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Started by bossab2 on May 9, 2021 9:31:33 PM
So who wants to go back to commuting to an office ?

As I said to the boss:

You don't want me to commute 2 hours a day just to sit in front of the same screen that I have at home ?

Do you ?

cozzer - 09 May 2021 21:46:19 (#1 of 165)

10 micro points.

Delighted_User - 09 May 2021 21:48:42 (#2 of 165)

Bugger, beaten to it.

Dubris - 09 May 2021 21:53:15 (#3 of 165)

I have a 30 minute walk. Not all commutes are unpleasant.

And I don't interact with my colleagues in the same way on a screen as I do in person. Solving problems is more difficult when we're not in the same physical space. For a great many tasks we work better when we can be together. It's not just about looking at a screen.

cozzer - 09 May 2021 21:54:04 (#4 of 165)

It's not just about looking at a screen.

it's about talking to other people. You can see bossab's problem.

MrPurple - 09 May 2021 21:56:22 (#5 of 165)

each to their own. I'm sure office working is best for some people, but speaking personally I have zero interest in going back to office based working.

Dubris - 09 May 2021 21:56:57 (#6 of 165)

It depends what the content of your work is.

djsuggz - 09 May 2021 22:00:34 (#7 of 165)

I’m hopeful of moving to one day in the office and four at home. Would suit me down to the ground, frankly. Minimal commute costs and lots more time in my pocket.

bossab2 - 09 May 2021 22:02:28 (#8 of 165)

it's about talking to other people. You can see bossab's problem.

Nope. My job is pure analysis and writing reports.

And if I want to chit chat we have Teams.

ReverendBlueJeans - 09 May 2021 22:05:54 (#9 of 165)

FE Lecturer, so the most important bit of the job is rubbish via a screen. Would much rather be back in class doing the job properly. Meeting colleagues. Enjoying refectory fried breakfaststuff. Being in a building with life and buzz. 30 minutes each way by bus which is my main reading window.

Yep. Lemme back. The New Normal can chuff right off.

Shadrack22 - 09 May 2021 22:10:30 (#10 of 165)

There is no expectation that we are returning to five days a week in the office. I might get away with two. The commute is at least ninety minutes door to door and involves two buses and a train.

Dubris - 09 May 2021 22:17:12 (#11 of 165)

I work better when I'm around other people. At home I'm on my own. I shall be quite content when I can be back at my proper desk five days a week (but I recognise that won't be for some time yet).

djsuggz - 09 May 2021 22:23:18 (#12 of 165)

I think the great thing is choice, rather than either enforced exile or enforced presenteeism. I’m certainly aiming for choice when it comes to the staff I manage. We owe them that, given all they have done in the last 14 months.

carterbrandon - 09 May 2021 22:26:20 (#13 of 165)

I'm in a wierd situation with this. I got made redundant just before the pandemic, and spent more than a year out of work, during which I realised I had enough savings that I didn't need to work again. But then a really pushy recruitment person chivvied me into taking a job doing exactly what I like. His main argument was 'It's money you weren't expecting, and it's not like you can do anything else in lockdown. And they aren't going back to the office anytime soon.'

I had already seen the job on the boards, and initially didn't apply because it's a horrible 90 minutes drive away. About twice what I'd be happy with. But they promised the client was going totally homeworking.

But now I'm in it, I'm not sure that is entirely true and at some point, they might say 'you have to come into the office now.

It's a wierd feeling after decades of being all 'Oh, please don't sack me / make me redundant, boss, I love this job!' to being 'The day you expect me to do *one* drive to work I don't want to do, you can get right to fuck. Expect the laptop in the post tomorrow.' Because with an entirely remote recruitment process, I don't think they realise I am now (being four-times redundant anyway) utterly purged of all the good-little-boyness I instinctively display in interviews.

bossab2 - 09 May 2021 22:28:44 (#14 of 165)

A nice position Carter.

Eligelis - 09 May 2021 22:32:03 (#15 of 165)

If I have to continue this damn job, I’d prefer to be doing it in an office.

airynothing - 09 May 2021 22:33:57 (#16 of 165)

Cool, Carter.

ReverendBlueJeans - 09 May 2021 22:35:02 (#17 of 165)

Social facilitation innit.

(A term I bafflingly recall from 2nd year social psychology 1978-9).

bossab2 - 09 May 2021 22:36:47 (#18 of 165)

The only aspect of the office I actually miss is

- air con

- and the freezer full of free icecreams.

carterbrandon - 09 May 2021 22:49:06 (#19 of 165)

I should also say:

a) I'm paranoid about catching Covid

b) I would rather have root canal work than addle my own brains with one of those supersized covid test Q-tips.

My company security badge is waiting for me in the mothballed office. It's hard to see how I'm ever going to get to collect it.

bossab2 - 09 May 2021 22:53:37 (#20 of 165)

I dont actually know where my desk is since we've been moved during covid.

Still the key thing is that my office computer has a home.

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