time of the day or night.

I this even legal?

thisonehasalittlehat - 19 Apr 2020 06:57:37 (#1 of 368)

Do you work for the army?

DogBreath - 19 Apr 2020 07:08:31 (#2 of 368)

Nope. It is a private multinational.

Winner - 19 Apr 2020 07:18:38 (#3 of 368)

Did your boss used to be a PE teacher?

Winner - 19 Apr 2020 07:21:05 (#4 of 368)

I'm sorry, I've no idea whether it was legal. It seems a bit odd. Presumably they booked you into some kind of youth hostel. Maybe they weren't aware of the facilities in advance.

DogBreath - 19 Apr 2020 07:26:38 (#5 of 368)


They knew full well about the accommodation. Staff who found out in advance were threatened will the sack if they made a fuss.

It was a girl-guide camp.

Winner - 19 Apr 2020 07:29:49 (#6 of 368)

So your employer forced you to go to a girl guide camp and take off all your clothes. And you're asking whether it was legal?

DogBreath - 19 Apr 2020 07:35:10 (#7 of 368)

Yes. Lol. I know it sounds funny to ask but...

CarlosFandango - 19 Apr 2020 07:35:21 (#8 of 368)

Staff who found out in advance were threatened [with] the sack if they made a fuss.

Sounds like your workplace needs something rather more fundamental than low-budget 'team-building'.

tasselhoff - 19 Apr 2020 07:39:03 (#9 of 368)

What about social distancing? When did this happen?

DogBreath - 19 Apr 2020 07:39:53 (#10 of 368)


Anyway, they didn't "force" us to take our clothes off; it is just the sort of thing you do when going to bed or having a shower and stuff.

DogBreath - 19 Apr 2020 07:41:18 (#11 of 368)


It happend a few years ago.

CarlosFandango - 19 Apr 2020 07:54:58 (#12 of 368)

I trust it wasn't there that you got your nickname

DogBreath - 19 Apr 2020 08:03:34 (#13 of 368)


The company has a track record of abusing staff; lethal industrial accidents, violent managers, once prosecuted for not protecting staff from harmful is still happening today. Some of it has been reported on-line (glassdoor).

If you were to even mention the word "union" you got blacklisted and then laid off.

This company is/was supported with grants from the UK government.

ReverendBlueJeans - 19 Apr 2020 08:20:43 (#14 of 368)

I recommend contacting the Daily Mirror/Record.

DogBreath - 19 Apr 2020 08:22:01 (#15 of 368)


I tried with the Guardian but they didn't want to know.

RosyLovelady - 19 Apr 2020 08:24:38 (#16 of 368)

Pitch the concept to a film producer.

CarlosFandango - 19 Apr 2020 08:42:53 (#17 of 368)

Dog Breath,

Sounds all of a piece. Places like that need exposing, but yes, not always as easy as it sounds.

DogBreath - 19 Apr 2020 11:55:32 (#18 of 368)


That is a very good idea...

phantlers - 19 Apr 2020 13:39:33 (#19 of 368)

Places like that need exposing

guilty snigger

JohnIlly - 19 Apr 2020 13:42:06 (#20 of 368)

I would translate the words "a weekend team building exercise" as "start looking for another job".

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